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TOPS Knives News: New Knives, SHOT Show, and a Podcast

There is a lot of news coming out of TOPS Knives these days including the release of two new knives in advance of SHOT Show where they will have even more knives to show off.

The new Street Spike is similar in design to the venerable Street Scalpel, a knife that has been in the TOPS Knives line up for years. The main difference is the skeletonized handle that keeps weight, bulk, and cost to a minimum.

The XXX Dicer Knife is the latest addition to the TOPS kitchen knife lineup. The designers at TOPS Knives see it as a useful amalgamation of a cleaver and a spatula.

You can see even more new knives in the TOPS Knives booth at SHOT Show. They will be exhibiting booth 20401. This will be the earliest look at most of the 2020 line up.

Finally, TOPS Knives is starting a podcast. They warn that while most of their social media feeds are PG rated, this podcast will not be. Expect some colorful language. Find the podcast here: TOP Knives Podcast


ShivWorks Clinch Pick 2.0

ShivWorks has updated the Clinch Pick with the introduction of the Clinch Pick 2.0. Per Craig Douglas of ShivWorks:

So what is this? Well…it’s an evolved Clinch Pick. Rather than introduce a ton of new products we prefer to evolve and refine what we have. From the first CPs that were made one constant was end users asking for thicker handle scales. As the scales got thicker over the years, some people reported that the CP had become to round and subjectively didn’t feel as stable. To correct this, our good friend Ban Tang Knives developed a thicker flattened scale on his custom CPs that was also textured. After working through the details with Ban, we took his idea to our manufacturer and behold, the 2.0. The 2.0 also features a much improved sheath that has corrected the overmolding issue. These are the best CPs we’ve put out to date and I’m personally super happy with the way they came out. If you want one, and I know you do, drop Shannon an email at ShivWorks Products Group and get your’s before this run sells out!

The sheath updates might be the most exciting of the 2.0 improvements as it appears to be a very serviceable sheath right out of the box. The sheath on the previous version left a little to be desired and many users sought aftermarket options. If the new sheath is functional, it could make this production version of the Clinch Pick an even better value than the already solid value that the original version was.


Graf Knives Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman

Polish knifemaker, Graf Knives, has unveiled their newest creations – Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman tools. The flat wrenches are designed to work with any of Leatherman’s tools that use the pocket clip like the Charge, Surge, and Wave tools.

The wrenches are available in multiple metric and Imperial sets for $8 and $11 respectively. The metric set includes 6, 8, and 10mm wrenches. The Imperial set includes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2″.

These could be a useful addition to a range bag for those who keep a Leatherman handy on the range.

Graf Knives on Instagram

SEREPICK Holiday Bundle

Ever wonder how Santa really gets into all those homes and escapes capture in the few instances when he is caught? The secret is out… SEREPICK Holiday Bundle.

This bundle is a great deal just in time for Christmas. It includes the following:

  • OSS Toolset
  • Delta Handcuff Key
  • 6’ 188lb Test Kevlar
  • Polymer Lapel Dagger
  • 2-PK Split Pawl Handcuff Shims
  • 2-PK EZ Decoder
  • 2-PK Quick Sticks

On top of that, SEREPICK will throw in a surprise candy treat. This is a solid value at $65 and would make a great gift or multiple stocking stuffers.

Empress Tomahawk from Wingard Wearables

Wingard Wearables makes defensive weapons like no one else. Their designs are influenced by history but reimagined for modern applications like concealed carry. They blend the Bronze Age with modern thermo-plastics. The results are completely unique and sometimes even a little unhinged (in the very best way).

This is certainly the case with their new Empress Tomahawk – a tomahawk designed from the ground up for concealed carry. If the idea of concealed carry with a tomahawk surprises you, you are obviously new to Wingard Wearables because their Backripper tomahawk can also be concealed carried. However, while the Backripper feels more like a no-compromise, light, and fast fighting tomahawk that CAN be concealed carried, the Empress goes all-in on the concept. Everything about the Empress is fitting it’s intended purpose.

The head is cast from silicon bronze so that it can be carried directly against the body with no fear of rust. It is cast in a unique curved shape that it actually conforms to the hip of the wearer. It is compact with a 13″ handle and lightweight at just 9 ounces. The handle receives Wingard Wearable’s “scared and chared” treatment for extra grip and durability. The entire package is topped off with a kydex sheath system that allows for fast access (another hallmark of Wingard Wearables designs).

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