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Pioneer Leather Heavy Duty Work/Gun Belt

Both my daughter and I use Pioneer lifting belts and I’m thrilled with the quality. Due to that experience, I was thrilled to see that they offer a gun belt.

Their Heavy Duty Gun/Work Belt has a 1.5″ width and uses the same tough sole leather they use in their lifting belts. The leather used is 5-5.5mm thick so it should have the rigidity necessary to comfortably carry plenty of weight.

This belt also features the Pioneer Cut, a series of closely spaced offset holes, for which they are known. This allows for finer adjustability by placing more holes in the same space while still leaving plenty of leather between the holes for strength.

This looks like a lot of belt for the $32 asking price.

SKD Launched PIG FDT Alpha+ and Delta+ Gloves

SKD Tactical’s new PIG FDT Alpha+ and Delta+ Gloves are the next evolutionary step in the life of the excellent PIG FDT line of gloves. They combine the leather palm of the Alpha FR and Delta FR gloves with the affordability of the original Alpha and Delta gloves. The result is a premium leather palm glove with all the dexterity you have come to expect from the PIG FDT line.

Introducing the WNDSN Eclipse Challenge Coin

BERLIN, 2020-12-03 – “The difference between science and the arts is not that they are different sides of the same coin even, or even different parts of the same continuum, but rather, they are manifestations of the same thing. The arts and sciences are avatars of human creativity.” –Mae Jemison

WNDSN Applied Sciences Lab is pleased to announce the release of the new heavy metal WNDSN Eclipse Challenge Coin. The challenge coin is a fan-favorite and well-loved token to those who have taken on the spirit of adventure and self-reliance by choosing WNDSN products. 2020 has been a difficult year for many, and WNDSN is thankful for the support shown this year. With this coin, WNDSN upholds their operating instructions, “to pursue, to persist, to prevail” and to acknowledge that these qualities have been especially critical this year.

The front side of the coin shows the WNDSN metrology motto: “ex mensura, scientia” or “knowledge from measurement” and a graphical representation of a lunar eclipse that utilizes the old alchemical symbol for verdigris and, later, the astronomical symbol for the Earth. A few adornments form a riddle to be decoded or divulged at a later date.

The back side of the coin is divided into four graphical quadrants featuring a shadow square, standing for solving problems of space, a set of equal hour lines, standing for determining time, and the sine quadrant as the most elegant of mathematical instruments. In the fourth quadrant resides the WNDSN maker’s mark. Those who look closely, will always find more.

A challenge coin rewards good work and service, bolsters morale, and signals one aficionado to the other. The coins are made in Berlin, Germany with exceptional precision and clarity of lines. Coming in at 1.5 inches diameter (38 mm), enthusiasts can for now choose between a coated brass or copper coin that weighs 26 or 27 g, respectively.

Available at:

Amtac Blades Minuteman

Amtac Blades has launched their newest knife, the Minuteman and you don’t have much time to act if you want one at $50 off the regular price.

The Minuteman sits between the Northman and the Magnus in terms of size and it might be most versatile of the trio. It’s small enough to pocket carry but large enough to do real work. It has a 4″ blade and a 7 3/4″ overall length ground from 3/16″ thick CPM20CV steel with a black acid-washed finish.

The Minuteman’s handle features the same proven shape as the Magnus and Northman. It’s shape and textured G-10 scales lend themselves to grip, retention, and reliable deployment.

As with the Northman and Magnus, the Minute comes with host of accessories including a safety/storage sheath for the live blade, the excellent Fire Sheath with Discreet Carry Concepts clip and integrated firesteel, and training blade.

The pre-order and special pricing for the Minuteman will end at 1200 EST today. If you want one at the discounted price, you’ll have to act fast. If you are interested in a Northman or Magnus, the Thanksgiving pricing applies to those as well.

New at CountyComm – Maratac 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium

If you like titanium, you like CountyComm. They always seem to have some new titanium doodad to drool over, like the new Maratac 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium.

This lightweight driver accepts standard 1/4″ shank bits. It has a slim design that can be clipped in a pocket thanks to the included titanium pocket clip (the same one used on CountyComm’s Embassy Pens). It features golf ball dimple texturing for some grip without tearing up your pockets.

The 1/4″ Pen Driver Titanium can store 4 bits on board (included). Three of those bits can be stored inside the handle and one of them in the bit holder. It weighs just 2.1 ounces with the 4 included bits!

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