Harry’s Holsters Icon 2.0 – Coming Soon with Much Wider Revolver Support

I am a fan of the Harry’s Holsters Icon IWB holster for compact revolvers. I use one almost daily as it is generally the holster I wear when I am around the house. You can read my previous review for more details on this clever holster.

Original Icon 1.0 shown

The original Icon was only available for the venerable S&W J Frame which left owners of other compact frame revolvers out in the cold. Those, like myself, who also own and carry the Ruger LCR were among the most vocal in requesting a new version online. Those calls have been heard and will soon be answered.

The Icon is no longer available on HarrysHolsters.com. The product page has been replaced by the Icon 2.0 which offers support not only for the J Frame but also the LCR, Taurus 605, and a couple of barrel length flavors of the Taurus 856.

The Icon 2.0 is currently listed as coming soon. There is a sign-up on the product page to be notified of the launch.


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