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Whiskey Two Four: 58″ Wide ACRONYM Now Available in M81 Woodland

Whiskey Two Four are excited to offer 58″ wide ACRONYM in M81 woodland camo.  ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged Optimized NYlon material) laminate fabric is manufactured with milspec, Berry / IR compliant, solution dyed fabrics to produce a tough, medium weight fabric perfect for laser cut applications.  Approx 18oz / sq yard

Arbor Arms Launches Medical Line and Introduces Check-Mate

Arbor Arms has launched a new medical line. The line includes two sizes of medical specific Nut Rucks and an entirely new pouch attachment matrix of their own design called Check-Mate.

Introducing Arbor Arms Medical Nut Rucks in two models, the Standard and the Plus this is also the introduction of our new mounting system Check-Mate™.

Like all our Nut Rucks, the Medical Nut Rucks can be worn with the removable waist strap, attached with side release buckles directly to your belt system , or with our First Spear Tube Hanger attachment.

Check-Mate™ allows for attachment over every square inch of the mating surface in both the horizontal and vertical orientations using the included elastic loops in 3 sizes and locked in with our proprietary locking bars, additionally Velcro one-wraps can be used for items such as rolls of medical tape etc.

Standard is designed to accommodate the contents of the US Army issue IFAK and the Plus is designed to accommodate contents of the USMC issue IFAK with room for a few additional items.

External – It has built in attachments for all 4 methods of use. The front has a 3×5 inch loop panel for medical patches or kill numbers. On the back of both models is the integrated two in one pocket for trauma shears and gloves, two grommet drain holes on the bottom allow the use of our Multi Mode Tourniquet attachment and web loop anchors on both sides allow the addition of 1 or 2 S-Biners.

Internal – Both the Standard and Plus have one Check-Mate™ panel on the body side that creates a flat pouch for chest seals, occlusive dressings, triage cards, 9 lines or any other flat items. This also allows for the addition of our soft armor insert for additional NIJ level IIIA abdominal protection for the wearer.

The Standard and Plus models differ in the front panel, the Standard has a streamlined flat panel with a 4 way stretch pocked on the inside that will hold additional flat items but can also stretch and accommodate additional gauze or other items. The Plus has a second Check-Mate™ panel and additional depth. The front Check-Mate™ panel also creates a second flat pocket for additional flat items or front load chest seals etc. All the pockets on both models are oriented vertically so items are securely stowed even when the flap is open.

Check out the new Medical Line at

BCS APTUM Series – APTUM Minimalist Plate Carrier

Beez Combat Systems has announced the latest addition to their APTUM line of modular plate carriers and accessories. Thew new APTUM Minimalist Plate Carrier has a more slick appearance than the regular APTUM carrier but can still be scaled up via APTUM accessories.

Beez Combat Systems states:

The APTUM™ Minimalist is a low profile zero visibility design of the Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ Plate Carrier. The low profile design of the APTUM™ Minimalist can be upscaled utilizing the three, four, five and even six magazine chest rigs for both the AK and AR rifle platforms. This allows the operator a minimalist approach to field operations with the option of comfortably adding necessary tools by layering equipment if the mission at hand calls for it.

The APTUM Minimalist Plate Carrier has low-profile, laser-cut shoulder straps to reduce bulk in the shoulder area. It includes a 3″ elastic cummerbund but it can accept several cummerbund styles thanks to front and back flaps. There are large loop fields for ID and patches on both the front and back plate pockets. BCS builds these plate carriers from 500D Cordura Nylon, right here in the USA.

Black Rhino Concealment Fast Carry System

Black Rhino Concealment’s new Fast Carry System (FCS) series of holsters is extremely versatile thanks to built-in modularity. These holsters are available for a wide variety of firearms and can be configured in a number of ways.

The holsters are compatible with Safariland and Bladetech mounting accessories. Many of these accessories can be added to the holster at the point of purchase including the excellent Zulu Nylon Gear NUHTS Leg Strap.

You can learn more about the Black Rhino Concealment FCS at

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