Turner CNC Sabot

Knucks are fun to collect but not always practical in part because they look like… knucks. I tend to think that the most useful impact tools don’t really look like impact tools. The Turner CNC Sabot seems to fit the bill.

The Sabot has a unique shape that does not necessarily give away its intended use. It is available in a number of materials and finishes including premium metals like brass and copper but also lightweight, non-metallic (and very affordable) Delrin.

These are available in small batches that tend to sell out quickly. Turner CNC will be releasing a batch this Friday (6/25/21) so mark your calendars.



New from NoDak Spud – NDS-55 and NDS-56 Sight Set for Ruger American Ranch Rifles

If you have been reading JTT for long, you know that I don’t spend a lot of time talking about bolt action rifles but I do like the Ruger American line and especially their Ranch Rifles. These light, handy, and affordable carbines are a ton of fun and very practical… but until now they have lacked many user installable iron sight options.

NoDak Spud has now launched their NDS-55 and NDS-56 Sight Set for Ruger American Ranch Rifles. These sights are based on their 10/22 sight sets (which I own and like quite a bit). They include a tower front and a rear rail with built-in rear sight.

These look to be just the thing for those looking to turn these rifles into a handy “brush gun” or even a defensive rifle for restrictive jurisdictions.



Hawkrigger Huey O-Rig Jump Watch Straps

Hawkrigger’s new Huey O-Rig Jump Straps are now available. These cinch adjustment, single-pass watch straps feature Hawkrigger’s bespoke buckle system. They are easy to take on and off while still remaining very secure.

The buckle’s design is inspired by the venerable Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Huey). The straps feature JUMP5625 webbing as a nod to MIL-W-5625K parachute webbing. The black warp yarn center line of this webbing gives a distinctive look. The Huey O-Rig Jump Strap is available in Marpat Coyote or Yellow.



Aerocrafted Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife

You may remember the Resolute Tools X-1. It was a finely crafted, breathtakingly simple, and almost impossibly minimalist utility blade holder for everyday carry… and I loved it. In fact, I still love it and carry mine regularly.

It did, however, have one important flaw. Most retractable utility blade knives use a blade carrier to avoid metal-on-metal contact with the edge. The X-1 was so minimalist that is lacked this feature and it tended to dull the utility blade somewhat quickly just with opening and closing. Resolute Tools eventually rebranded and went back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, the company has experienced something of a rebirth. The new company, Aerocrafted, is now offering what they call the Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife which is essentially an improved X-1. They didn’t change much and that’s a good thing. They added a simple bump in the blade track on which the blade can ride so that only the central, unused part of the blade wears out. It’s a dead-simple and minimalist solution that allows the super-compact, skeletonized form factor of the original to remain intact.

You may want to read our X-1 review for more context on why this is such a cool product. Though, just to reiterate, the Sideslip Titanium Utility Knife is a redesigned tool that should offer an improvement over what was already a very neat product.

Learn more at Aerocrafted.com


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