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Gadsden Dynamics x Alpha Tactical OFAK

Gadsden Dynamics and Alpha Tactical have collaborated to release the new OFAK. This flexible pouch is made in the USA, Ohio to be exact, and shipping now.

Designed in collaboration with Alpha Tactical, the Alpha Tactical OFAK (Operators First Aid Kit) was designed to feature many value added features most kits on the market do not. It can be mounted via MOLLE/PALS or belt loop. The belt loop has a loop backing to secure to duty or battle type belt. The front of the OFAK has a 2″ field of loop for attaching patches to identify it as a medical pouch. It also has an elastic retention tourniquet holder on the bottom.

The OFAK can be accessed ambidextrously via our unique pull handle system designed to be tactilely unique when grabbing with gloved hands, in the dark, or out of the end user’s sightline. The insert is a hook and loop closed bifold design eliminating the need to open zippers or snap buckles during an emergency. Once opened the bifold insert can be hung from a magazine on a carrier via the strap. The insert is designed to hold a simple TCCC/TECC setup.


Hawkepaks – New Ownership and New Website

I’ve written about Hawkepaks here before and they are something of a secret in the tactical gear world. I still consider them to be an incredible value for durable, USA-made gear. I am especially fond of what they used to call the ITOA Survival Kit. It is still very affordable and available though it is now called the Survival Kit.

Hawkepaks recently come under new ownership by Drapes 4 Show, Inc. and have a brand new website. The new website is welcome change from their previous, dated site. Their prices have changed a little bit but I still find them to be VERY reasonable for what you are getting.

Tech Ten Tactical Swinger T10 Sling System

The T10 Swinger Sling System from Tech Ten Tactical consists of a number of components that can be used together or separately. When used together the component items allow the sling to pivot more easily from one side of the rifle to the other to ease shoulder transitions.

The system consists of their T10 Sling with 2 to 1 conversion function and all metal harware, the Swinger Stock (or an insert that converts B5 or LMT SOPMOD stocks to work with the system), and the Swinger Sling Mount which provides the pivot for the rear sling mounting point.

You can learn more about the Swinger T10 Sling System and its components at

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