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Arbor Arms Minuteman Plate Carrier

The Minuteman Plate Carrier is an affordable plate carrier with a dash of Arbor Arms innovation and quality. It features a full laser-cut PALS panel on the front with loop Velcro for securing items like ID, patches, placards, and chest rigs. The rear plate bag is slick with loop Velcro at the top.

The Minuteman Plate Carrier comes with a simple webbing cummerbund on its most affordable iteration. However, the user can select from a number of upgraded cummerbunds at the point of purchase.


Safariland Introduces Cantable Universal Belt Loop

Safariland’s UBL (Universal Belt Loop) is a staple part of their holster hardware lineup. Now, with the introduction of a CUBL (Cantable Universal Belt Loop), they are delivering functionality that UBL users have wanted for quite some time.

The new CUBL works with all Safariland 3-hole pattern holsters and holsters from other manufacturers that use the same hole pattern. It is also compatible with other 3-hole accessories including QLS components. Like the original UBL, the CUBL is made from Dupont Zytel and passes Safariland’s retention pull test up to 350 pounds. It available in black and FDE.


Gadsden Dynamics Teases New Chest Rig and Drop Pouch

Gadsden Dynamics recently shared a couple of upcoming products with us including a new chest rig configuration and a new drop pouch for use with their chest rigs.

The chest rig features elastic rifle magazine pouches like their flagship Underground Partisan Chest Rig but with the addition of pistol magazine pouches on the front of each rifle mag pouch. These pouches lay mostly flat when not in use and can accept a variety of items like pistol mags, flashlights, multitools, and similar. This is expected to be released as a stand-alone item first and then the pouch design may be integrated into the Gadsden Dynamics Custom Chest Rig Builder at a later date.

The upcoming drop pouch has a different shape than most drop pouches. It opts for more of a wide format with a full clamshell opening to make accessing items contained within it easier.

The items shown are prototypes and may change before release. Visit the Gadsden Dynamics website to stay u to date:


Echo Nine Three Afghan Warlord Shoulder Rig

Look at this. Look at it!

Echo Nine Three is offering Afghan-made Warlord Rigs that are made from genuine Camel hide and they are amazing. The only problem is that they sold out just about as soon as they were listed for $69.95. There may be hope however as they are attempting to work out a timeline for importing more.

You can keep your eye on the Echo Nine Three website for details:

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