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Sneak Peek: PocketUp Wai Pocket

PocketUp’s newest creation, the Wai Pocket, can carry a very wide array of water bottles. The belt or pack mountable Wai Pocket features a flap to retain the bottle, an open bottom to allow drainage, and it is designed to allow one-hand access to the contents.

This pouch offers very wide compatibility with basically all common water bottles. PocketUp has tested all of the following to fit securely – 32oz Nalgenes, 48 oz Nalgenes, 40oz Hydroflasks, 1 qt USGI canteens, and 2 standard 16.9oz water bottles. There are, of course, a lot of other similarly sized bottles and other items like some cooksets that will also fit.

Alpha One Niner SURGE Tech Pouch

The new Alpha One Niner SURGE Tech Pouch is designed to provide flexible storage for all your tech doo-dads along with other small EDC items.

The VX42 outer material and high contrast 210D ripstop liner ensure that the SURGE is durable and its contents are easily seen. The interior of this 8″ H x 5.75″ H x 1.75″ D, clamshell opening pouch features multiple interior elastic loop organizers and two somewhat concealed slip pockets behind the lining. Finally, the exterior features a mesh pocket on one side and a loop field on the other.

Delta 2 Alpha HoodRat SnapWrap

Delta 2 Alpha’s HoodRat SnapWraps allow you to quickly and easily add a rubberized grip to almost anything. This handle wrap is designed to add aggressive grip to a variety of items – tools, knives, firearms, and whatever else you can wrap it around.

The HoodRat SnapWrap requires no glue and is self-adhering when overlapped. It’s a simple and clever item with a variety of uses that might just find a home in your EDC.

StatGear SwissLinQ

StatGear is attempting to crowdfund a new project via Kickstarter. The SwissLinQ is a clever keychain dock for the venerable Victorinox Classic (and similar models).

I suspect a lot of you already have a Classic riding on your keychain because they are so handy. However, when you need to use the tiny knife, it can be a bit of a pain to have the keys dangling from it. The SwissLinQ solves that problem by allowing the user to quickly detach the Classic while adding very little overall size or weight to the tiny Swiss Army Knife. It’s very clever.

Learn more about the SwissLinQ: SwissLinQ on Kickstarter

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