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If you are looking for an easy way to attach a knife to a plate carrier or chest rig without having to permanently modify the knife’s sheath, check out the Knifenook from FERRO CONCEPTS. It mounts directly to the hole spacing found on many kydex sheaths. The Knifenook allows the user to secure the knife sandwiched between hook and loop panels like those found on a cummerbund, kangaroo pouch, the back of a placcard, or many other locations.


Teaser: Updates to the Dauntless MFG UB-K

Dauntless MFG just teased a new, ringless, version of their popular UB-K. Not everyone needs or wants a karambit style ring on their EDC/defensive utility knife and this new version replaces the ring with a pommel including a lanyard hole. This new version is not on the Dauntless MFG site yet but it has been indicated that there will be new runs of the UB-K soon.

That is the only potential change coming to the UB-K. Dauntless MFG has also teased a new blade change method that allows for easier blade swaps using the included, nested tool.


Amtac Blades – Upgraded Magnus

The Amtac Blade Magnus has received some updates. All current and future Magnus knives will have a swedge grind that extends back from the tip to about 1.5″ from the handle. This swedge grind reduces the weight by .8 ounces, shifting the balance slightly for a more lively feel in the hand, and produces a tip that is even more efficient in thrusting cuts.

Otherwise, it is the same great Magnus you already know. It features a 5″ blade with an 8 5/8″ overall length. It is ground from 3/16″ thick CPM20CV steel. It also retains the sharp spine of the original Magnus to be used in striking the Belt Firesheath’s integral ferro rod.

You can learn more about the Magnus at

Pressure Cult Nomad

The Nomad, from Pressure Cult, is a traveler’s multi-tool. In its base form, this machined aluminum tool is easy to travel with and features a bottle opener and bit holder for standard hex bits (the triangular hole). There is a slot to store a 2″ hex bit (included) with o-ring retention.

Once the traveler reaches their destination, they can add a utility blade to the bottle opener end using the Allen wrench that stores on the tool itself. This addition turns the Nomad into a defensive cutting tool useful for reverse edge methodology. The tool can accept hooked or regular straight utility blades. Even if a blade can not be sourced, the Nomad works as a blunt striking tool.

The Nomad comes with a kydex pocket sheath that accepts both utility blade types. It also includes:

  • 5 hawks bill razor blades
  • Mini chem light
  • Hardware
  • O-rings
  • 1/16th allen wrench
  • 2 inch hex bit

I own an earlier version of the Nomad. Most of the places I travel are easy enough to carry more dedicated self-defense tools but I have come to like the Nomad even just for everyday or utility tasks. It is comfortable to hold in multiple grips, lightweight, and the pocket sheath makes it extremely easy to carry.

These are released in batches so keep an eye on @pressurecult on Instagram and their website –

Sneak Peek: FLC Knives Get Off Me Tool No.6 Ultralite

FLC Knives is set to introduce a new variant of their popular “Get Off Me Tool”. The new versions, referred to as Ultralight, will be made from 1/8″ steel stock instead of the 3/16″ thick stock on the regular “Get Off Me Tool” No.6.

The obvious benefit to this new version is the lighter weight but the driving force behind it is the proliferation of laser-cut PALS grids. Thinner stock means a thinner sheath and a thinner sheath means that the Ultralight versions of the Get Off Me Tools will fit into narrower laser-cut PALS columns.

FLC Knives states that there will be Ultralight versions of both the standard-sized Get Off Me Tool No.6 and the Stubby Get Off Me Tool No.6. These items tend to sell out quickly so keep an eye on the following locations for details and a chance to buy your own:

@flc_knives on Instagram

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