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Arson Machine M-LOK 360 Degree WireGuide

Arson Machine’s new M-LOK 360 Degree WireGuides allow the user to route their cables over their M-LOK compatible rails at any angle. They can be rotated to suit almost any entry or exit angle thanks to their round form. You could probably even spell words out in cursive using your cables are long enough.

These are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and finished with either black or tan Type 3 hard anodization. They are made in the USA.

Valhalla Tactical Prototype WML Switch

Valhalla Tactical has let the cat out of the bag on a very interesting new weapon mounted light switch that they are developing. The switch functions like a typical tailcap in that it can be depressed but it can also be activated from almost any direction like a joystick.

The following quote was taken from their Instagram feed where there is a lot of additional information and video of the new switch:

Reinventing remote tape switches!!?

Technically this is more of a clicky on steroid, but it was designed to function as a tape switches / pressure pads without their typical issues. Fundamentally, it works like a joy stick: no matter what direction you push, it will activate the light. So it has the same sensitivity and ease of use of a tape switch, but without the cable management headache.

It is also far more future proof then current tape switches. Most tape switches today can only handle around ~2 Amps of current; in fact many tail caps are only rated for 3 Amps. That translates to ~1,600 to maximum 2,000 lumen of light output – and they become the bottleneck when developing more powerful lights. Instead, this switch is rated for *10 Amps* and can easily handle 5,000+ lumen light heads in the future.

This switch is also ambi-friendly as you can activate it with both hands, regardless of which side you mount the light. Your thumb or arch naturally rest by the switch, and a very simple nudge from any direction will activate it.

Oh it is also FAR cheaper than the cost of replacement tail caps + remote tape switch.

It does, however, have the same drawback of a tape switch (and possibly more so due to the much higher sensitivity) – if you have not trained well, accidental activation can happen. So if you are airsoft ninja’ing, this switch might not be for you. Also just like pressure pads, you need to quarter-turn the tail cap to deactivate the switch for transportation. It could turn itself on inside a soft case, just like some pressure pads will.

So who is this for? We think if you want a simple, self-contained MLOK light that has all the benefit and ease of use of a pressure pad, this is for you. Also as a bedside gun or any high-stress situation where you NEED the light to turn on without thinking about it. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people fumble and can’t find their clicky during simple trainings. Now substitute that with a home invasion. The time you spent finding your recessed clicky could mean life and death.

Review: Streamlight Macrostream

It’s no secret that I like the Streamlight Microstream USB… a lot. I’ve written about it here and posted about it on our social media numerous times. Based on my experience with the Microstream, I had to try the Macrostream as soon as it came out so I purchased one immediately. I have now been using it for more than a year and I’ve learned some things.

The Macrostream is functionally similar to the Microstream USB. It has a similar bidirectional clip (which is truly useful), it has the same easy-to-live-with charging setup, and it has the same simple user interface. It differs in that it is larger due to its larger battery, has twice the output at 500 lumens, and boasts longer runtimes. It also has a more flush tail switch that feels considerably less tactile than the Microstream.

The Macrostream is a great light on its own but I can’t help but still feel that the Microstream is a slightly better light for my purposes. The Macrostream’s less positive, flush tail switch makes operating the light just a bit more fidgety (not for actually activating it but for switching modes) and its larger size makes the light just a bit less convenient. However, none of these issues are insurmountable, especially if you just need the extra output.

You can’t really go wrong with either or both.

Streamlight Microstream USB on Amazon

Streamlight Macrostream on Amazon

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NITECORE P10iX Xtreme Performance i-Generation 21700 Ultra Compact Flashlight is Out Now

August 2nd 2021 – The P10iX is the Xtreme Performance i-Generation 21700 Tactical Flashlight designed with the i-generation ultimate revolution. The groundbreaking i-Generation technology has brought infinite possibilities to the design of tactical flashlights. It is now unprecedently upgraded to enable a more reliable and rapid operation of tactics with an Xtreme performance.

Utilizing 4 x CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs, the P10iX has a max output of 4,000 lumens, a max throw of 158m and a peak beam intensity of 6,250cd, ideal for law enforcement, assault operations, self-defense, search and patrols. The independently controlled quadruple LEDs are powered by a constant current circuit to provide a durable usage with guaranteed safety.

The ultimate dual tail switch design includes the Tactical Tail Switch for momentary-on and constant-on illumination and the STROBE READY™ Mode Button for output adjustment and instantly accessing STROBE / TURBO. The randomly changing STROBE Mode with randomly changing frequencies can cause stronger dizzying effects due to the inadaptability of the naked eyes. With two user modes available, it has the Daily Mode specially designed for daily uses and the Tactical Mode for self-defense and operations. When the light is off in Tactical Mode, half press or full press the Power Button to directly access TURBO when STROBE is not memorized. The instant dazzle strike of 4,000 lumens enables an abrupt disturbance to your adversary, ideal for self-defense and law enforcement.

The P10iX is powered by a 21700 i Series Battery and compatible with 2 x CR123/RCR123 batteries. As a patent product developed by NITECORE, the 21700 i Series Battery is a proprietary 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery featuring dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends and a high energy density. Thanks to the groundbreaking technology and techniques, it enables a highly efficient output by minimizing the loss of power due to internal resistance and is compatible with modular extensions of intelligent communications and controlling systems. It offers 350 hours ultra long runtime which enables a consistent usage of 14 days on ULTRALOW.

The USB-C charging port is available with a reversible plug-in. The charging port cover provides excellent water, dust and impact resistance. The integrated ATR technology regulates the output of the P10iX according to the working condition and ambient environment to maintain the optimal performance.

The P10iX is ultra compact and lightweight with a standard tube diameter of 1” (25.4mm) and compatible with NITECORE gun mounts including GM02MH, GM03, GM04 and more. Specially designed for law enforcement, the included compact NTH10 Tactical Holster enables a quick draw of the flashlight with an adjustable stopper on the clip to suit belts of various sizes and compatible with the MOLLE System. It can be used combined with NTR10 Tactical Ring Pro, which can keep a two-handed grip of the firearm while carrying or operating a flashlight, easy for continuous and stable shooting and reloading. Other optional accessories include the TSL10i signal light and F21i fast charging power system. It is all-weather applicable, IP68 rated, 2m submersible and waterproof, and 2m impact resistant.

For more info, please visit this link: P10iX

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