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Javran Relaunches Website

Javran makes functional, stylish, and bomb-proof nylon gear. Nobody plays with color and camo patterns as well as they do. Their site has been offline for some time now even though they were still turning out gear. I’m happy to report that the site is back online as of a couple of days ago. Online ordering is currently turned off but hopefully, it will be fully functional soon.

Sneak Peek: Garage Built Gear Qube – USA Made Range/Camera Bag

Garage Built Gear is set to release a new bag with a lot of organization potential. The Qube will be a loop lined bag with padded internal dividers that the user can configure to suit their needs. The Qube is designed to be used as a range bag or camera bag but it should be flexible enough to serve a number of purposes.

The bag features a flap style pocket and a large grab handle on the exterior. It features a full clamshell opening via a double zipper to access the padded, loop-lined interior with mesh pocket. The Qube will be available a ton of colors for the 1000D Cordura exterior and feature a visibility pack cloth lining.

Like all Garage Built Gear, it is designed and made in the USA in small batches. Stay tuned for additional release details.

Giveaway from Lynx Defense and Harry’s Holsters

Lynx Defense and Harry’s Holsters have teamed up for another amazing giveaway. Last month, they gave away items for a range trip. This month’s theme is EDC and the package includes an EDC Backpack and Ankle Medical Kit from Lynx Defense, a Harry’s Holster IWB holster… and an S&W Shield to fill that holster!

You can enter on the contest page: August EDC Giveaway Contest Page

Visit the following for more information on the prizes:

M16 Keychain from Bad Attitude Department

This is probably the only way many of us will ever be able to afford a 3 hole lower. Bad Attitude Department’s M16 Keychain is a dimensionally correct, side plate recreation of one of the biggest flexes in the gun world today – a true M16 lower. This is the kind of trinket that will likely fly under most people’s radar but will get you a wink or a fist bump from those in the know.

Tracer Tactical Covert Tongue Insert

I wrote about Tracer Tactical’s Covert NATO Straps yesterday and, wouldn’t you know it, they dropped another slick covert product worth talking about today. They are now offering their Covert Tongue Inserts for pre-order.

The Covert Tongue Insert is a clever pouch that can be threaded into the laces of Vans shoes (or similar). It allows the wearer to stow small, flat items that may be useful like E&E tools, emergency cash, and similar. The pouch features a hook and loop closure and a sewn on lace retainer to complete the look. Once installed, the pouch is almost completely visually indistinguishable from the standard tongue.

The Covert Tongue Insert is sold individually. If you want your shoes to match, you will need two. Tracer Tactical will be putting this into production in September and they are available for pre-order now.

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