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Empire Outfitter Launches Naga V2 Knife

The original Naga, from Empire Outfitters, was a compact self-defense knife with a distinctive Persian blade shape. It brought together a variety of purpose-driven features usually reserved for custom knives into a knife that was available immediately when in stock. The new Naga V2 carries on that legacy of a custom defensive knife with no wait and adds significantly more options.

The basic Naga V2 has some thoughtful changes over the original. The original Naga was available with an epoxy soaked nylon paracord wrap. This option remains for the V2 but you can also choose an epoxy soaked hemp or cord wrap. The new deep-carry sheath is produced by Offensive Industries and features a Discreet Carry Concepts clip.

In addition to the standard models, Empire Outfitters is offering a number of one-off models that include different grinds included swedge grinds, reverse edge grinds, and more.


Black Triangle x GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger

Black Triangle and GBRS Group have been working on a collaboration piece and they recently provided a sneak peek. The upcoming EDC G10 Dagger is a version of Winkler Knives EDC Dagger, reinterpreted with Black Triangle’s extensive experience with creating non-metallic “knives”.

Unlike many of Black Triangle’s pieces, the EDC G10 Dagger does not have a wrapped handle. It has actual G-10 scales on a G10 knife which is a detail not often seen. The blade is ground with a symmetrical chisel grind that comes to a point without real cutting edges. This is meant for thrusting not cutting (as a good G10 knife should be). The included sheath is completely non-metallic and is completely ambidextrous.

You can learn a lot more about this knife and why it was designed the way it is at


Amtac Blades Minuteman Deep Concealment Sheath

The Amtac Blades Minuteman is large enough to serve as a belt knife and yet compact enough to serve a deeper concealment role. The new Deep Concealment Sheath supports that role in addition to being well suited to use on a plate carrier.

The sheath is formed from kydex and features a very deep blade well to allow the Minuteman to sit very well when worn on the belt line. The deep well also ensures that the wearer’s body is protected from the edge until the knife is fully free of the sheath. The included DCC Clip is designed to be worn behind the belt to further enhance concealment.

The Deep Concealment Sheath is available separately. The Minuteman will continue to ship with the Fire Sheath.

Amtac Blades’ First Ever Giveaway is EPIC

Amtac Blades is hosting their first ever giveaway but even though this giveaway will take place on Instagram, this is no “like, share, and tag” situation. You are going to need to do some work in the real world to have a chance.

We are doing our first giveaway. This will not be easy. Yesterday I climbed Snowshoe Peak in MT. In the logbook on top of the mountain I signed my name and wrote something that has meaning to me. The first person that takes a picture of themselves on top of the mountain holding the logbook and posts what I wrote will get a Northman. Make sure you are in shape and have some mountaineering experience before attempting this. There could be consequences for failure. Good luck.

If you want a chance to get a Northman, which is an excellent knife that I highly recommend, you better start planning your trip.

You can find more details on the Amtac Blade Instagram page: @amtacblades

Dauntless MFG x Gypsy EDC Little Nasty

Dauntless Mfg and Gypsy EDC have announced that they have begun work on the first production run of the Little Nasty, one of the Idaho-based knife maker’s most popular designs. The production Little Nasty will be double-edged, ground from AEBL stainless steel. It features a distinctive, 3.75″ wedge-shaped blade that is all about piercing with its aggressive point.

The Little Nasty will be available with black or gray random textured G-10 scales. The provided sheath will be one of Gypsy EDC’s Deep6 kydex sheaths with centerline mounted DCC clip.

Pre-orders are already open at

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