Sewjourn Gear Minute Man Bag

I’m a sucker for a good bandoleer or fighting bag. This useful gear item is largely underappreciated and, in my opinion, would be more broadly useful to many people than something like a dedicated chest rig or belt rig. So, when John at UW Gear brought the Sewjourn Gear Minute Man Bag to my attention, I knew I would have to cover it here.

The Minute Man Bag is a “quick grab and go bag to be kept by your rifle”. The interior is large enough to hold essential support items like rifle mags, a water bottle, IFAK, and potentially more. To support this mission, the backside interior of the bag is lined with loop Velcro so that the inside is easily configurable.

If you have ever used a bag like this, you’ll know that it can be frustrating when the bag does not have enough structure to hold its shape. The Minute Man Bag is constructed in a way that it will hold its shape, making it easier to retrieve and stow the contents.

The bag also includes a removable, supplementary stabilizer strap. When installed, which can be done quickly, this strap locks the bag in place on the wearer to minimize the bag’s movement while the wearer is active.


Vulpes Training Hogan’s Hammers Series – Fiji War Club

I’ve mentioned Vulpes Training here before. I own a Mini Native from them and I appreciate the value, quality, and fun factor of these handmade tools. I also happen to have a soft spot for dogs. So, when I saw that Vulpes Training was releasing a new series called Hogan’s Hammers to help pay for Hogan’s (the Vulpes Training shop dog) ACL surgeries, I knew I would have to mention the series here.

The vast majority of their catalog is comprised of training versions of real world martial arts weapons but a few of the items they make are functional clubs. Hogan’s Hammers will be an entire series of functional clubs based on weapons from cultures around the world. Like all of Vulpes Training’s tools, they will be hand-ground from 3/4″ thick HDPE plastic.

The first of the Hogan’s Hammers series will be the Fiji War Club releasing on January 21st, 2022. This club is 33″ long and weighs in at 1 pound, 11 ounces. The handle features Vulpes Training’s hand-ground 3D texture. IN short, it’s really stinking cool.

Each drop in this series will be limited and will be made ahead of time so they will ship right away. When they are gone, they are gone. These will not be available via the Vulpes Training Etsy Store. You will need to contact Vulpes Training directly via their social media in order to purchase.

Vulpes Training on Facebook

Vulpes Training on Instagram


Review: Harry’s Holsters Singleton IWB Holster

I’ve been wearing a Harry’s Holsters Singleton since April of 2020. When I first started wearing it, it was with the intention of completing a review. Sometime around 4 months in… I realized I was wearing it by choice. I have other holsters for the G-17 I carry in the Singleton but they have been gathering dust.


The Singleton is a compact kydex IWB holster that serves as a sort of modular base for building your ideal holster. At its core, it is a kydex body that is made of two sections held together with eyelets near the trigger guard only leaving the sight track essentially open to allow a variety of sighting options. It also comes with the excellent Discreet Carry Concepts Monoblock Clip for 1.5″ belts.

The Singleton can also accept a number of accessories that can be purchased a la carte. This includes a neoprene wedge kit and the Dark Wing. It is also compatible with most other quality wings if you want to source your own.

Observations from Use

I purchased my Singleton for a Glock 17 and added all the optional accessories. Harry’s Holsters also included a clever prototype wing for me to check out that I may write more about in a future article.

In my time with the Singleton, I have used it for both regular IWB and AIWB carry. I initially set it up with just the Monoblock Clip for use as an IWB holster just behind the point of my hip. I found it to be comfortable in this role in large part due to the very compact size.

After that experiment, I began experimenting with a configuration that would work for my preferred AIWB carry position. This involved testing both the prototype wing, the Dark Wing, and various wedge setups with the Harry’s Holsters wedge kit. I found that both wings worked well and that I preferred to use them with a wedge pad. I added thread-locker to the hardware and this configuration is how I’ve worn it since the end of May.

The holster body itself is very compact and clever in its construction. It provides full coverage for the handgun including protection for the magazine release. It is made of two halves that are only joined by the trigger guard like you might find in a “minimalist” style holster. If you know kydex, you know the trigger guard is typically where a holster interfaces with gun that it holds providing the retention. By joining the halves near the retention point, Harry’s Holsters has created a holster that can provide consistent retention and a near infinitely accommodating sight track that is still very compact. It also provides plenty of clearance for most optics. It’s a clever design that works.

