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Indispensible EDC Item – Hav-A-Hank 22″ XL Bandana

I’ve been carrying a bandana or handkerchief in my back pocket for years. They are such an indispensable item for me that I am tempted to put this in The EDC Tool Roll series. I can dry my hands when the restroom is out of paper towels, wipe my brow, blow my nose, keep sun off my neck, keep my phone’s screen dry when playing Pokemon Go with the kids in the rain, and so on.

I used to just buy whatever was hanging on a peg at the local big box store. Those cheap bandanas would shrink badly, bleed color when washed, and often they seemed to just flat refuse to absorb anything. Fortunately, a local clothing shop near me carries Hav-A-Hank brand and I was able to give them a try.

These are better than any bandana I’ve had before. First, they are made in the USA which you won’t find in any discount big box store. Second, the cotton they use is more crisp and absorbant which I really like. The size is great at 22″ square, they well for back pocket carry, and they do not seem to shrink as much as cheap bandanas. These are just better than anything else I have tried.

I am able to find them locally for $1.25 each. If you can’t find them locally, they can be found in bulk at retailers like Amazon: Hav-A-Hank on (affiliate link).

CRKT Minimalist Spear Point

The CRKT Minimalist line of knives, designed by Alan Folts, are fixed blade EDC knife royalty. These knives feature a distinctive handle that counterintuitively fits every hand shape and size while remaining extremely compact. The new Spear Point blade is one of the most practical blade shapes to grace this lineup of knives.

This Minimalist variation is also unique in that it features blade stock that is about twice as thick as previous versions. The .15″ thick 8Cr13MoV should lend itself well to hard use.

See our previous review of the original Minimalist.

LowPro Aenigma Retention Shim

The new Aenigma Retention Shims from LowPro are just about as simple, lightweight, and multi-use as gear can be. They feature a laser-cut Tegris backer that simply threads into PALS webbing and adjustable shock cord loops to retain a myriad of items like tourniquets, PTT, knives, and more. They are available in 3 sizes and made right here in North Idaho.

Introducing the WNSDN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter

BERLIN, 2022-02-22 – WNDSN Messtechnik introduces the latest iteration of one of the most popular WNDSN Telemeter products, forking it into a military-specific product with relevant details.

“Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: how much more no calculation at all!” –Sun Tzu

The WNDSN suite of Telemeters are wallet-size graphical distance and altitude calculators designed to provide professionals in the field and soldiers on the front accurate and reliable measurement devices when modern methods either fail or are contraindicated for the given scenario. Under certain conditions or in cases where laser rangefinders are unavailable or result in errors, WNDSN Telemeters prevail and can be used as primary or “second opinion” tools, to cross-check values obtained with different means. This newest iteration of the WNDSN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter applies previous enhancements found on its civilian counterpart, the WNDSN High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter, resulting in increased precision and usability in non-ideal encounters for military operational staff and law enforcement personnel.

Newest advancements in the Wndsn NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter includes a 150 MIL scale graded in 1 MIL increments using the recently introduced enhanced vision block scales inspired by surveyor’s instruments with scale marks in a blocky shape resembling the letter E. In response to users’ feedback, the newly developed sighting scale uses blocks instead of lines as scale marks, by filling every other pair of lines with solid color. This enhanced scale design allows WNDSN the first opportunity to grade the MIL scale in 1 MIL increments, whereas in earlier NATO-MIL models the precision was only 2 MIL, thus with a scale maximum of 130 MIL. Increased precision was also made possible by decreasing the eye-to-scale distance to 50 cm for easier set up in the field and to improve acuity.

Further changes include removal of civilian features that are provided for educational and astronomical purposes (shadow square and obliquity arc) and the addition of a MIL scale inside the degree arc graded in 25 and 100 MIL.

Accuracy and speed of measurement in adverse conditions have been given consideration, with the addition of a dot grid inside the Quadrant allowing for more accurate string operations. A new coordinate scale is in place for maps using a 1:25k scale to determine a position on a UTM/MGRS grid by way of northing and easting.

Custom coordinate and other scales are available upon request for unit or bulk orders.

New for 2022 is the opportunity to book online classes in German or English for small groups, units, or individuals customized based on prior skill-level and background.

The material of the NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter is the same sandwich acrylic used on the High-Viz Quadrant Telemeter, consisting of a white core and white scale marks with a black matte surface. This black matte surface reduces glare, and further supports the protection of positions when inconspicuousness is a requirement for tactical success. In order to retain the high visibility and robustness of the scales, the scales are laser-engraved and precision-cut through 0.1 mm strong black acrylic exposing the white acrylic underneath, ensuring the scales cannot be destroyed. The user can be assured that the ruggedness, durability, and integrity of the various scales remains intact.

Clarification of terms: MIL usually denotes MRAD, MILliradians; thousandths of a radian. The scientific MIL, also called MRAD, is a 1000th of a radian (which leads to an odd value for a full circle), while the military MIL is based on dividing the circle into an even number that splits nicely into decimal fractions. Militaries around the world have historically used rounded versions of the MRAD, the NATO-MIL and the German army’s ‘Artilleristischer Strich’ divide the full circle by 6400 — instead of the MRAD’s more accurate but also harder to subdivide 6283.x — while the Warsaw Pact established 6000 MILs in a circle and the Swedish divide it into 6300 “streck”. WNDSN uses the NATO-MIL, that is 360° / 6400.

Training is at the forefront of all WNDSN instruments. Included with the WNDSN NATO-MIL Telemeter Quadrant is a printed 32-page mini-booklet in both English and German that was specifically designed for the NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter. For increased mastery of the instruments, a comprehensive 170-page NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter Field Manual is available as a digital supplement and separately in print. Available both in print and digital, the NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter Field Manual is based on the latest GQT5 and optimized for practical use in the field, with the removal of the astronomy, history, or graphical math sections found in the civilian manual. The 170-page Field Manual is included as a PDF upon purchase of a WNDSN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter and is also available in paperback via Amazon websites and available for order by regional/local book sellers.


  • Dimensions: Credit card-sized; 3.4″ x 2.2″ (8.5 x 5.5 cm)
  • Thickness: 1/8″ (3.2 mm)
  • Material: 1/8″ (3.2 mm) Acrylic stock, matte black surfaces, white core with white scales, laser engraved
  • Included: WNDSN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter, double-sided; Dyneema string, 0.35 mm turquoise, pre-configured in the required length; plumb line weight, tungsten carbide; Custom-made carton sleeve; printed 32-page Telemeter pocketbook (in English and German); digital 170-page comprehensive field manual (in English or German)
  • Developed and Made in Germany

Scales on the WNDSN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter:

  • Angular size (NATO-MIL) and distance (based on user input)
  • Height or depth of object
  • Altitude or elevation (in degree, MIL, or percent)
  • Computation of sine, cosine, and tangent from a given angle (and back)
  • Degree, slope, and MIL quadrant
  • Inclinometer (-5° to 30°, graded in 0.25°)
  • Coordinate scale (1:25k)

The WNSDN NATO-MIL Quadrant Telemeter is available at:

See also the comprehensive purchase guide for soldiers:

Amtac Blade Northman Minimalist Belt Sheath

Amtac Blades has a new sheath option for the versatile Northman knife in stock now. The new Minimalist Belt Sheath may be considered when the slimmest, lightest belt carry option for your Northman is necessary.

This sheath has a fold-over style of construction that reduces the width of the sheath significantly. It also does away with the integral firesteel found on the Firesheath options. Like all Northman sheath options, this one still makes use of an excellent Discreet Carry Concepts clip and is completely ambidextrous.

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