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Review: WELmade Knives Skylark

The Skylark series of knives from WELmade Knives consists of a single design in multiple finish options. It’s design is both practical and radical… brutish and refined. It’s a very visual knife that is aimed squarely at the everyday carry (EDC) market and comes with everything you need to add it to your EDC right out of the box.


The Skylark is crafted for WELmade knives by Dauntless MFG. If you are familiar with Dauntless MFG, you’ll know they bring a custom level of fit and finish to both the knives and sheaths that they craft.

It features a 3.24″ long blade with a modified tanto/recurve shape that is ground from 154-CPM steel. This full-tang construction knife is 7″ long overall and weighs 5.5 ounces with the included kydex sheath. It is available with multiple handle scale options including the black G-10 over white G-10 liners on my example. The handle screws are blue anodized titanium.

Observations from Use

The Skylark is a striking knife – not just in the design but also in the details. The shape is eye-catching and very unique. The stone-washed blade finish looks great and the handle treatment brings to mind a tuxedo. The pop of color from the screws is subtle depending on the light but it makes you take a second look when they catch the sun. I just like looking at it and I have told others that I am not cool or classy enough to carry a knife like this.

Thankfully, WELmade Knives intends for you to do more than look at this knife. The blade shape, while unconventional, is very useful. The recurve section catches things like twine and cuts it aggressively. The leading edge has a slight amount of belly and reminds me of a chef’s knife or a kiridashi in how it orients in the hand and lays on a cutting board. The high flat grind makes this knife surprisingly “slicey” and the swedge grind gives a very strong, useful, and acute point. I would probably prefer a flat section of edge to the small section of recurve but I can’t deny that this blade shape wants to work.

The handle on this knife looked small to me in pictures but looks are deceiving. WELmade Knives gave us some nice, thick scales. It is actually quite hand-filling while still remaining compact for carry. The handles are mostly round but with flats that prevent the knife from turning in the hand. The finger choil behind the well-rounded guard is somewhat compact but works well for my average-sized hands. It might be a little cramped for sausage fingers. I easily fit all 4 fingers on the handle and find it to be comfortable for edge-out and edge-in grips.

The sheath that is included with the Skylark is excellent. It is a fold-over, kydex sheath that is very compact. It is machined to fit the contours of the knife perfectly and the included Discreet Carry Concepts clip makes it very easy to clip on and go. It carries well in a pocket or on your belt line. Dauntless MFG is well-known for their sheaths and sheaths like this are the reason why that is. It’s very well designed.

This offset rivet in the sheath is one of the keys to how well the Skylark carries.

There are a lot of thoughtful touches on this knife that really only come out when you spend time with it. It has a nifty shallow thumb rest on the top that falls naturally and comfortably under the thumb. This ramp provides just a little more control for cuts in both directions. I also appreciate how the shape of the handle sort of grips the first 3 fingers with a broad, shallow finger groove which also works in concert with the thumb ramp to provide more purchase for both push and pull cuts. The tapered shape of the handle lets the user orient the edge to a flat surface easily while providing clearance for the knuckles. Finally, the sheath itself has a clever offset rivet that makes it so the clip can ride more vertically and closer to the centerline. This is extremely clever and really improves how the knife carries.

Nothing is perfect. As good as this knife is, it could be even better. It works really well in a pinch grip so it would be nice if the scales were relieved just a little bit to better support this useful grip. The edges of the sheath were a little sharp around the opening and these edges can be pushed into your side when the knife is out of the sheath. I trimmed the sharp parts easily but it would be nice if that was already done.

Wrap Up

This is a visually striking knife that is easy to carry and offers a ton of utility in a small amount of space. The quality and design touches exude pure class but the materials and shape beg for work. If you are looking for a unique fixed blade for EDC that is both gentlemanly and rugged, the WELmade Knives Skylark has to be on your radar.

Empire Outfitter Launches Naga V2 Knife

The original Naga, from Empire Outfitters, was a compact self-defense knife with a distinctive Persian blade shape. It brought together a variety of purpose-driven features usually reserved for custom knives into a knife that was available immediately when in stock. The new Naga V2 carries on that legacy of a custom defensive knife with no wait and adds significantly more options.

The basic Naga V2 has some thoughtful changes over the original. The original Naga was available with an epoxy soaked nylon paracord wrap. This option remains for the V2 but you can also choose an epoxy soaked hemp or cord wrap. The new deep-carry sheath is produced by Offensive Industries and features a Discreet Carry Concepts clip.

In addition to the standard models, Empire Outfitters is offering a number of one-off models that include different grinds included swedge grinds, reverse edge grinds, and more.

Black Triangle x GBRS Group EDC G10 Dagger

Black Triangle and GBRS Group have been working on a collaboration piece and they recently provided a sneak peek. The upcoming EDC G10 Dagger is a version of Winkler Knives EDC Dagger, reinterpreted with Black Triangle’s extensive experience with creating non-metallic “knives”.

Unlike many of Black Triangle’s pieces, the EDC G10 Dagger does not have a wrapped handle. It has actual G-10 scales on a G10 knife which is a detail not often seen. The blade is ground with a symmetrical chisel grind that comes to a point without real cutting edges. This is meant for thrusting not cutting (as a good G10 knife should be). The included sheath is completely non-metallic and is completely ambidextrous.

You can learn a lot more about this knife and why it was designed the way it is at


Amtac Blades Minuteman Deep Concealment Sheath

The Amtac Blades Minuteman is large enough to serve as a belt knife and yet compact enough to serve a deeper concealment role. The new Deep Concealment Sheath supports that role in addition to being well suited to use on a plate carrier.

The sheath is formed from kydex and features a very deep blade well to allow the Minuteman to sit very well when worn on the belt line. The deep well also ensures that the wearer’s body is protected from the edge until the knife is fully free of the sheath. The included DCC Clip is designed to be worn behind the belt to further enhance concealment.

The Deep Concealment Sheath is available separately. The Minuteman will continue to ship with the Fire Sheath.

Amtac Blades’ First Ever Giveaway is EPIC

Amtac Blades is hosting their first ever giveaway but even though this giveaway will take place on Instagram, this is no “like, share, and tag” situation. You are going to need to do some work in the real world to have a chance.

We are doing our first giveaway. This will not be easy. Yesterday I climbed Snowshoe Peak in MT. In the logbook on top of the mountain I signed my name and wrote something that has meaning to me. The first person that takes a picture of themselves on top of the mountain holding the logbook and posts what I wrote will get a Northman. Make sure you are in shape and have some mountaineering experience before attempting this. There could be consequences for failure. Good luck.

If you want a chance to get a Northman, which is an excellent knife that I highly recommend, you better start planning your trip.

You can find more details on the Amtac Blade Instagram page: @amtacblades

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