Fury Carry Solutions – New J-Frame AIWB Holster

Fury Carry Solutions is now offering their Appendix Holster for 2″ and 3″ barreled J-Frame revolvers. The J-Frame Appendix Holster features a high mold around the cylinder to serve as a guide during reholsters and as a sweat guard. The holster comes standard with a belt clip and ModWing but additional mounting options are available.

Fury Carry Solutions’ limited edition Hawaiian print kydex is also available for this holster for a limited time.


J-Frame Appendix Holster (Bottom)

New From Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms: The Klik Sling 2-Point Modular Quick Adjust Rifle Sling

Austin, TX (May the 4th, 2021) — A Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms collaboration, the Klik Sling is a quick-adjust, modular rifle sling that employs genuine AustriAlpin COBRA™ quick release buckles and interchangeable Tails. Attach Klik Sling Tails to nearly any rifle or shotgun, then quickly move the Klik Sling Body from gun to gun. With rapid, one-handed length adjustment and a padded mil-spec nylon webbing strap, the strong-yet-lightweight Klik Sling is ideal for tactical, hunting, and recreational use and adjusts to nearly any firearm.

Klik Sling Bodies and Tails are sold a la carte, allowing for different front and rear attachment types to fit every firearm. Lots of guns in the safe? Install a front and rear Tail on each gun and then quickly and easily move the Klik Sling Body between them.

Additionally, the COBRA™ quick release buckles allow the user to easily sling or unsling the firearm from their body should their gear or headwear make it difficult to lift the sling over their head. A firm pinch to the COBRA™ tabs also provides for immediate release of the Klik Sling should the firearm or sling become caught on an object.

Klik Sling : Well Slung©

Klik Sling Specifications:

  • Minimum Length: 40 inches
  • Maximum Length: 67 inches
  • Padded Strap Length: 23 inches
  • Quick-Adjust Range: +/- 7.75 inches
  • Body Material: 1.75-inch width, mil-spec nylon webbing with perforated body-side padding and 1.0-inch nylon webbing adjustable sections. Zytel adjustment sliders, aluminum COBRA™ buckles.
  • Tails Material: COBRA™ buckle, 1-inch nylon webbing, U.S.-made firearm attachment hardware
  • Made in the USA

Klik Sling Features:

  • AustriAlpin COBRA™ quick release buckles front and rear
  • Padded, mil-spec nylon webbing strap available in multiple colors (get a KlikBelt to match!)
  • Webbing pull loop for quick, one-handed length adjustment
  • Additional front and rear length adjustment sections with elastic tail tamers integrated into sling Body
  • Tails available in QD, Sling Swivel, HK Hook, and Universal Strap attachment styles
  • Quick-release Tails to move sling Body from gun to gun or to easily sling or unsling firearm from your body. Also provides for quick release of sling should firearm or sling become caught on an object.

Visit Klik Belts and Black Collar Arms for more Klik Sling information, photos, videos, and to purchase Klik Sling Bodies and Tails. For a limited time, Klik Sling purchasers will receive an exclusive discount on Klik Belts’ fantastic casual, concealed carry, and duty belts with coupon code SLING15!

About Klik Belts

Based in Austin, TX, Klik Belts was founded in 2014 by a group of people who wanted more out of a simple object we all use every day; a tool that plays an indispensable role in all of our lives. As a creative collective, we’ve made a belt that is not only aesthetically empowering, but combines strength with form and function while also being unisex. At Klik Belts, we knew it was time to reinvent the belt, and to make this ordinary, everyday object into something extraordinary. Our belts are designed to make your life easier. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, or mountain climbing, Klik Belts has you covered. Our belts are also ideal for those who work in law enforcement, EMS, or the military. When you invest in a Klik Belt, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a belt that is built with strength, stability, and quality in mind.

Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and at www.KlikBelts.com 

About Black Collar Arms

Based in Austin, TX, Black Collar is dedicated to creating innovative and functional firearms and components. The Pork Sword Chassis forged the market for minimalist, modular firearm chassis and the Pork Sword Pistol is now headed to a dealer near you. There’s a lot more to come from Black Collar, so stay tuned!

Questions, feedback, concerns, or naughty pics to share? Email our boy Jeeves at manservant@blackcollararms.com or find us on Instagram, Facebook, and at www.BlackCollarArms.com


Chase Tactical Elastic Tourniquet Holder

The Chase Tactical Elastic Tourniquet Holder was designed as a simplistic universal tourniquet holder, that allows it to easily attach to almost any plate carrier on the market.  The ETH uses 4″ elastic for retention and has a hook and loop panel built in so it can be secured to almost any piece of gear that uses hook and loop.

It’s simplistic design makes it lightweight, durable and ergonomically functional to ensure you always have a tourniquet at the ready.  The ETH was designed around the most commonly used tourniquets (CAT, SOFT-T, and TAC-T).  With our dual hook/loop flap, there is nowhere our ETH wont mount; under your shoulder pad, cummerbund flap, admin pocket, and more.

ETH Features:

  • Made in USA
  • Berry Compliant
  • Mil-Spec elastic retention sleeve capable of retaining CAT, SOFT-T, and TAC-T Tourniquets
  • Simplistic ergonomically functional design
  • Hook/Loop Velcro for any surface attachment
  • Universal Fit

MSRP $16.95



Hard Ready HR-1 Knife

Imagine for a minute that you’ve designed a line of self-defense knives that you are proud of and your design lands at a high-end knife manufacturer. Things are looking up. Then imagine that the manufacturer folds up shop. Now you have a choice to make. You can give up or… grab your own bootstraps and start your own company. Ryan Hoover and the Hard Ready Crew chose the latter.

Hard Ready Brand’s HR-1 is a knife with a mission – to make straight-forward, functional self-defense knives available to everyone. This is accomplished by offering everything the end-user needs to start carrying and training with the HR-1 at a price that is impressively affordable compared to other knives in this space. At just $80 for the Full Blade Kit (HR-1 Blade, sheath, and training knife), the price looks great on paper.

However, a low price doesn’t matter if there isn’t some value and functionality behind it. The HR-1 sheath has a centrally mounted clip with a tab to grab the belt, features that are de rigueur on the best sheaths today. The aluminum training knife is included and replicates the live blade in all dimensions. These two features alone make this budget-priced package stand out.

Smart, value-minded choices have been made with the HR-1 Blade itself as well, like the selection of German X30Cr12 Steel which is basically a 420 series steel. Steel snobs have already tuned out but 420 is actually tough steel with very good corrosion resistance making it an excellent choice for a knife that will be carried directly against the body of the wearer. Granted, this is a steel choice that hits a price point but it is still a smart choice.

At first glance, this appears to be the highest value offering in the defensive knife space. I have one coming for review, so stay tuned.

There is a lot more to learn about the HR-1 and there is more to come from Hard Ready Brand in the next few months. You can learn more including reading additional product details and even viewing training materials at HardReadyBrand.com.


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