Review: Vosteed Talarurus

Vosteed’s new Talarurus shows off their ambitious design chops in a big way. They have had other knives with unique, compelling designs like the Corgi line or Thunderbird line but this Talarurus has a new level of cohesiveness that is very cool to see.


See the full specs at The highlights are below:

Blade Length: 3.03″ | 76.96 mm

Overall Length: 7.18″ | 182.37 mm

Blade Thickness: 0.138″ | 3.50 mm

Blade Material: 14C28N

Blade Grind: Flat

Blade Style: Modified Sheepsfoot

Handle Material: Micarta

Weight: 3.42 oz | 97.00 g

Opener: Thumb Disk

Lock Type: Crossbar Lock

Pivot Assembly: Caged Ceramic Ball Bearing

Carry Position: Tip-up

Observations from Use

If you have seen other Vosteed reviews or own one of their other knives yourself, you already know this is a functional knife with good, thin cutting geometry. I made a big deal about the design of the knife earlier (and will expand on that more later) but this is still a knife after all. It has to cut and be comfortable to use or it sucks.

The Talarurus’ modified sheepsfoot shape has a great point that is easy to access and a subtle belly coupled with a tall flat grind that makes this knife a deceptively good slicer. The choice of a thumb disk coupled with a ramped harpoon shape makes for a very comfortable thumb rest. This would be a solid choice for everyday carry or even a work knife. This knife has some “go” to back up all that “show”.

This design stands out to me even above previous Vosteed knives for a few reasons. The most notable (and subtle) is the cohesiveness of it. Vosteed is absolutely flexing their chops here with the way that various angles of the blade shape meld into, or mirror angles in the handle. They even went so far as to run a long chamfer down the length of the micarta handle slabs that perfectly matches the height of the primary grind on the blade. That is very intentional, very precise, and very visually interesting design.

The design elements above aren’t just for decoration. They serve a functional purpose. The chamfers on the handle that match the grind of the blade… those provide additional grip or contouring to the handle so it feels better in hand. The aggressive blade shape that matches the closed shape of the handle… those angles bring the blade to a sharp, useable point.

Finally, there is some fun built into the design. Each of the color ways of the Talarus has at least one small pop of color. Most models have a contrasting, anodized thumb disk for opening the blade. In the case of the blacked-out version that I have, the thumb disk is olive green which makes for a more subtle contrast.

Wrap Up

The Talarurus would make a stylish EDC knife or even a stout work knife thanks to the blade shape and strong lock. It is a visually striking knife with intentional details bringing the whole design together. If you are interested in a classic EDC like the Vosteed Raccoon, you owe it to yourself to give the Talarusus a long look as well.

Vosteed Talarurus at

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