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New From TOPS Knives: Brush Wolf and High Impact

TOPS Knives just rolled out two of their most anticipated releases for 2021. The Brush Wolf continues TOPS Knives’ legacy of creating excellent large knives with its interesting incorporation of Nessmuk design and the High Impact is the latest in their growing line of hatchets.

You can learn more at

G3D Printables Training Knives and Dummy Rounds

I recently came across G3D Printables and was struck by what a clever use of 3D printing technology it is. They make training items like dummy rounds and training knives – items that have traditionally been expensive when you consider how simple they are. G3D Printables is able to offer them at extremely affordable prices thanks to the efficiencies offered by 3D printing.

In addition to the cost benefits, there are also benefits in the accuracy they can achieve in reproducing something like a knife. They are also able to print using different materials to achieve different results like both hard and flexible versions of knife trainers.

If all of that isn’t interesting enough, they can also take on custom prints so they may be able to help you create a trainer or dummy round for a one-off custom knife or oddball cartridge. This could also offer opportunities for custom knife makers to offer affordable trainers for their designs without having to produce them in-house. They recently completed a collaboration with Wingard Wearables to create a trainer for the Quill.

G3D Printables website:

Morakniv Basic 511 & 546 Limited Edition 2021

Morakniv has offered a special edition colorway in their popular, excellent, and affordable Basic 511 (carbon steel) and Basic 546 (stainless steel) every year for the last several years. These special colors can be a great way to pick up a Mora that stands out from all the others.

2021’s limited editions feature muted grey and green colors that look great. While both the 511 and 546 feature the same colors, their positions on the handle are swapped between the models so that they can be identified at a glance.

Apart from the limited edition colors, these are the same proven 511 and 546 that you have come to know and love. Learn more at the Morakniv webite:

Delta 2 Alpha HoodRat SnapWrap

Delta 2 Alpha’s HoodRat SnapWraps allow you to quickly and easily add a rubberized grip to almost anything. This handle wrap is designed to add aggressive grip to a variety of items – tools, knives, firearms, and whatever else you can wrap it around.

The HoodRat SnapWrap requires no glue and is self-adhering when overlapped. It’s a simple and clever item with a variety of uses that might just find a home in your EDC.

StatGear SwissLinQ

StatGear is attempting to crowdfund a new project via Kickstarter. The SwissLinQ is a clever keychain dock for the venerable Victorinox Classic (and similar models).

I suspect a lot of you already have a Classic riding on your keychain because they are so handy. However, when you need to use the tiny knife, it can be a bit of a pain to have the keys dangling from it. The SwissLinQ solves that problem by allowing the user to quickly detach the Classic while adding very little overall size or weight to the tiny Swiss Army Knife. It’s very clever.

Learn more about the SwissLinQ: SwissLinQ on Kickstarter

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