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Sneak Peek: FLC Knives Get Off Me Tool No.6 Ultralite

FLC Knives is set to introduce a new variant of their popular “Get Off Me Tool”. The new versions, referred to as Ultralight, will be made from 1/8″ steel stock instead of the 3/16″ thick stock on the regular “Get Off Me Tool” No.6.

The obvious benefit to this new version is the lighter weight but the driving force behind it is the proliferation of laser-cut PALS grids. Thinner stock means a thinner sheath and a thinner sheath means that the Ultralight versions of the Get Off Me Tools will fit into narrower laser-cut PALS columns.

FLC Knives states that there will be Ultralight versions of both the standard-sized Get Off Me Tool No.6 and the Stubby Get Off Me Tool No.6. These items tend to sell out quickly so keep an eye on the following locations for details and a chance to buy your own:

@flc_knives on Instagram

Morakniv Survival Kit

Morakniv has introduced a new Survival Kit add-on for the sheaths of two of their most popular knives – the Garberg and Kansbol. The kit simply snaps onto the polymer sheath and provides an integral diamond sharpener along with a docking point for an included firesteel. The Survival Kit will be packaged with knives or available on its own. Hopefully, these will be available in the US soon.

Wilde Custom Gear Tool Slip for Rogan USA Tools

Rogan USA makes pry bar tools with sharpened edges for prying, digging, and similar tasks that you might not want to risk your knife doing. They have teamed with Wilde Custom Gear to offer a new Tool Slip for their larger tools so that your sharpened pry bar doesn’t have to knock around inside your pack with all your other stuff.

Wingard Wearables Introduces Two New Sizes for the Quill

The original Wingard Wearables Quill is meant to fit a broad range of hand sizes… but it doesn’t fit all of them. Now, with the addition of the Slim Quill and the Quill XL, any sized hand can wrap their fingers around this wicked little piece of hand forged steel.

If you don’t know, the Quill is a self-defense tool. It is a deceptively simple, forged steel spike with an elegant, curved shape that allows for a number of grips. It is compact (even the larger sizes) and should be quite easy to carry.

Most people should still consider the original Quill. Those with small hands or extremely large hands should look into the new sizes. You can find details on sizing and how to use the Quill at the Wingard Wearables website and their Instagram page.

Instagram: @Wingard_Wearables

Backnife – Ultralight EDC Blade

If you want to add an affordable, ultralight, and corrosion resistant utility blade to your EDC, Backnife might be for you. Backnife is a polymer utility blade holder that, when paired with a ceramic blade, is completely non-metallic and therefore rust-proof. They weigh just 3 grams and are barely larger than the utility blade itself making them extremely easy to add to your EDC.

Backnife holders are available in multiple colors, with and without ceramic blades. They are available Amazon or direct from

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