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Limited Edition RELV Camo Options at Gadsden Dynamics

Gadsden Dynamics is offering a few of their most popular products in the RELV Copperhead camo pattern. The available, limited-run products will include the Minimalist Assault Chest Rig, Underground Partisan Chest Rig, and their ALPC.

This will be a limited run and may sell out quickly. The RELV Copperhead option is already available as an option on the Gadsden Dynamics website. Visit for details.

New from Lynx Defense: The Byte Discreet Case

The Byte is the newest and most compact option in the Lynx Defense’s Urban Legend line of discreet rifle cases. It is designed to accommodate smaller SBRs, sub-guns, and pistols with a overall length of under 20″.

The interior of The Byte features a full loop backing for use with hook backed pouches or the included hook straps that can be used to secure a carbine. It also features internal and external zippered pockets for storage and organization.

  • Exterior Measurements: Width: 21″ Height: 14” Depth: 4”
  • Interior Measurements: Width: 20.5″ Height: 13” Depth: 4”
  • 600D Polyester Magnatuff Fabric
  • Large Zipper Front Pocket
  • x Interior weapon retention straps
  • x Large Zipper pocket
  • Low Profile Exterior Design
  • Padded No-Slip Shoulder Strap
  • Full Loop Velcro Backer
  • Wide Carry Handle
  • Made in the USA

You can learn more about The Byte and see of a list of carbines confirmed to fit The Byte at

Extreme Gear Labs CRDP

Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) has turned an iconic piece of whiskey marketing ephemera into a dump pouch and it’s probably the best thing you will see today. The CRDP or Crown Royal Dump Pouch is exactly what it sounds like – a Crown Royal felt bag turned into a belt mountable dump pouch. It harkens back to the OG Loppy Dump Pouches from EGL but with a twist.

If you head over to the Extreme Gear Labs Instagram page, you might be able to get your hands on a very limited edition Desert Tiger Stripe/Tan version.

Beez Combat Systems CD Pack

The new CD Pack, from Beez Combat Systems, has nothing to do with Compact Disc and everything to do with getting more versatility from your mountable chest rigs and placards.

The CD (Can’t Decide) pack was made for those that need a little more modularity and for those that like to alternate between placards/chest rig connection systems. The CD pack includes 2 field repair/replaceable G hooks and 2 field repair/replaceable 1” compatible ITW buckles. These split body G hooks and buckles make swapping between connection systems a breeze when confronted with a non adjustable webbing situation.

Hinder Group SATH

Hinder Group’s newest product, the SATH (Strap Attached Tourniquet Holder), is a tri-fold tourniquet holder designed to be secured to almost any strap or belt. It features MIL-W-5664 Invista nylon elastic webbing construction with a heavy dose of Hinder Group’s typical penchant for the dramatic in the form of your choice of exotic skin (ethically sourced).


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