Keep Training with Leukotape P

Blisters suck. You are faced with quitting your training or a whole lot of pain the moment you start to feel that hotspot developing… unless you have a way to prevent it from becoming a blister in the first place. That’s how I use Leukotape P, to prevent blisters as soon as I can feel that one might be developing.

Leukotape is a thin fabric tape with low stretch and an incredible adhesive that sticks to skin, even sweaty skin, but also peels away fairly easily. It is best used on friction spots where a blister has not yet developed but where you can feel one coming. I also use it preventatively on known problem areas until that area fully heals and toughens.

The adhesive and the thinness of the tape is the real game-changer here – it lets me keep my runs, hikes, or other training going without the annoyance of moleskin coming loose in my boot. Moleskin is probably still a better treatment for areas that have already developed large blisters thanks to the gentler adhesive and additional padding… but I haven’t gotten a serious blister since I started using Leukotape.

Pro Tip: Don’t carry the whole roll around with you. Save your scraps of release paper (from stickers, receipts, return labels, etc.) and store pre-cut sections of Leukotape on those.

This stuff can be a little hard to find in some areas. I have a local drugstore with a better-than-average medical supply section that sometimes has it. Otherwise, I just buy it on Amazon. If you go that Amazon route, watch the pricing because it fluctuates heavily. I paid $7.99 a roll last week and there is usually some discount for buying in bulk. A single roll lasts a long time but I usually buy at least 3 at a time and end up giving this stuff away like candy.

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