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New from Snaggletooth Tactical – The Engagement Ring

Snaggletooth Tactical’s new Engagement Rings are now available. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add a deployment ring to some popular knives for Snaggletooth Tactical’s popular wave mods.

The Engagement Ring is basically a small machined stud that can be installed on the barrel/spacers of the Ontario RAT I and II or the Benchmade Bugout series. Once the stud is installed, it can accept a split ring (provided).

The video below shows how this works but basically, the ring can be hooked with a finger while deploying the knife. Smaller knives don’t always provide a lot of surface to grip when they are clipped deep in your pocket which leads to people weakly pinching the end of the knife as they try to execute a waved opening. The ring provides a more positive anchor to grip when deploying the knife.

The Engagement Ring is available the Ontario RAT I, RAT II, and the Benchmade Bugout series. The user can select a anodized black or blue stud and a black or silver split ring.

New from TOPS Knives: The Trail Seeker and Storm Vector

TOPS Knives has released two new models – The Trail Seeker and the Storm Vector. Both of these knives have interesting backstories. The Trail Seeker is the latest knife to come out of their employee design competition, a competition that has already produced other successful designs. The Storm Vector is based on the history-rich, Viking Seax with a dash of modern reinterpretation.

Trail Seeker

The Trail Seeker is a product of TOPS’ 4th employee contest to design a knife to be put into production. This year, it was Luis Murillo, who is the Kydex manager at TOPS. His inspiration for the design was as simple as it gets. Make sure it has a comfortable handle – with a bit of a guard and a nice swell – a simple, effective blade design with a good pointy tip, and a Kydex sheath that makes it easy to wear the knife on your hip every day. Get yours today and you’ll see that he nailed it.

Pick up the Trail Seeker from an authorized dealer or from TOPS at

Storm Vector

Just like Grandpa always had his trusty pocketknife handy, the same can be said for the Vikings and their Seax. With a blade that is over a foot long and a ¼ inch thick, the Storm Vector is capable of handling anything from small tasks around camp, to clearing brush on the back 40. This “broken back” style Seax is sure to make light work of whatever you bring it up against.

Although not very practical for EDC nowadays, during the Viking Age you never would have left home without it.

Pick up the Storm Vector from an authorized dealer or from TOPS at

American Tomahawk Company – Trench

The new Trench, from American Tomahawk Company (ATC), is a like a magic wand that turns people into vegetables when you wave it in their direction.

Photo Credit: Rob Orlando

This absolutely wicked potato masher sports a similar tough Dupont Nylon 66 handle to those found on ATC’s tomahawks. The handle is crowned with what basically amounts to a big, steel sprocket that presents numerous strike faces regardless of how it is oriented.

This 25 ounce bruiser is expected to be available sometime this week so consider joining the ATC mailing list or keeping tabs on their website. They currently show as “sold out” but the initial run has not been released yet.

Photo Credit: Rob Orlando

New Knives and Gear from TOPS Knives

TOPS Knives has been busy cranking out new knives and gear in spite of everything 2020 has thrown at us. You’ll find details below for new knives from the Dicer line of kitchen knives, a new way to cause Dennis the Menace style trouble, and new merch.

Dicer Knives

The Dicer line of kitchen knives is now complete with the introduction of several new knives. You can learn more from the image below.

Mini Sling

Somethings are cool just for the sake of being cool. The TOPS Mini Sling is one of those things. It’s small enough to EDC and big enough to get into trouble.


TOPS has also rolled out several new hats, tees, stickers, a mug, and other merch that is worth checking out.

New Knives at

New Gear at

Dauntless Mfg. Teases New Axe

Dauntless Mfg. is teasing a new axe design that they are developing. The renders show a 13″ overall length with 1/4″ thick steel stock. According to Dauntless Mfg, the steel would likely be 5160 or S7 – both incredibly tough steels.

The design is feature-packed. The spiked head features a deep cutout behind the bit to allow the user to choke up for fine work. The haft has heavy jimping to enhance grip behind the cutting edge.

If you like axes, this is one to watch.

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