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Echo Nine Three Custom Shortened KP-15 Lowers

If you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I have a long-time love affair with CAV-15 lowers. One of my lowers was worked over by Echo Nine Three with a number of modifications, the most prominent of which is the shortening of the buttstock. Now that the KE Arms KP-15 lowers are out in the wild, it is becoming clear that these are a vast improvement over their distant relative the CAV-15 and Echo Nine Three is, once again, offering customizations.

The KP-15, like the CAV-15 before it, has an integral A1 length stock but the actual internal bore for the buffer tube is made to accept carbine buffers and springs. This means that there are potentially a few inches of stock that can be removed if the user desires something shorter. Echo Nine Three removes this excess length and fits a new rubber butt pad that is shaped to fit the KP-15 stock contours.

Echo Nine Three is the only gunsmith that is authorized by KE Arms to shorten the buttstock in this way. If Echo Nine Three performs the mod, your KP-15 warranty will still be intact.

Tech Ten Tactical Swinger T10 Sling System

The T10 Swinger Sling System from Tech Ten Tactical consists of a number of components that can be used together or separately. When used together the component items allow the sling to pivot more easily from one side of the rifle to the other to ease shoulder transitions.

The system consists of their T10 Sling with 2 to 1 conversion function and all metal harware, the Swinger Stock (or an insert that converts B5 or LMT SOPMOD stocks to work with the system), and the Swinger Sling Mount which provides the pivot for the rear sling mounting point.

You can learn more about the Swinger T10 Sling System and its components at

Industry’s first OFFSET EXTENDED MAG RELEASE enhances use of Sig P320 – M17/M18 Army Pistols

AUSTIN, Texas [Feb 9, 2021] – Align Tactical, LLC introduced today the first aftermarket “OFFSET” EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE compatible with Sig Sauer® P320/P250® standard and X-Series® grip frames, that offers:

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Higher grip for flatter shooting
  • Reduced reach to help maintain firing grip during reloads

The Align Tactical™ OFFSET EXTENDED MAGAZINE RELEASE allows the operator to rest their distal middle finger flush across the lower half of where the factory magazine release’s triangular bottom edge would be, eliminating side-finger chafing when choking up high on the pistol grip for increased recoil control. Ergonomically designed with an enhanced and extended engagement surface closer to the thumb, for minimizing/eliminating pistol shifting in-hand when reaching to eject magazines.

“This patent-pending product relocates or “offsets” the magazine release’s button pad higher up the grip module frame for an unimpeded undercut gripping area, offering the highest possible grip for a competitive edge in controllability, reach, and comfort.”

– Joel Alson, President of Align Tactical, LLC.

Align Tactical, LLC is a Texas-based company that develops innovative performance enhancing products in the firearm industry. Learn more and order online at

Tyrant Designs Proudly Unveils NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (02/06/2021) – Tyrant Designs is thrilled to announce our NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell for quick and smooth magazine insertions to have you spending more time shooting and less time trying to reload! The NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell is compatible with all standard G43X and G48 models as well as their MOS (Modular Optic System) counterparts.

If you are a competitive shooter or simply want the competitive edge over your friends, then the NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell could be your secret sauce to winning weekend medals or gentleman’s bets among your crew. Crafted from 6061 Aluminum and sporting a patent pending attachment design, you can add some flare to your magwell in seconds.

The enhanced ergonomics of the NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell plus the forward relief cuts will always ensure you have a firm grip on your firearm to support fast insertions through the aggressive funneling of the magwell. The wider opening and thoughtful design will guarantee you always seat your magazines properly and as quickly as possible.

Like all Tyrant Designs products, the NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell is machined from quality American materials to guarantee greater reliability. Also, if your collection of Glock magazines is a buffet of brands from Glock to the Shield Arms S15, no worries amigo, the NEW Glock 43X/48 Magwell will support them all. As always, this new offering and all of our products are manufactured in the USA and carry our fully-backed Lifetime Warranty! Available now in Black, Red, Machined Aluminum, Grey, Blue, and Gold at at an MSRP of $69.95 each.

About Tyrant Designs

Tyrant Designs officially started in 2015, but the business has been around for almost 40 years. As a whole, Tyrant Designs and its other divisions of work, are a state-of-the-art CNC machining shop that performs work in the aerospace, medical fields, and now firearm industry.

What prompted Tyrant Designs to wade into manufacturing firearm components was one sour firearm purchase. After an expensive AR-15 was found to be flawed with an inferior and foreign-produced pistol grip, they believed there had to be a better grip available. Upon realizing nothing met their expectations of quality, Tyrant Designs sought out to make one themselves! Their passion for quality and better firearm components manifested into the skeletonized MOD Grip, and grew into the full-fledged firearm component business they are now today.

Everything they produce is American Made in the heartland of Chicago, Illinois with an enduring Lifetime Warranty. For more information, please visit us at:

Patch Collecting: KP-15 Operator Patches at KE Arms

KE Arms is churning out KP-15s as fast as possible and they are already in the hands of tons of expectant shooters. Now, you can pick up a little bit of swag to go with your KP-15 in the form of new KP-15 Operator patches from KE Arms. The patch is available with three different themes individually or as a three-pack.

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