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StatGear SwissLinQ

StatGear is attempting to crowdfund a new project via Kickstarter. The SwissLinQ is a clever keychain dock for the venerable Victorinox Classic (and similar models).

I suspect a lot of you already have a Classic riding on your keychain because they are so handy. However, when you need to use the tiny knife, it can be a bit of a pain to have the keys dangling from it. The SwissLinQ solves that problem by allowing the user to quickly detach the Classic while adding very little overall size or weight to the tiny Swiss Army Knife. It’s very clever.

Learn more about the SwissLinQ: SwissLinQ on Kickstarter


Serepick Comb Kit

Serepick’s Comb Set covers many of the most common solid body padlocks you are likely to encounter. These full size comb picks feature sandwiched metal handles and come in a set of 4 combs with a tension wrench.

For those who are unfamiliar with combs, they capitalize on the fact that many lock makers leave too much room above the pin stacks for ease of manufacture. A comb, when selected properly for the specific lock to be bypassed, allows the user to push the entire pin stack above the sheer line in order to rotate the lock. Sometimes this can be done with just the comb but it can be easier (or even necessary) to use a tension wrench in combination with the comb.

Delta2Alpha Ragnar Bands

If you’ve used ranger bands made from bicycle tire inner tubes, you know how handy they can be for things like adding some grip to a slipper firearm, managing strap ends, starting a fire, or attaching a thing… to another thing. However, you probably also know that, while they can be made in a variety of sizes, big isn’t usually one of them and that they eventually crumble into a mess.

The Delta2Alpha Ragnar Bands are larger than typical homemade ranger bands. They are also not a cut-up-from-something-else or repackaged product. They are made from the ground up to Delta@Alpha’s specs. Each band is about 4 inches long (when flat) and can stretch to 8″. They are 3/8″ wide.

The Ragnar Bands (which is a clever name, by the way) can be used in all the same ways that you might use a ranger band. However, you may find that the larger size makes them more versatile and the better materials make them more reliable than regular ranger bands.

Ragnar Bands are also available from Tuff Possum Gear:


FACTR USA has a new way to carry a tourniquet. Their new FACTR TQ Card is laser cut fromĀ 6Al4V (Grade 5) Titanium and uses 1/8″ shock cord to retain a RATS TQ in a compact, organized, and easy to access way. The entire package with the TQ loaded is compact enough to easily fit in a pocket.

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