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Review: Offensive Industries Custom Kydex Sheath

Offensive Industries makes a number of cool things including custom kydex sheaths with centerline mounted clips. This type of sheath, in my opinion, is about as functional and versatile as any sheath can be. So, when I needed a sheath for a kind of rare, kind of weird, and kind of cheap knife, I turned to them.

The knife in question is an old Ka-Bar TDI Medium which I think is probably the best of the TDI line but it was discontinued a long time ago. It is much slimmer than the current TDI offerings which works well in this kind of sheath. Even though this knife is somewhat rare today (you can barely find mention of their existence on the web) and it used to be super cheap… it still felt right to shell out for a sheath that probably costs about 4x as much as the knife did originally.

The sheath is excellent and Offensive Industries had to work some magic to make the weird bent handle knife functional in this type of sheath. Starting from the front, you can see that they use small rivets to keep the sheath’s footprint as small as possible. They also centerline mount a Discreet Carry Concepts clip which is basically the heart of this sheath. This configuration is slim, light, and can be attached to almost any pants or shorts regardless of if the user is wearing a belt. It is also extremely comfortable as it is somewhat free to cant side to side with the wearer without ever fully slipping below the waistline like you might have happen with a sheath on a static line.

The back of the sheath is lightly molded to the shape of the handle such that the knife can be inserted and retained ambidextrously. This molding works with an internal friction pad to provide some light retention. This type of sheath often does not have a solid “click” when inserting the knife. Instead, it uses its depth and friction to keep the knife in place. This setup works well.

Looking inside the sheath, we see that Offensive Industries uses a piece of industrial adhesive backed loop side Velcro as a friction pad. This is ideal because it is durable, the adhesive is very ternacious, and it is easily user replaceable. I have used the same material to tighten loose sheaths before and it lasts for years. If it ever needs to be replaced, it is available in the craft section of any big box store.

The sheath that Offensive Industries produces allows you to carry a knife in basically any situation in which you are wearing pants (which is hopefully most situations for most of you). They are extremely comfortable, completely ambidextrous, very well made, and priced competitively for this type of sheath. On top of all that, their turnaround time was fairly quick. If you have a defensive fixed blade knife that want to carry in a way that actually makes sense, Offensive Industries can help.

Heads Up: New Get Off Me Tools from FLC Knives Dropping Soon

FLC Knives will release some variants of their Get Off Me Tool No.6 sometime this weekend. The drop will include the Stubby and Reverse Edge Stubby versions of the No.6.

These tools are extremely compact, which coupled with their excellent sheath, makes them easy to carry in a number of ways. They go from belt line carry to plate carrier easily.

If you are familiar with these drops, you’ll know they sell out quickly. The best way to get an edge in securing one is to get on the FLC Knives newsletter.

You can learn more at the FLC Knives website and their Instagram where tons of info about this upcoming drop has already been posted.

Regiment Blades

Colonel Blades designed knives are back in the form of a new company, Regiment Blades! Colonel Blades was known for their distinctive, self-defense knives touted as being very intuitive to use. The designs featured a generous index finger ring for retention and a dagger blade that is angled in relation to the grip to promote a strong wrist position. In short, these are well-regarded, purpose-driven knives.

The new company has initially listed non-metallic versions of their knives for purchase with several new versions coming soon. Interestingly, Regiment Blades appears to be based in Hartland, WI which is also the home of one of the largest original Colonel Blades distributors, BCM.

Look for more information as it becomes available.

Station IX Knives and More

Station IX deserves a few minutes of your time. According to their website:

We specialize in the development of unconventional tools and weapons for combatives and survival in austere environments and occupied zones.

According to me, they may very interesting defensive tools that are both historically inspired and informed by modern-day best practices at reasonable prices. For instance, their take on the OSS, the NUMBER FOUR, is both instantly recognizable as an iconic last-ditch weapon but also has modern cutlery steel, a well-sorted out kydex sheath, and an aestetic that blurs the line between new and old.

Shown: NUMBER 5 (top) and NUMBER 6 (bottom)

They also produce more modern knives like the NUMBER FIVE which is instantly recognizable as a Fred Perrin design. Even this knife seems give off the aura of being both vintage and something entirely new at the same time.

I guess what I am saying is Station IX is doing something new. They seem to be creating production knives that are both interesting in terms of design and function at a price that is competitive in their space.

Friedberg Fabrication Spetsnaz Shovels

Freidberg Fabrication is a custom woodturning/carpentry shop that makes all kinds of cool things like custom clubs, picks, batons, and more. One of their latest creations is a turned Spetsnaz Shovel. The turning looks great and enhances grip.

This was too cool not to share. These shovels are the ultimate in function over form… but no one says they can’t go just a little harder on the form part of the equation.

Friedburg Fabrication on Instagram

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