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Sneak Peek: Bobro Engineering QD Front Grip

Bobro Engineering will launch a new QD Front Grip with a new QD mechanism that they state is “incredibly solid while having the ability to be attached or removed from the weapon in a matter of seconds.”

We also designed this with a skeletonized grip to aid the shooter with weapon stabilization in unconventional positions. You can run your hand through it and grab onto things, loop a sling through it and wrap the loop around a multitude of objects to gain a completely stable shooting position that is fast to enter and exit. The possibilities are endless!

See more, including video, on Bobro Engineering’s Instagram page: @bobroengineering


Empire Outfitter Launches Naga V2 Knife

The original Naga, from Empire Outfitters, was a compact self-defense knife with a distinctive Persian blade shape. It brought together a variety of purpose-driven features usually reserved for custom knives into a knife that was available immediately when in stock. The new Naga V2 carries on that legacy of a custom defensive knife with no wait and adds significantly more options.

The basic Naga V2 has some thoughtful changes over the original. The original Naga was available with an epoxy soaked nylon paracord wrap. This option remains for the V2 but you can also choose an epoxy soaked hemp or cord wrap. The new deep-carry sheath is produced by Offensive Industries and features a Discreet Carry Concepts clip.

In addition to the standard models, Empire Outfitters is offering a number of one-off models that include different grinds included swedge grinds, reverse edge grinds, and more.


True North Concepts Polymer GripStop – Standard Length (MLOK)

Now you can “Embrace the Radius” at a lower price. True North Concepts has launched their first polymer version of their excellent GripStop. The injection-molded polymer construction makes this new version both extremely durable and very lightweight. The new version has the same dimensions as their aluminum standard length version and is MLOK compatible.

The Polymer GripStop – Standard Length (MLOK) is available in Black or Earth Brown. It weighs just 0.7oz including the hardware.


Gadsden Dynamics Shotgun Chest Rig

Gadsden Dynamics’ Shotgun Chest Rig lets the user carry 24 12 or 20 gauge shells in an easy-to-access location. It comes with an H-harness for use as a chest rig but it is also ready to attach to a host plate carrier via the vertical side release buckles and loop material on the rear. The rear loop panel can also serve as a mounting location for other accessories like Gadsden Dynamic’s tourniquet holder (not included).

The 1.5″ elastic loops are optimized for use with 12 gauge shells but they will also hold 20 gauge shells securely.


Stickthison That Thang Patch

Stickthison recently released the That Thang patch. You won’t even have to tell people that you keep that thang on you… because they will see the patch… and know that it is on you in a very literal sense. You can keep “That Thang” on you all the time… like on your hat or backpack or any other loop patch you may have.

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