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The Gadsden Dynamics Chest Rig Builder is Back!

Gadsden Dynamics used to have a Chest Rig Builder option on their old website but the feature hasn’t been available on the new site until now. The Chest Rig Builder is a visual interface for building a completely custom chest rig. You lay it out exactly the way you want it, watching it come together in real-time, and then Gadsden Dynamics builds it for you.

It’s easy to use, tons of fun to explore, and offers an unmatched level of customization.


Arbor Arms Dual Adjust Slings

Arbor Arms has launched a new line of what they call Dual Adjust Slings. These aptly named slings can be quickly adjusted two ways from a single location on the sling.

We are proud to release of new Dual Adjust Weapon Slings! We have been in R&D to create an innovative and intelligent sling system to enhance your weapon systems.

There has been spirited debate on what the best sling on the market is, is it a slider sling or is it a camming sling?

We found the Dual Adjust Weapon Sling combines the Advantages of close loop slider slings  with easy adjustment and no tail for both loose and patrol adjustments length. However like a cam sling it allows you to over tighten when needing to go hands free be it for medical, detainee management, climbing, or fast roping.

There are 4 styles of Dual Adjust Weapon Sling;  the Carbine ( DA-C ), the Heavy ( DA-H ), the Precision Rifle Sling-Light (DA-PRS-L ),the Precision Rifle Sling-Heavy  (DA-PRS-H ).

The Dual Adjust Weapon Sling is designed to create a fast, easy to operate sling system for the best possible weapon retention on the market.


TangoDown® Vickers Tactical™ GLOCK® 9mm/.40 Double Stack Magazine Pouch

TangoDown® Inc. announces the latest addition to the Vickers Tactical™ collection – the Vickers Tactical™ GLOCK® 9mm/.40 Double Stack Magazine Pouch (VTGMP-01). While on active duty, Larry was heavily impressed by the Milt Spark’s magazine pouches for the 1911 and now wants to bring to life a version for the GLOCK® owners/carriers. With the approval of the team at Milt Spark’s Holsters the design features were updated to accommodate the double stack 9mm/.40 magazines. The goal was to make a product that was incredibly durable, but comfortable for daily use/wear.


  • Fits 1.75” wide pistol belts
  • Tough injection molded DuPont® Hytrel® for superior impact resistance and wear
  • Smooth exterior form with large radiused corners for wear/use comfort, also lightweight
  • Double pouch can be separated into (2) single pouches

To learn more about the VTGMP-01, visit: Vickers Tactical Glock® 9mm/.40 Double Stack Magazine Pouch – TangoDown

Color Availability: Black and Tan

MSRP: $24.95

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LowPro Augmento Ghillie Snake

What if you could quickly and easily apply a 3D camouflage to almost anything using something that weighs just one ounce and fit easily in a pocket? That sounds like an interesting ability, does it not? Well, I just described the Ghillie Snake from LowPro.

The Ghillie Snake. A multi-use, quick application, seven foot length of camo netting on shock cord that can be wrapped around just about anything. Virtually weightless, this essential piece of kit can be stowed away and forgotten about until that extra element of stealth is required.

Check out the Ghillie Snake and the rest of the Augmento line at

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