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Rosco Manufacturing® offers amazing deals with Kennel bargain bin barrels!

August 7th, 2020: Rosco Manufacturing, an American manufacturer of high-quality gun barrels & accessories, is proud to announce the launching of their new website section – the Kennel bargain bin. Hoping to keep up with market demand and continue to provide customers with well-built barrels Rosco has released a premiere crop of contract over run barrels. All Kennel bargain bin products are placed through the same QC testing criteria that all Rosco products go through, and to put it simply these are not “BLEM” products. They have decided to offer you some well-built custom pieces at some amazing prices. Rosco has curated a strong selection of barrels from some of those contracts and placed them on their shop section, with many more to be added.

All coupons codes, discounts, and most importantly FREE shipping are active on these products. Make sure to get them while they are still available!

“Rosco Manufacturing has had an amazing history of OEM contract work for a plethora of different firearms manufacturers. This list ranges from manufacturers that wanted us to make barrels for their standard production firearms, and all the way to those that needed us to make the components for their various U.S. Gov’t and U.S. Military contracts. We have been fortunate to provide fine barrels and accessories to the individual patriot all the way to the current service member. Now they are up for general sale at amazing prices!” – Gabriel Cabrera (Marketing/ Sales Director).   

Effective immediately, the following Rosco products are live and for sale:

For more information on Rosco Manufacturing and our products go to

About Rosco Manufacturing®: Rosco Manufacturing is an American manufacturer of hard-use/ precision barrels, and accessories. Our production facility in Central Falls, RI has over 50,000 square feet of production space with room for high volume capacity. Rosco supplies major gun manufacturers (the world over) with high quality products. Through superior workmanship and unprecedented engineering, our product line continues to exceed expectations and provides a complete solution for the consumer and OEM.


KE Arms KP-15 Progress

The KE Arms KP-15 is the spiritual successor to the CAV-15 polymer AR-15 lower. As a fan of CAV-15 lowers, I’m excited about the KP-15 because it has the right people in place behind the scenes – people who have been working with the original CAV-15 since its inception and who love it even more than I do.

The latest news from KE Arms, the manufacturers of the KP-15, is that test shots have taken place with the new injection molds (see the attached images). Weld testing will be next as the KP-15 moves closer and closer to production-ready.

Learn more at the following links:

WWSD2020 at


KNS Precision AK Adjustable Rear Sight

KNS Precision has released their new AK Adjustable Rear Sight. The new peep sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. It also comes with replaceable diopter inserts to customize your sight picture.

Crooked or canted AK front sight post got you down? No worries, we’ve got your fix! Our AK Adjustable Rear sight is FULLY adjustable for windage and elevation, allowing you to center your front sight post between the ears of the front sight post mount and make ALL of your zeroing adjustments with our rear sight!

Additionally, our rear peep sight allows for fast, precise target acquisition & engagement. We include 6 different interchangeable peep diopters that seal up snugly to the rear sight aperture via rubber o-ring. Simply select the diopter size that best suits your needs and you’re good to go!

Adjustments are consistent and smooth with positive-clicking detent adjustments for continuous, repeatable, accurate windage & elevation tracking.


Akula Muzzle Brake from ALG Defense

ALG Defense’s new Akula Muzzle Brake for the AK47 is now available.

The ALG Akula Muzzle Brake was built from the ground up to counter the recoil of the AK47 and redirect gases sideways, reducing the amount muzzle rise and ensure faster follow-up shots on target. Made from 1144 Steel and coated in Magnesium Phosphate, the Akula is made to live up to the durability of the AK platform. The Akula will interface with M14x1 Left Handed thread and features an adjustable timing (2 slant and 1 neutral position).

The product description aside, what I find appealing about the Akula is that it looks very much like an original slant brake. This could be appealing for those going for a certain look on their AK build while not wanting to sacrifice performance.

Ultradyne C2 Sights

Ultradyne has launched their C2 line of sights for AR-15s and rifles/pistols requiring a similar sight setup. These sights retain much of the function of their original C4 sights but come in a lighter in weight and easier on the wallet. If you are wondering what makes Ultradyne sights unique, I suggest you take a look at Kit Badger’s recent review of the C4 sights as their sight picture is probably best shown on video.

The C2 folding sight line is available in both traditional rail mounted versions and right hand offset versions. They are made from 416 stainless steel with a nitride finish and 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The new C2 sights are lighter in weight, lower profile, and $100 less expensive for the set than Ultradyne’s C4 sights.

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