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Hard Ready HR-1 Knife

Imagine for a minute that you’ve designed a line of self-defense knives that you are proud of and your design lands at a high-end knife manufacturer. Things are looking up. Then imagine that the manufacturer folds up shop. Now you have a choice to make. You can give up or… grab your own bootstraps and start your own company. Ryan Hoover and the Hard Ready Crew chose the latter.

Hard Ready Brand’s HR-1 is a knife with a mission – to make straight-forward, functional self-defense knives available to everyone. This is accomplished by offering everything the end-user needs to start carrying and training with the HR-1 at a price that is impressively affordable compared to other knives in this space. At just $80 for the Full Blade Kit (HR-1 Blade, sheath, and training knife), the price looks great on paper.

However, a low price doesn’t matter if there isn’t some value and functionality behind it. The HR-1 sheath has a centrally mounted clip with a tab to grab the belt, features that are de rigueur on the best sheaths today. The aluminum training knife is included and replicates the live blade in all dimensions. These two features alone make this budget-priced package stand out.

Smart, value-minded choices have been made with the HR-1 Blade itself as well, like the selection of German X30Cr12 Steel which is basically a 420 series steel. Steel snobs have already tuned out but 420 is actually tough steel with very good corrosion resistance making it an excellent choice for a knife that will be carried directly against the body of the wearer. Granted, this is a steel choice that hits a price point but it is still a smart choice.

At first glance, this appears to be the highest value offering in the defensive knife space. I have one coming for review, so stay tuned.

There is a lot more to learn about the HR-1 and there is more to come from Hard Ready Brand in the next few months. You can learn more including reading additional product details and even viewing training materials at


Black Triangle Goodies at Empire Outfitters

If you are a connoisseur of discreet defensive tools, you are likely familiar with Black Triangle and their line of non-metallic implements. You probably also know that gear like their G10 Midnight Creeper, G10 Serval, and similar can be very hard to get your hands on since these items are produced in batches and tend to sell out quickly.

Empire Outfitters can help. They have a huge haul of Black Triangle goodies in bound and have opened pre-orders for all it. If you want something, you’ll need to act FAST.


Rainier Knives Launches New Model: Basecamp

The new Rainier Knives Basecamp is not just a Fastpak with a longer blade and fuller grip though it does retain the focus on lightweight, premium Elmax steel, and customizations found on the Fastpak. The Basecamp has a 7.4″ overall length and a 3.4″ blade. In spite of this larger size, it weighs in at just 2.6 ounces including the sheath thanks to a skeletonized tang and hollowed handle scales.

The Basecamp has a blade shape reminiscent of a roach belly style knife with little to no drop at the spine and a nearly continuous curve at the edge for plenty of belly. It features a high flat primary grind.

The user has their choice of handle scale colors and kydex sheath color options. Rainier Knives sheaths are actually functional for EDC right out the box which is refreshing compared to most knife makers.

The Basecamp, like the Fastpak before it, is designed, produced, and assembled in the USA.


InnerBark Outdoors x Work Tuff Gear Klapatche Companion Knife

Andy Tran of InnerBark Outdoors has a new knife design that is being produced by Work Tuff Gear. The Klapatche Companion Knife is designed to be a companion to a larger knife or axe but can also serve the role of an EDC fixed blade thanks to it’s sheath design.

The Klapatche is a companion knife to larger knives or axes for the serious adventurist or as a standalone blade for those wanting a highly capable knife in a compact and lightweight package. The wider blade allows you to dig the blade deep into wood with a baton. The thumb ramp has a hole that is the perfect size to remove bullets from cartridges so the powder can be used for fire-starting. The handle is shaped to allow for multiple grips (forward grip, reverse grip, blade down etc.). The sheath is equipped with an Ulti-Clip, keeping the sheath secured in your pocket as you draw the knife. The design and ergonomics makes the Klapatche a go-to blade for any outdoor enthusiast.


Overall Length7″
Blade Length3.5″
Cutting Edge3.1″
Blade Thickness0.098″
Type of grind Saber grind with convex cutting edge
Blade Shapedrop Point
Blade Steel SK85 carbon steel56-58 RC
Blade FinishSplatter finish
Handle Material3D machined G10
Knife Weight5 oz
Weight w/ Sheath6.4 oz
Sheath IncludedYes +Ulti Clip USA
Sheath MaterialBlack Kydex

InnerBark Outdoors produced a video of this knife that does an excellent job of conveying it’s purpose and features (as a bonus, it also contains a great look at carving wood wedges which is a very useful skill when paired with a small knife).

The Klapatche Companion Knife is available now in limited numbers and more are being produced as of the time of this writing. You can purchase them directly from

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