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TOPS Knives Camp Creek Fire Edition

The original Camp Creek was designed as a hunting/camp knife and was the first knife TOPS made using CPM S35VN steel. It has been one of the best-selling hunting knives produced by TOPS to date.

The Camp Creek Fire Edition is meant to be a separate option from the original Camp Creek, but Leo designed it by starting with the original and making a few changes he thought would give people another option that is still similar.

It has more belly and a less pointy tip. So skinning is a dream. You don’t have to worry as much about puncturing a hide and you can get long, smooth cuts. The handle has been widened and adjusted to give the user more purchase specifically for skinning animals. Both versions serve similar purposes in different ways, and both are a great addition to your collection.


CRKT Minimalist Spear Point

The CRKT Minimalist line of knives, designed by Alan Folts, are fixed blade EDC knife royalty. These knives feature a distinctive handle that counterintuitively fits every hand shape and size while remaining extremely compact. The new Spear Point blade is one of the most practical blade shapes to grace this lineup of knives.

This Minimalist variation is also unique in that it features blade stock that is about twice as thick as previous versions. The .15″ thick 8Cr13MoV should lend itself well to hard use.

See our previous review of the original Minimalist.

Amtac Blade Northman Minimalist Belt Sheath

Amtac Blades has a new sheath option for the versatile Northman knife in stock now. The new Minimalist Belt Sheath may be considered when the slimmest, lightest belt carry option for your Northman is necessary.

This sheath has a fold-over style of construction that reduces the width of the sheath significantly. It also does away with the integral firesteel found on the Firesheath options. Like all Northman sheath options, this one still makes use of an excellent Discreet Carry Concepts clip and is completely ambidextrous.

TOPS Knives Silent Hero 4

The Original Silent Hero designed by Anton du Plessis was intended to be used as a bush/defense knife for guys that he was training to fight rhino poachers in Africa. It was wildly popular and still is to this day. The Silent Hero 4 is a smaller version of that blade that would still be great in a fight, but has a more standard EDC size, making it even easier to carry for everyday use. It will be an excellent knife for bushcrafting. You are going to love the Sniper Grey coating and ergonomics on this one.

Pick up Silent Hero 4 from an authorized dealer or from TOPS at

Silent Hero 4

Overall Length: 8.88”

Blade Length: 4.25”

Cutting Edge: 4.00”

Blade Thickness: .13”

Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58

Blade Finish: Sniper Grey

Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta

Knife Weight: 6.0oz

Weight w/ Sheath: 8.8oz

Sheath: Black Kydex

Designer: Anton du PlessisMSRP: $210.00

Black Triangle Group MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3

Black Triangle Group recently created the Midnight Creeper MK4 by adding a pommel flare to an already useful design. Now, this same pommel flare has been brought to the more compact and concealable MK2M2 and MK2M3 designs with the addition of the new MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3.

The pommel makes the MK5 Mod 2 and MK5 Mod 3 easier to index and draw versus their MK2M2 and MK2M3 predecessors. The new tools are slightly wider at the top but no longer than their predecessors.

As of the time of this writing, all Black Triangle Group’s G-10 tools are 15% off. The discount is added automatically.

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