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“At The Ready” Docuseries from Angstadt Arms

Angstadt Arms has launched a new docuseries on their YouTube channel.

“At The Ready” goes behind the scenes with world class shooters, instructors and industry entrepreneurs to uncover their daily routines, tactics, challenges and motivation. Viewers get to see behind closed doors and learn what makes these individuals tick and pushes them to succeed.

Our goal for “ATR” is to share the lives and stories of the many amazing people in the firearms community and help to normalize firearms to the greater community at large. Each chapter of “ATR” will focus on a single person. With new episodes coming out every month.

Chapter 01 profiles Ian Strimbeck of Runenation, a Marine Corp Veteran who embodies endurance and instructs self-defense through perseverance and action. His motto “No One is Coming to Save You” serves as a constant reminder that in troubling times each individual has a personal responsibility to care for him/herself and loved ones. His philosophies and approach to everyday life have served him, and his students, to see the greatness and possibilities within themselves.

Learn more at:


TangoDown® New Product – TD® Inc. ACRO® Mount for SIG Sauer® P320

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce another SIG Sauer® P320 compatible product. Introducing the TD® ACRO® Mount for SIG Sauer® P320 Models (SSM-02). The SSM-02 offers a dove tail to allow for appropriate backup iron sights (available separately). Whether you are using your P320 for competition, EDC, or duty, the Aimpoint® ACRO® combined with the SSM-02 will be a fantastic combination.

The SSM-02 is made from ordnance grade steel with a rust-resistant Melonite finish. Mounting fasteners are supplied and have a Vibra-Tite VC-3 thread locking compound pre-applied.

**Please read installation instructions prior to installing. If you are not familiar with modifying your firearms, seek appropriate assistance from a certified Armorer or Gunsmith.

For more information on the SSM-02, visit: TangoDown ACRO® Mount for SIG Sauer® P320 Models – SSM-02 – TangoDown

MSRP: $78.00

Customer Questions:

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TangoDown® New Product Media Release Vickers Tactical™ Floor Plates for the SIG Sauer® P320 and HK® VP9/VP40

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce TWO new items to the Vickers Tactical™ collection.  We are welcoming floor plates for the SIG Sauer® P320 and the HK® VP9/VP40.  Both products feature the same standout design as the existing VT/TD floor plates.  The floor plates offer the flared finger scallops that allow for easy manipulation, even while wearing gloves.  The bottom of the floor plate provides molded dimples for easy marking of training magazines and/or spare magazines.  If you have used the VT/TD floor plates on your other handgun models, you will love these on your P320 and/or VP9.

For more information on each model, please use the direct links below.

Part Number:  VTMFP-009 (for SIG Sauer®)

Direct link:   Vickers Tactical SIG Sauer® P320 9mm/.40/.357 SIG Magazine Floorplates – TangoDown

MSRP: $19.25

Available in Black and Tan only

Part Number:  VTMFP-010 (for HK®)

Direct link:  Vickers Tactical HK® VP9/VP40 Magazine Floor Plates – TangoDown

MSRP:  $19.25

Available in Black only

Customer questions:

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Magpul BSL Arm Brace – HK94/MP5®

The MP BSL Arm Brace – HK94/MP5® is now shipping and it’s only available online at The MP BSL Arm Brace is a lightweight, collapsible arm brace that aids the single-handed employment of HK94/MP5-pattern pistols while maintaining the iconic aesthetic of the firearm. Its high-strength polymer and rugged metal construction features a tool-less adjustment system that makes it easier to deploy and collapse the brace. The integrated QD sling attachment and ample surface area for lateral forearm contact dramatically increase stability while firing. An M-LOK® slot is also included for other sling mounting options.


  • Designed and intended for use as a stabilizing accessory for one-handed firing
  • Tool-less, one-handed adjustment
  • Ambidextrous rear QD cup allows sling tension to be applied while firing to improve stability
  • High-strength polymer and metal construction
  • M-LOK compatible slot for additional sling mounting options
  • Compatible with HK94/MP5 pattern pistols. Not compatible with HK91/G3® or SP89/SP5K/MP5K pattern firearms





Video: MP BSL Arm Brace Product List Page

URL: MP BSL Arm Brace Product Page

Walker Defense Research Releases Exotic .30 Caliber Muzzle Brake

Mesa, Arizona – May 28, 2021 – Walker Defense Research, LLC (, announces the immediate availability of the NERO® 762 Muzzle Brake. Now that it has entered full production, it is the world’s first commercially produced .30 caliber 3D-printed Inconel muzzle brake. The NERO 762 works differently than any traditional muzzle brake design; it angles a jet of the propellant gas against an inclined wall below the bore to create an extremely efficient counter-recoil force.  The NERO 762 is optimized to eliminate muzzle rise of the 7.62×51 NATO on the AR-10 platform while keeping concussion moderate, but it is also well-suited for other 30 caliber rounds ranging from 300 BLK to 300 Winchester Magnum provided the rifle has 5/8×24 threads.

“Our focus was to leverage fluid dynamics and engineer the NERO 762 specifically for the recoil impulse of the 7.62x51mm round. We wanted to substantially reduce felt recoil, but we wanted to eliminate muzzle rise expressly. Visually the NERO 762 looks nothing like most muzzle brakes and is impossible to manufacture with traditional machining,”, said Drew Walker, owner of Walker Defense Research.

Walker Defense Research uses a highly advanced form of additive manufacturing called Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS for short (a highly advanced form of 3D printing), to manufacture the NERO 762’s from Inconel, a superalloy more commonly found in aerospace that is ideal for materials subject to high heat and pressure. The NERO 762 is Ionbond DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated and threaded for easy installation on any 7.62mm barrel with 5/8×24 threads. MSRP for the NERO 762 is $229. It is available immediately through Walker Defense Research and

About Walker Defense Research

The core mission of Walker Defense Research is direct innovation in small arms technology. We define the bleeding edge of tactical product development using the most exotic manufacturing methods and materials available to date. This technology allows Walker Defense Research to supply the utmost quality, capability, and performance for military, law enforcement, competitive and casual shooters.

Contact Information: Walker Defense Research LLC Drew Walker 602.680.3310 / /

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