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TOPS Knives News: New Knives, SHOT Show, and a Podcast

There is a lot of news coming out of TOPS Knives these days including the release of two new knives in advance of SHOT Show where they will have even more knives to show off.

The new Street Spike is similar in design to the venerable Street Scalpel, a knife that has been in the TOPS Knives line up for years. The main difference is the skeletonized handle that keeps weight, bulk, and cost to a minimum.

The XXX Dicer Knife is the latest addition to the TOPS kitchen knife lineup. The designers at TOPS Knives see it as a useful amalgamation of a cleaver and a spatula.

You can see even more new knives in the TOPS Knives booth at SHOT Show. They will be exhibiting booth 20401. This will be the earliest look at most of the 2020 line up.

Finally, TOPS Knives is starting a podcast. They warn that while most of their social media feeds are PG rated, this podcast will not be. Expect some colorful language. Find the podcast here: TOP Knives Podcast


Ratcheting T-Way Wrench from Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks has released their new Ratcheting T-Wy Wrench for pre-orders. The Ratcheting T-Way draws obvious inspiration from their previous tools but adds a reversible ratcheting mechanism. It has magnetic bit holders at all 3 ends and a finger disk for starting fasteners in tight spots.

The Ratcheting T-Way is on special during its pre-order phase. Check it out at


Review: OC Tactical KGB and KGB 2.0

I’ve used an OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bag (KGB) for years now to carry just about anything. It’s a great do-all bag for everything from firewood, to gear for a range session, to groceries (which, ironically, I have never carried in it). I have come to love the simple utility of that bag so when OC Tactical rolled out a new and improved KGB 2.0, I couldn’t resist trying it out.

KGB (right) and KGB 2.0 (left)

Overview and Improvements

The KGB is kind of like those reusable grocery bags available at a lot of higher-end grocery stores… except its actually made in such a way that the handle won’t blow out on the second time you use it (or ever). The original KGB featured 1000D Cordura Nylon construction with a one-piece, seemless Vinyl Coated Polyester bottom that is completely waterproof. The handles are made from 1.5″ wide webbing and are long enough to put on your shoulder.

The new KGB 2.0 has all of that but also has some additions. It has a removable shoulder strap (the strap is included). It also has an internal lanyard clip so you can hang items like keys inside the top edge of the bag. Finally, OC Tactical added a slip pocket on one side and a zippered stash pocket on the other so you can organize smaller items.

Zippered pocket on KGB 2.0
Stash pocket on KGB 2.0
Internal swivel on KGB 2.0

Observations from Use

I have similar overbuilt grocery/carry-all style bags from other makers and the KGB and KGB 2.0 stand out among them for one big reason – the waterproof bottom. The bottom of this bag is totally waterproof (really) which means you can set it down on wet snow without fear of water soaking through. On a recent adventure with Ivan at KitBadger, I used these bags to carry firewood for a pack stove, placing the bags directly on nasty, wet snow without fear of dampening the wood inside.

The waterproof bottom also has another benefit which is probably my favorite thing about the KGB. The vinyl bottom is stiffer than the 1000D Cordura used in the rest of the bag and it gives enough structure that the bag will actually stand mostly open and mostly upright on its own. This makes loading the bag a lot easy than bags with no structure.

These bags are extremely durable and versatile. You can basically store whatever you want in them within reason. I’ve used them to store winter gear like gloves and hats, as range bags, to pick up brass on the range, to carry gear like a chest rig and belt to a carbine course, as totes inside a pulk sled, to carry firewood, to carry river rock from the creek on our property for landscaping, to hold recovery gear in the bed of my truck, to hold emergency winter layers in a winter vehicle kit, and basically anything other than carrying groceries. If it fits and you can lift it, it probably won’t hurt the bag.

This KGB keeping firewood dry in some challenging conditions.

Wrap Up

Think of these bags as a big Cordura bucket. They are as versatile as can be and just about bomb-proof. I review a lot of gear that I “like” and some that might even be my favorite pieces of gear of a certain type. The OC Tactical Kickass Grocery Bags are among my favorite pieces of gear, period, regardless of type.

Check out the KGB and KGB 2.0 here:


KGB 2.0 at


ShivWorks Clinch Pick 2.0

ShivWorks has updated the Clinch Pick with the introduction of the Clinch Pick 2.0. Per Craig Douglas of ShivWorks:

So what is this? Well…it’s an evolved Clinch Pick. Rather than introduce a ton of new products we prefer to evolve and refine what we have. From the first CPs that were made one constant was end users asking for thicker handle scales. As the scales got thicker over the years, some people reported that the CP had become to round and subjectively didn’t feel as stable. To correct this, our good friend Ban Tang Knives developed a thicker flattened scale on his custom CPs that was also textured. After working through the details with Ban, we took his idea to our manufacturer and behold, the 2.0. The 2.0 also features a much improved sheath that has corrected the overmolding issue. These are the best CPs we’ve put out to date and I’m personally super happy with the way they came out. If you want one, and I know you do, drop Shannon an email at ShivWorks Products Group and get your’s before this run sells out!

The sheath updates might be the most exciting of the 2.0 improvements as it appears to be a very serviceable sheath right out of the box. The sheath on the previous version left a little to be desired and many users sought aftermarket options. If the new sheath is functional, it could make this production version of the Clinch Pick an even better value than the already solid value that the original version was.


Graf Knives Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman

Polish knifemaker, Graf Knives, has unveiled their newest creations – Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman tools. The flat wrenches are designed to work with any of Leatherman’s tools that use the pocket clip like the Charge, Surge, and Wave tools.

The wrenches are available in multiple metric and Imperial sets for $8 and $11 respectively. The metric set includes 6, 8, and 10mm wrenches. The Imperial set includes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2″.

These could be a useful addition to a range bag for those who keep a Leatherman handy on the range.

Graf Knives on Instagram

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