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LowPro Augmento Ghillie Snake

What if you could quickly and easily apply a 3D camouflage to almost anything using something that weighs just one ounce and fit easily in a pocket? That sounds like an interesting ability, does it not? Well, I just described the Ghillie Snake from LowPro.

The Ghillie Snake. A multi-use, quick application, seven foot length of camo netting on shock cord that can be wrapped around just about anything. Virtually weightless, this essential piece of kit can be stowed away and forgotten about until that extra element of stealth is required.

Check out the Ghillie Snake and the rest of the Augmento line at

Amtac Blades – Upgraded Magnus

The Amtac Blade Magnus has received some updates. All current and future Magnus knives will have a swedge grind that extends back from the tip to about 1.5″ from the handle. This swedge grind reduces the weight by .8 ounces, shifting the balance slightly for a more lively feel in the hand, and produces a tip that is even more efficient in thrusting cuts.

Otherwise, it is the same great Magnus you already know. It features a 5″ blade with an 8 5/8″ overall length. It is ground from 3/16″ thick CPM20CV steel. It also retains the sharp spine of the original Magnus to be used in striking the Belt Firesheath’s integral ferro rod.

You can learn more about the Magnus at

Morakniv Survival Kit

Morakniv has introduced a new Survival Kit add-on for the sheaths of two of their most popular knives – the Garberg and Kansbol. The kit simply snaps onto the polymer sheath and provides an integral diamond sharpener along with a docking point for an included firesteel. The Survival Kit will be packaged with knives or available on its own. Hopefully, these will be available in the US soon.

Lester River Bushcraft Teases Possible “Tactical” Boreal Shirts

Lester River Bushcraft’s popular Boreal Shirt might be available with some decidedly “tactical” mods if enough people are interested. The Boreal Shirt is already pretty practical in that it is a high performance wool layer that is well suited to many conditions.

The mods include a chest pouch with 3 cells. The two outer pockets are sized to fit phones, small cameras, radios, rifle magazines, and more. The central pocket can fit items like knives, multitools, flashlights, and more. The final mod is the addition of abrasion resistant material added to the backs of the sleeves (Multicam Black is shown).

If you want one of these modified Boreal Shirts, you will have to contact Lester River Bushcraft directly on Instagram or their website.


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