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Sneak Peek: Multitasker NANO and MagPod Gen3

Multitasker Tools and MagPod just gave us a fairly extensive sneak peek of their upcoming Multitasker NANO and the MagPod Gen3. These two products are being teased together for good reason… the NANO can actually dock on the MagPod Gen3!

The NANO is a firearm specific tool that lives up to its name. It is extremely compact but still boasts an array of useful functions. It also boasts all-weather performance thanks to 420 stainless steel construction and a melonite finish.

The MagPod Gen3 features the same great stabilization features we’ve come to expect along with making your PMAG Gen M3 easier to pull from a pouch. It also features an integrated dock for the NANO.


GunSkins 8-Bit Blaster Skin

GunSkins offers a full line of vinyl wraps for firearms that can be installed fairly easily by the end-user. Their wraps come in a variety of color schemes and camo patterns which makes sense… But, they also know how to have fun.

Their new 8-Bit Blaster skin harkens back to a certain well-loved 8-bit entertainment system’s blaster. The set comes with all the colors and materials you need to wrap a handgun with up to an 8″ long slide. You can wrap your handgun and then start training your dog to laugh at you when you miss a shot to get the full experience.


Sneak Peek: Echo Nine Three Eighty Five Grip in “Synthetic” Materials

Echo Nine Three’s Eighty Five grip is an excellent grip option for the AK-47 but it has previously only been available in laminate wood. Wood looks great on an AK and feels great in hand but it may not be for everyone.

Now, thanks to a sneak peek, we know that the Eighty Five Grip will soon be available in “synthetic” materials in 2021.


Primary Arms Reveals New Logo

Primary Arms has grown in leaps and bounds since their early days of importing affordable red dot sights and assuaging people’s concerns about them by backing the sights with excellent customer service if something went wrong. Primary Arms has come a long, long way as a company but until recently, their logo was mostly unchanged which wouldn’t really be a problem except that… Well, no one really liked their logo and some felt that it made the products look cheap.

Primary Arms has heard that feedback and, while it took a good long time, they have rolled out a new logo. You can now look forward to seeing this logo or various riffs on this logo printed on Primary Arms products going forward.

Did you like the previous Primary Arms logo? Does the new logo make you more likely to consider purchasing a Primary Arms product? Let us know in the comments.

Gadsden Dynamics Storage Line

Gadsden Dynamics has launched a new storage solution line aimed at keeping prepared citizens organized. The first product in this line, the AR-15 MagRack, is a wall-mountable magazine storage rack with slots to hold 12 AR-15 magazines. It can also hold two of many double-stack handgun magazines per slot.

This steel rack is made in Ohio and features mounting holes that are 16″ on center for mounting to standard wall stud spacing. This allows the rack to hold the weight of loaded magazines without issue.

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