Warren Innovative Tech Tools

Warren Innovative Tech makes an incredible variety of 3D printed tools for shooters. The bulk of their tools are designed for suppressors but they have been adding tools for other firearm accessories lately. This includes a game-changer for HK P2000SK owners – a rail key for the Streamlight TLR-7/8 that allows it to be mounted to the P2000SK.

The above barely scratches the surface of the tools offered by Warren Innovative Tech. Check out their website to learn more: SuppressorTools.com


Lester River Bushcraft Adds Charcoal Gray to Boreal Line of Wool Outerwear

Lester River Bushcraft is well known for their high-quality wool outerwear. Known as the Boreal line and made in Duluth, Minnesota, the line consists of two garments – the Boreal Shirt Anorak and the LRB M1951 Field Jacket. Previously these garments were only available in Olive Green but this week, Lester River Bushcraft added a new Charcoal Gray color option.

Wool is naturally flame retardant and antimicrobial. It wicks moisture away from the wear and helps regulate temperature. Both garments are also packed with features beyond the natural qualities of wool. Learn more at: LRBushcraft.com


Tulster SideKick

The Tulster SideKick is glue-on, claw-like device for kydex IWB holsters. It is designed specifically to work with Tulster holsters but since it is attached via adhesive and requires only a mostly flat portion of holster near the trigger guard area of the holster, it may be useful on holsters from a variety of manufacturers.

You may be familiar with holster claws already. They are struts that project out from the holster and provide a physical means of torquing the holster in toward the wearer to reduce printing. They are usually designed to ride under the belt so that the belt itself provides the necessary pressure to turn the handgun’s grip into the wearer.

Typically, claw-like devices are either bolted onto the holster, integrated into the belt hardware, or molded into the holster itself. Tulster’s adhesive based SideKick will provide another option for attaching these devices that should have broad compatibility with many holsters and may even work for holsters that were previously incapable of accepting a claw.

The SideKick will be released on March 3rd. In the mean time, you can learn more about it and see how it is installed at Tulster’s website: Tulster.com


Massaro Holster Works American Purebred IWB Holster

A friend of mine recently pointed out Massaro Holster Works to me during a discussion about my love-hate relationship with hybrid holsters. Their American Purebred IWB Holster looks a lot like any other hybrid holster at first glance but if you look closer there are some really interesting and unique features.

The handgun is fully enclosed in kydex which corrects the biggest drawback with many other hybrids which is marginal retention. The kydex holster body attaches to the backing via hook and loop makes it infinitely adjustable for ride height and cant. Massaro Holster Works has also designed the holster body with a built-in rotation to turn the grip in toward the wearer much the same way you might see with a wedge or ramp on an AIWB holster.

The holster backing is grippy on the side that is placed against the wearer which Massaro Holsters claims helps take some of the weight of the gun off the belt. Finally, they utilize a very unique spring steel wire clip that appears to be very low-profile.



Arbor Arms Minuteman Plate Carrier

The Minuteman Plate Carrier is an affordable plate carrier with a dash of Arbor Arms innovation and quality. It features a full laser-cut PALS panel on the front with loop Velcro for securing items like ID, patches, placards, and chest rigs. The rear plate bag is slick with loop Velcro at the top.

The Minuteman Plate Carrier comes with a simple webbing cummerbund on its most affordable iteration. However, the user can select from a number of upgraded cummerbunds at the point of purchase.



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