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Tracer Tactical Covert NATO Strap

NATO style watch straps are comfortable, stylish, and durable additions to any watch. Thanks to Tracer Tactical, they can also be used to discreetly store E&E gear. Tracer Tactical adds a slim pocket that can be used to store handcuff shims, small decoders, small combs, and more.

These straps are available in Black or Tan. Tracer Tactical offers various sizes to fit a variety of lug widths and watch types like the Apple Watch and Garmin Fenix.

This is a simple and clever addition to an already great piece of gear.

Sort Panel from PocketUp

The Sort Panel from PocketUp adds organization to any loop lined bag or backpack. This Velcro hook backed panel features 3 slot pockets and 6 elastic loops to organize your small items. The Sort Panel is 10″ by 6.5″ and weighs in at just 2.3 ounces. It is available in a number of colors including high contrast colors like blaze orange.

The Sort Panel is made by hand in the USA. The price, at just $20, is more affordable than many imported products of this type.

New Med Pouch from Tuff Possum Gear

Tuff Possum Gear has launched their new Med Pouch. It is available today at an introductory price.

Designed with quick access and modular carry in mind, the Med Pouch is the result of our wish for a velcro backed “medical” or “first aid kit” pouch. It pairs perfectly with the Shackleton EDC Satchel, but works well with any pack or bag lined with a loop Velcro or the FirstSpear 6/12 material (PALS laser cut loop).

Sized to carry the basics of massive hemorrhage control (ie. gloves, a CAT tourniquet, a HALO chest seal, and wound packing materials), as well as the little boo-boo stuff you dispense in everyday life to those around you. (ie. band-aid, Advil, etc.)

The Med Pouch is 5″ x 5″ x 2.5″ in size. The first aid sign on the front is both reflect and glow-in-the-dark. It comes with beaded zipper pulls to aid in opening in less than ideal circumstances and a panel to cover the hook backing if it is not needed. Internally, it has two slot pockets to organize contents.

Hawkrigger Updates the Grapple Belt

I am wearing a Hawkrigger 38 Grapple Gun Belt as I type this. I’ve been wearing this belt daily for more than a year and in that time it has cemented its place as my favorite belt ever. It’s stiff where it needs to be, flexible where it should be, extremely simple… and it’s about to be even better.

Hawkrigger has been constantly honing their products for years and they just introduced the 6th iteration of the Grapple buckle. The buckle is 25% lighter thanks to thinner stock (down from 4mm to 3mm) but still plenty strong thanks to upgraded steel (304 to 316 stainless). They have also moved to a new scuba webbing for the EDC version of this belt.

Hawkrigger made a great belt, better.

Garage Built Gear – Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer

Garage Built Gear’s new Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer is now available. This organizer boasts a unique size that makes it well suited to backpack carry and a ton of features.

A lot of organizers try to be pocketable which means they are often too small to be useful in a pack and too big to fit in your pocket once they are stuffed with EDC goodies. The 12.5″ x 7″ Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer doesn’t pretend to want to fit in your pocket. It is optimized for carrying in just about any pack.

It features a full clamshell, zippered opening to give access to the organization features inside which include a large slip pocket, a series of multiple sized elastic loops, and 3 zippered pockets made from mesh to allow you to see the contents. The interior is lined with a high visibility color to give contrast to the contents.

The front exterior features a slip pocket and loop field. The back exterior has additional loop and a full height zippered mesh pocket.

As with all Garage Built Gear products, they are made in the USA and available in a ton of colors. Check out the Ultimate EDC Folio Organizer at

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