The holster body is set up for the Monoblock Clip. It is easy to use, easy to don and doff, and will never come off your belt until you intend. This clip setup allows for quite a bit of cant adjustment (20 degrees) right at the clip and can even be carried without a belt. Discreet Carry Concepts clips are game changers.

The wedge kit that is offered as an option works well for me. It includes everything you need including two different sized wedges so you can tailor how the Singleton carries to your preference. Harry’s Holsters warns that the wedge kit may be too small for the full sized holsters but I found it to be perfect. If you are planning on using this holster for AIWB carry, I recommend it. You can probably skip it for IWB carry nearer to the hip.

The Dark Wing is a great holster wing. It does a great job of turning the butt of the gun in toward the wearer which I find to be a must-have for AIWB carry. If you want to source your own wing, the eyelet spacing is industry standard and will fit pretty much any wing worth having.

If I could change something, I would ask Harry’s Holsters to lean even further into their compact design and reduce the flared portion of the holster that protects the wearer from the sights. This area seems like it could be much more compact which would further reduce the footprint of this already compact holster. The good news is they have already done this. The Singleton Gen 3 holster body reduces this area significantly.

Wrap Up

The Singleton is a compact holster that is designed with flexibility in mind. It’s affordable and is designed to accept a host of proven accessories that let the holster grow or adapt with you. It’s the holster I choose to wear.



TD® Redesigned KEYMOD® Compatible Vertical Grip

TangoDown® Inc. is excited to announce the release of the redesigned KEYMOD® Vertical Grip.  The grip offers the same comfortable feel as before, but with a reduced footprint at the top to allow a higher grip closer to the handguard.  The BGV-KM2 features the same durable mounting hardware as our original KEYMOD® grip. 


  • KEYMOD compatible design fits all KEYMOD handguards
  • Compact length and tough, light weight injection molded shape
  • Cast stainless steel KEYMOD® anchor and Allen head fastener

To learn more about the BGV-KM2, visit:

Color Availability:  Black and Flat Dark Earth

MSRP:  $35.54

Customer Questions:

Join us on Instagram:


Global Ordnance Bringing Glock Magazine Compatible Stribog to the US

Sarasota, FL

January 11, 2022

Global Ordnance of Sarasota and Grand Power of Slovakia are extremely happy to announce the release of the much-demanded Glock-style magazine compatible Stribog; to wit, the Stribog SP9A3G 9mm Roller-Delayed-Operation pistol.

Featuring the same attributes that earned its predecessors the title Best In Class PCC, the SP9A3G model Stribog will have a non-reciprocating charging handle that remains in the forward position while firing, a semi-locked bolt with delayed action via transfer roller, and kinesthetically superior, low profile controls.

Same reliability, same manual of arms, new ability to take advantage of all those readily available Glock-style magazines.

Visit Global Ordnance during SHOT Show Jan 18th-21st at Booth #72227 for a hands-on look at the new Stribog SP9A3G!

Stribog SP9A3G Specs

Caliber: 9mm

Trigger Mechanism: SA

Trigger Pull: 6 lbs

Overall length: 16.69 in.

Height without Magazine: 7.87 in.

Width: 2.24″

Barrel Length: 8 in. (threaded 1/2 x 28)

Weight: 4.54 lbs

Finish: Bluing

Magazine compatibility: Lean more here

Learn more at; connect on Instagram via @Global_Ordnance and join the #StribogMob

Global Ordnance LLC and Grand Power have been working together on defense and commercial projects since 2014, including the move to adapt the original Stribog design to meet the US Army’s Sub-Compact Weapon System (SCWS) program. Grand Power is located in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, and has been making firearms for nearly 20 years. It is the manufacturer of more than 50 different models of pistol in all common pistol calibers and exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. Both Grand Power and Global Ordnance are ISO certified.

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Global Ordnance LLC ( is a force multiplier within the commercial and defense military industries supporting a wide array of equipment, ammunition, and firearms. As a Veteran-Owned Small Business, Global Ordnance LLC strives to provide excellence to our customers with unparalleled integrity of values and the loyalty they deserve.

Global Ordnance / GRAND POWER USA 941-549-8388


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