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Magpul Pistol Braces Have Arrived

Magpul’s long-awaited pistol braces are now available. Their BSL and BTR Arm Braces are now available online at and they’re shipping to retailers now.  With classic Magpul aesthetics, the BSL and BTR are compatible with Mil-Spec carbine receiver extensions and employ easy to use adjustment mechanisms. With integrated QD cups and M-LOK compatible slots, they provide ambidextrous sling mounting options that enable stabilizing sling tension to be applied for better control of your firearm. 


  • Toolless, single-handed adjustment
  • Acts as a stabilizing accessory for one-handed firing
  • M-LOK compatible slots for additional sling mounting options
  • Ambidextrous rear QD cup allows sling tension to be applied while firing to improve stability


Emissary Development Updates the Handbrake M-LOK

Emissary Development has been working to update their Handbrake M-LOK:


A lot of you have been asking what has taken so long for the standard model to come back in stock.

We are constantly working behind the scenes to enhance our products so we have added some new inline enhancements to our already awesome Handbrake!

We are enhancing the texture to be more “grippy” with deeper groves and a bit more space between the texture extrusions to allow your hand to sit deeper into the surface for more retention. We believe we have now found that precise balance point between control and comfort in one well rounded package.

A small aesthetic detail we added is a more defined Emissary logo for a cleaner look.

We have also optimized the production process and we now plan to be putting our Handbrakes at a significantly faster rate.

For everyone who now owns the previous Handbrake style please take pride in owning the original first gen of the greatest Handstop out there! We appreciate the support from everyone more than you all know and we believe the first gen models will become highly sought after moon rocks in the future!

Hella Handbrakes inbound!

Learn more at


Hill People Gear Type 1 Wildland Fire Pack

Hill People Gear’s new Type 1 Wildland Fire Pack is now available. For those who have been following Hill People Gear for a long time and know something of those who work there, it seems like it would be only a matter of time before they launched a pack like this.

Some of Hill People Gear’s brand DNA comes from wildland firefighting. Co-founder Evan Hill used a jumper pack on the Wyoming Hotshots back when they were still made in the Rigger’s Loft by smokejumpers. When he started building packs, they were belted lumbars like the jumper pack. In fact, the Umlindi follows that lumbar pack tradition.

Kevin McDowell is a Marine and wildland fire veteran who joined HPG initially as their Operations Manager and now serves as Marketing Director. He has been driving the company to create a fire pack and now HPG FIRE is born.

The Type 1 Pack is sold as a complete system. It consists of the following components, which can also be purchased separately:

Base Pack – The Type 1 Pack is based on the Umlindi V2 Backpack. However, the side compression straps from the standard Umlindi have been removed.

Line Pocket – The Line Pocket is a simple compression pocket and side pull compression straps that is sized specifically to work with the Umlindi.

Fire Shelter Case – The Fire Shelter Case can be set up for right or left hand shelter deployment. It attaches underneath the base pack and also to the Line Pocket to raise the rear edge and keep the shelter from resting on the firefighter’s bottom.

Prairie Belt – HPG’s most robust load bearing belt is included in the system. By default the Type 1 Pack ships with the 30+ Prairie Belt, but substitutions for other sizes are possible.


Limited Edition RELV Camo Options at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics is offering a few of their most popular products in the RELV Copperhead camo pattern. The available, limited-run products will include the Minimalist Assault Chest Rig, Underground Partisan Chest Rig, and their ALPC.

This will be a limited run and may sell out quickly. The RELV Copperhead option is already available as an option on the Gadsden Dynamics website. Visit for details.


ATS Tactical Gear – Sample Bottle Pouch

Bourbon is (mostly) made in Kentucky. Do you know what else is made in Kentucky? ATS Tactical Gear’s Sample Bottle Pouch, that’s what.

ATS Tactical has been making the Sample Bottle Pouch for bourbon clubs going back several years. It’s a pouch with internal elastic loops designed to hold those little 2 ounce whiskey samples. The pouch features loops for eight bottles and mesh padded dividers to prevent breakage.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe these pouches are listed on the ATS Tactical Gear website but I think gear like this that crosses interests is fascinating. I always take notice… being whiskey-related doesn’t hurt it either.


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