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KE Arms KP-15 Trap Door Buttplate

KE Arms is now offering a Trap Door Buttplate for the KP-15 lower receiver. It is available as an option for new KP-15 orders or it can be purchased separately for installation by the end-user for current KP-15 owners. Installation is easy with only a little bit of mold flashing to remove and two screws to install.

Once installed, the Trap Door Buttplate allows easy access to the storage area inside the KP-15 stock. The compartment cover can be opened easily without tools thanks to a large recessed tab.


Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision – Featured Product at Tactical Works

Tactical Works has released the details of their latest featured product – the Adjustable Bag Rider by Long Shot Precision.

  • The Adjustable Bag Rider (ABR) replaces the need for expensive, heavy, and bulky adjustable front rests and wobbly monopods.
  • It is the only bolt-on enhancement that provides vertical adjustment while providing horizontal stability without requiring positional body changes.
  • Installation is simple, quick and you never need to remove the ABR.
  • The ABR is made locally and assembled in the USA out of the highest quality American Aluminum, CNC made and anodized for superior water resistance.
  • The custom dowels come in either hardened alloy steel or stainless steel and ride in linear bearings for consistent smooth operation.
  • A custom-designed SS Thumb Wheel rides in two Delrin thrust washers that are known for their strength and creep resistance giving you unequaled ease in vertical adjustment in micro intervals.
  • Designed to work with a rear bag and any bag or sand sock can be used – but a bag with ears works best.

The Adjustable Bag Rider is available for the following chassis:

  • MDT buttstock & Chassis
  • Ruger Precision Rifle
  • Tikka T3x TAC A1
  • Christensen MPR
  • MPA Chassis
  • Coming soon for the Magpul PRS Gen3 and the XLR Chassis

Learn more at


Parker Mountain Machine IDRS

Parker Mountain Machine’s new IDRS rear sight is now available as an option on their slide milling services for the RMR, RMRCC, SRO, and Deltapoint Pro optic cuts on the Sig P320, 365XL, and Glock 26/19/19x/17/34/43/43x/48. This cleverly integrated rear sight is secured via screws that come in from the existing holes on the sides of the optic and, as a bonus, it serves to hold the emitter window in place.

The IDRS option includes both the rear sight and a matching front sight for correct co-witness height. You can select this option when you select an optics cut from their Glock and Sig products pages at


G3D Printables Training Knives and Dummy Rounds

I recently came across G3D Printables and was struck by what a clever use of 3D printing technology it is. They make training items like dummy rounds and training knives – items that have traditionally been expensive when you consider how simple they are. G3D Printables is able to offer them at extremely affordable prices thanks to the efficiencies offered by 3D printing.

In addition to the cost benefits, there are also benefits in the accuracy they can achieve in reproducing something like a knife. They are also able to print using different materials to achieve different results like both hard and flexible versions of knife trainers.

If all of that isn’t interesting enough, they can also take on custom prints so they may be able to help you create a trainer or dummy round for a one-off custom knife or oddball cartridge. This could also offer opportunities for custom knife makers to offer affordable trainers for their designs without having to produce them in-house. They recently completed a collaboration with Wingard Wearables to create a trainer for the Quill.

G3D Printables website:


Teaser: New Addition to Arson Machine WireGuide System

Arson Machine shared some pictures of an upcoming addition to their WireGuide System. Their initial WireGuide offerings were made for MLOK rails while this upcoming piece can be used on standard Picatinny rail.

The Single and Double versions of the Picatinny Clamps will be available. These clamps could be useful to those who need to route their cables over the top rail of any type of handguard or those who have 4 rail Picatinny handguards.

Stay tuned to the Arson Machine website for pricing and release info:

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