Review: Kizer Beleiter XL

Lots and lots of blade in a super slim, easy-to-carry package… That’s what has always drawn me to the Begleiter series. That is also what drew me to the Begleiter XL, the subject of this review. I’ve owned 3 knives in this series and I keep coming back.


View the full specs at The highlights are listed below:

  • Overall Length: 9″/229mm
  • Opener: Thumb Stud & Flipper
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Length: 3.91″/99mm
  • Blade Thickness: 0.13″/3.2mm
  • Blade Material: 154CM
  • Handle Length: 5.12″/130mm
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up, Right or Left
  • Weight: 5.06oz./144g

Observations from Use

As I mentioned earlier, the Begleiter series is characterized by designs that minimize width and maximize blade length. That is what I have always appreciated about the series and why I have owned several. The Begleiter XL leans into that design ethos even more aggressively. It packs a nearly 4″ blade into package that is very slim and therefore very pocketable. So, the bottom line is that if need a larger blade for EDC that is still easy to carry, check out the Begleiter XL or the rest of the series.

All my other Begleiters have been liner locks. This review sample Begleiter XL has a button lock which is a welcomed finger-safe locking option and very fidgety. In my experience, Kizer is doing button locks better than most. Their button locks lock up strong (passed multiple spine whacks out of the box and after a few weeks of carry) and have a slightly sticky/clicky feel that I like in a button lock.

As long as we are talking about what Kizer does well, it has been my experience that Kizer has some of the best micartas in the game. The lined micarta used on this Begleiter XL looks amazing and feels amazing which is what I have come to expect from Kizer. The finishes on their micartas are top notch.

The action on the Begleiter XL is great. The long blade definitely helps, but this knife swings open like a rocket and falls shut the moment the lock is depressed. Kizer manages to get achieve a very strong and crisp detent from their button locks. As a result, both the flipper tab and thumb stud actions are tuned very, very well.

The blade on the Begleiter XL has everything I like in a blade. The tall, primary flat grind tapers down to a very thin edge. The drop point is strong, precise, and usable thanks to the swedge grind. It also has a long, subtle distal taper that ensures that the belly part of the blade slices extremely aggressively.

There are two things I would change if I had my way. First, I would love to see some texture on the button lock for no other reason than I just like that texture as a tactile index point. Second, it would be nice if the flipper tab was just a little more compact. It is shaped well enough that you can actually grip the knife over it, which I like, but it would be great if it was just a bit more compact.

Wrap Up

I am going to repeat it, if you like big, easy-to-carry blades, the Begleiter series and the Begleiter XL will be right up your alley. The materials are great, the action is top-notch, and I really like the cutting performance.

Begleiter Series at

Begleiter XL at (35% off as of the time of this writing)

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