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Sneak Peek: Garage Built Gear Qube – USA Made Range/Camera Bag

Garage Built Gear is set to release a new bag with a lot of organization potential. The Qube will be a loop lined bag with padded internal dividers that the user can configure to suit their needs. The Qube is designed to be used as a range bag or camera bag but it should be flexible enough to serve a number of purposes.

The bag features a flap style pocket and a large grab handle on the exterior. It features a full clamshell opening via a double zipper to access the padded, loop-lined interior with mesh pocket. The Qube will be available a ton of colors for the 1000D Cordura exterior and feature a visibility pack cloth lining.

Like all Garage Built Gear, it is designed and made in the USA in small batches. Stay tuned for additional release details.

Gadsden Dynamics 3R3P Front Base for ALPC

The ALPC is an extremely adaptable plate carrier from Gadsden Dynamics. The user can configure the carrier to meet their needs easily and quickly by docking a Front Base of their choice to the front plate pocket. These Front Bases are available in a number of configurations and the new 3R3P version is one of the most feature-rich and versatile options yet.

The 3R3P holds exactly what the name indicates – 3 rifle magazines and 3 pistol magazines. It features Gadsden Dynamics’ flexible elastic pouch design that will hold not only magazines but also similarly sized items like multiple tools, flashlights, radios, etc. The pouches lay mostly flat when not in use.

The 3R3P Front Base is available separately or as an option on ALPC purchases.

Hill People Gear – Kit Bag Overview

If you have been reading JTT for long, it’s no secret that I like Hill People Gear Kit Bags. I’ve written about them enough that I end up receiving a lot of questions about them so I attempted to make my own reference post showing the commonalities and differences of the various options.

Now, I am happy to report that Hill People Gear has created their own reference for comparing all the Kit Bag options. This new video is the most complete look yet at all available models and gives solid advice for selecting a Kit Bag. If you are in the market for a Kit Bag (and you should be), this will likely be just what you need in order to decide which one is right for you.

A Statement on Production from Lynx Defense

I am sure you have noticed that some thing, a lot of things, are very hard to get your hands on in 2020. These unprecedented times have lead to increased demand along with decreased supply of just about anything even remotely related to firearms.

Lynx Defense knows that it sucks to have to wait for your gear so they have written a short article that details their production process and even how they decide what to produce. If you are waiting on an order or considering placing an order with Lynx Defense, this is probably just the type of transparency you will appreciate.

If nothing else, this is an interesting peek behind the curtain of how a small business is operating in these strange times. You can view the article at

New Med Pouch from Tuff Possum Gear

Tuff Possum Gear has launched their new Med Pouch. It is available today at an introductory price.

Designed with quick access and modular carry in mind, the Med Pouch is the result of our wish for a velcro backed “medical” or “first aid kit” pouch. It pairs perfectly with the Shackleton EDC Satchel, but works well with any pack or bag lined with a loop Velcro or the FirstSpear 6/12 material (PALS laser cut loop).

Sized to carry the basics of massive hemorrhage control (ie. gloves, a CAT tourniquet, a HALO chest seal, and wound packing materials), as well as the little boo-boo stuff you dispense in everyday life to those around you. (ie. band-aid, Advil, etc.)

The Med Pouch is 5″ x 5″ x 2.5″ in size. The first aid sign on the front is both reflect and glow-in-the-dark. It comes with beaded zipper pulls to aid in opening in less than ideal circumstances and a panel to cover the hook backing if it is not needed. Internally, it has two slot pockets to organize contents.

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