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Hawkrigger Updates the Grapple Belt

I am wearing a Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt as I type this. I’ve been wearing this belt daily for more than a year and in that time it has cemented its place as my favorite belt ever. It’s stiff where it needs to be, flexible where it should be, extremely simple… and it’s about to be even better.

Hawkrigger has been constantly honing their products for years and they just introduced the 6th iteration of the Grapple buckle. The buckle is 25% lighter thanks to thinner stock (down from 4mm to 3mm) but still plenty strong thanks to upgraded steel (304 to 316 stainless). They have also moved to a new scuba webbing for the EDC version of this belt.

Hawkrigger made a great belt, better.

ATS Tactical – Horizontal Fast Mag Pouch

The Horizontal Fast Mag Pouch is a horizontal AR-15 magazine carrier designed to be mounted on first line belts or plate carriers. When mounted in this way, it provides a fast reload and can be used to make use of otherwise unused real estate on the belt.

The pouch is constructed from 500D Cordura Nylon with a kydex insert to provide retention. It attaches to PALS webbing via ATS L Straps and features a loop field for adding patches or ID.

Mini SERE Compasses from True North Concepts

Not all button compasses are created equal. In fact, most of them are nearly worthless thanks to them being fragile or inaccurate. The dry (no liquid fill), metal body SERE compasses have always been one of the gold standards for “button” compasses. They are tough and they work… but they can be hard to find in genuine form.

Enter True North Concepts. They are working with an original military contract manufacturer to produce their own Mini SERE Compass. It features a solid brass housing with cord loop and OD green finish. The dry compass ensures quick readings and that the bubbles that plague most cheap button compasses won’t be an issue. The indicator markings are painted with lume for low light.

Each compass comes with a length of cord and a customer waterproof case. The back is etched with the True North Concepts logo which allows the brass to show through the OD green paint finish.

Clever Mag Pouch Design from Sumo Gear

Laser-cut laminate materials should open up a lot of possibilities for gear makers but, for the most part, the humble PALS grid has been mostly unchanged. Sure, makers have tried various shapes and arrays of voids to reduce weight but the grid remains… a grid. Enter Sumo Gear.

Sumo Gear released photos of their redesigned Kydex Mag Pouch that features a very smart arrangement of laser-cut slots that overlaps columns. The slots allow for additional rifle mag pouches to be stacked or for a single pistol mag pouch to be mounted directly in the center. That is extremely clever.

You can find Sumo Gear on Facebook where they conduct most of their custom gear business: Sumo Gear on Facebook

MIL-SPEC MONKEY Adapt Pack Laser Cut

The Adapt Pack, from MIL-SPEC MONKEY, has picked up some new features. The updated pack is available in Multicam Black initially and sports a more slick look thanks to the use of laser cut laminate material to create the PALS grids. You can learn more in the video below.

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