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XTech Tactical Releases Generation 2 of MAG47, MAG47 Mil, & MAG47 10/30

XTech Tactical is excited to announce the release of its second generation of the complete line of their MAG47 AK47 magazines. The MAG47’s first generation has been established as the leading US made magazine, and the second generation of the line raises the bar even higher!

The improvements include:

  • An improved tread pattern for enhanced grip
  • Overall thinner profile and reduced waffle pattern height
  • Modified follower for increased overall compatibility with all AK style variants

The line up includes:

  • MAG47 featuring lifetime warranty and stainless-steel reinforced lugs and feedlips
  • MAG47mil featuring the MAG47 with an added solid machined steel rear lug
  • MAG47 10/30 aka “Commuformia Special” field strippable 10rd magazine for restricted states


About the company:

XTech Tactical is a leading innovator in the firearms market. The company manufactures products ranging from market leading durable magazines, magazine extensions, and AR pistol grips. The company pledges to continue bringing innovation to freedom loving Americans!


Sneak Peek: Tyrant Designs CNC Glock Two-Piece Sights

The upcoming Glock sights from Tyrant Designs will make the old, new again. These 7075 aluminum sights feature an anodized gold (other colors will be available as well) insert that is reminiscent of classic gold bead sights. They also feature serrations that carry the well-known Tyrant Designs design language and cut down glare.

These sights are expected to be available soon. Stay tuned for details.

High Speed Gear® Releases Apex™ Slick Sling

SWANSBORO, N.C. – Feb. 10, 2022 – High Speed Gear® has launched an additional option in their Apex Sling collection.

The Apex™ Slick Sling is a variation of the original Apex™ sling, forgoing the pad portion for a full mil-spec tubular webbing construction. The Apex Slick Sling offers a two-point, quick-adjust capability for rifles, carbines, and comparable sized weapons. The minimalistic design allows for a lightweight, easy to maneuver sling making it practical for any environment. The webbing features Schoeller Nanosphere coating, which resists water absorption and reduces drying time. The Apex™ Slick Sling, like the Apex™ Sling, utilizes HSGI’s patent-pending Double-Tap Slider™ allowing the shooter to have more control over his/her weapon with two levels of friction.

Weighing 0.3 pounds or 136 grams, the Apex™ Slick Sling has a total length of 62 inches. It features a mil-spec tubular webbing along with steel hardware with military grade coating for enhanced durability. The Apex™ Slick Sling is compatible with a wide variety of mounting options and is Berry Amendment compliant. All High Speed Gear® products are hand-made in America with USA made materials.

“For those who prefer a more minimal sling, the Apex Slick offers the same water resistance and adjustability as the original Apex, in a more streamlined product,” said Bill Babboni chief operating officer of High Speed Gear.

The Apex™ Slick Sling is now available for purchase through High Speed Gear Authorized Dealers or on the High Speed Gear® website.

About High Speed Gear®                                                                                                                  

High Speed Gear® is dedicated to building the best 100% American-made, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear™. Our products are designed for the highest level of comfort, functionality and versatility. Satisfaction is guaranteed for all our customers, whether military, law enforcement or responsibly-armed citizens. Our products are user driven and are designed based on the operational experiences of a wide variety of end users.

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