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Noble CNC Foregrip

Noble CNC’s Foregrip is now available. The Foregrip is machined from 6061 aluminum and features knurled gripping surfaces. It is M-LOK compatible and can be mounted facing either direction to allow the user’s preference for an angled or vertical grip. The grips are anodized charcoal grey and come with mounting hardware.


Tyrant Designs Proudly Announces NEW SIG Sauer P320 Trigger & Pre-Sale that is Live!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (10/12/2021) – Tyrant Designs is excited to unveil and announce the Pre-Sale of their NEW Sig Sauer P320 Trigger that is compatible with nearly all P320 variants!

If your aim is tighter and more consistent groupings with your Sig Sauer P320 than this trigger is what you’ve been searching for. This Tyrant Designs trigger for the Sig Sauer P320 offers ergonomics and aesthetics of a full-bodied trigger WITHOUT the added weight. Not only that, but so much more!

  • Two Piece Steel and Aluminum Construction
  • 10% Less Travel
  • Drop-In Replacement (No Modification of Factory Firearm Required)
  • Works with OEM Internals

Like all Tyrant Designs products, the Sig Sauer P320 Trigger is machined from quality American steel and aluminum to guarantee greater reliability. As always, this new offering and all of our products are manufactured in the USA and carry our fully-backed Lifetime Warranty! Available now in Black or Gold with insert colorways of Black, Gold, Blue, Red, and Grey at at an MSRP of $79.95 each. The Sig Sauer P320 Trigger pre-sale is on with an estimated ship date of October 29th.

About Tyrant Designs

Tyrant Designs officially started in 2015, but the business has been around for almost 40 years. As a whole, Tyrant Designs and its other divisions of work, are a state-of-the-art CNC machining shop that performs work in the aerospace, medical fields, and now firearm industry.

What prompted Tyrant Designs to wade into manufacturing firearm components was one sour firearm purchase. After an expensive AR-15 was found to be flawed with an inferior and foreign-produced pistol grip, they believed there had to be a better grip available. Upon realizing nothing met their expectations of quality, Tyrant Designs sought out to make one themselves! Their passion for quality and better firearm components manifested into the skeletonized MOD Grip, and grew into the full-fledged firearm component business they are now today.

Everything they produce is American Made in the heartland of Chicago, Illinois with an enduring Lifetime Warranty. For more information, please visit us at:


Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm & Ammunition Storage Bags

Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm & Ammunition Storage Bags utilize a combination of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) chemistry and carefully chosen barrier packaging materials to prevent the corrosion of firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition during storage for 5 years or more depending on use. A.P.I. anti-corrosion storage bags are based on military tested and approved designs which are reusable and safe for all metals, finishes, optics, stocks, ammo, primers, and electronics since the bags leave no residues behind and do not require the use of any messy oils or greases. A.P.I. anti-corrosion storage bags have a wide range of applications which can include storing hunting firearms during off seasons (with scopes mounted), safely storing guns while away on deployment, to preserve priceless family heirlooms, storing guns that are rarely used (safe queens), or if storing firearms and ammo in humid, damp, or coastal environments.

The following Arms Preservation Inc. Firearm & Ammunition Storage Bags are currently available at

  • Velcro Pistol Storage Bag 11” X 15” OD 
  • Velcro Shotgun Storage Bag 11” X 54” OD 
  • Velcro Tactical Rifle Storage Bag 14” X 49” OD 
  • Parts & Ammo Storage Bags (5 Pack) – 8” X 11” OD 
  • .50 Cal Ammo Can Liner 
  • .30 Cal Ammo Can Liner

What you can expect from Arms Preservation Inc. Anti-Corrosion Firearm Storage Bags:

  • 100% Re-usable Corrosion Protection For at least 5 Years and Beyond Depending on Use 
  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Grade Velcro Closure
  • Will Not Damage Optics, Electronics, or ANY Non-Metal Parts
  • Preserved Firearms Require ZERO Maintenance
  • Firearms are ready to use immediately out of the bag
  • Safe for Ammunition Primers and Powders

How Arms Preservation Inc. Anti-Corrosion Storage Bags Work

The VCI impregnated internal layer is where the anti-corrosive properties of the A.P.I. storage bags are emitted from. The presence of metal draws the VCI molecules out of the interior layer which are then attracted to the interior and exterior metal surfaces of your firearm. These VCI molecules coat all metal surfaces with a one molecule thick layer that stops corrosion before it can begin. This one molecule thick layer of VCI chemistry easily dissipates off of the firearm with no cleaning necessary once the gun is removed from the bag and because of this, the firearm is ready for immediate use.

The exterior barrier layer of the A.P.I. Gun Bags performs two tasks; it blocks harmful corrosion causing elements from entering the bag by passing through the various materials while also securing the corrosion inhibiting VCI chemistry inside the bag. This allows the bag to protect your firearms and ammunition for longer than any other VCI product on the market.

The limiting factor on how long an A.P.I. Gun Bag will provide anti-corrosion protection depends on how long the bag is able to keep the VCI chemistry locked in. Because our chosen barrier layer does not let any VCI chemistry permeate it, the only way for the chemistry to escape is when the bag is opened and closed. Bags that are opened and closed several times throughout a year will provide protection for approximately 5 years. Bags that are not opened frequently can maintain their protective qualities for many years beyond that.


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics AK Chest Rig

Gadsden Dynamics’ new AK Chest Rig fits their typically minimalist design language. In fact, it is extremely similar to their existing Underground Partisan Chest Rig but built to be AK-specific.

According to Gadsden Dynamics:

The mag pouches are specifically designed to hold up to wear and tear from the locking tab on AK mags – they have 1000D Cordura reinforced edges and a very unique integrated elastic retention system.

As with all Gadsden Dynamics chest rigs, the new AK Chest Rig can be used as a stand-alone chest rig or docked on a plate carrier as a placard. These could be available as early as this weekend.


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