Review: Vosteed Hedgehog

The Hedgehog is one of the best knives to come out of Vosteed yet. They seem to be completely unafraid to try new things and this knife is a prime example.


You can see the full specs at The most relevant specs are listed below.

Blade Length: 2.99″ | 76.00 mm

Overall Length: 7.11″ | 180.60 mm

Blade Thickness: 0.138″ | 3.50 mm

Blade Material: S35VN

Weight: 4.02 oz | 113.90 g

Opener: Back Flipper | Thumb Stud | Fuller

Lock Type: Top Liner Lock 

Observations from Use

The big star of the show is Vosteed’s take on the Compression Lock. This lock is a Spyderco invention on which the patent has now expired. A handful of companies are trying their hand at them and Vosteed’s take is very innovative. They have added a button that is affixed to the liner and passes through the show-side scale for easy access (see following two images). The result is a lock that has the crispy tuned detent of a liner lock, the easy finger-safe action of a button lock, and the brute strength of a compression lock. If you can try one of these in person, do it. It’s impressive.

The detent on this knife is just about perfect and it pairs well with the slightly heavier blade to create reliably snappy action. I can use the fuller to flick it open with all four fingers, it rockets open with the thumb studs and low profile flipper tab, and it lands home with a satisfying thwack when closed. This knife has very well-tuned action.

So, it’s fidgety and the lock is strong but does it cut? Yeah. It cuts. I found it to be an excellent chore knife. The S35VN holds an edge well and is nice to see on a knife around this price point. The tall flat grind provides aggressive cutting geometry at the edge. The modified sheepsfoot blade has a gently sweeping belly and an easy to access tip. This knife wants to work.

All that cutting power is backed up with very good ergonomics that lets you really push behind the edge. The handle is hand-filling and offers great grip thanks to the frag pattern milling. The Hedgehog offers a generous finger choil so you can choke up right behind the edge for control.

There are also a lot of refined details if you go looking for them. The liners are nested into the handle scales and HEAVILY skeletonized to reduce weight. This knife may look chunky but its weight is kept in check. There are extra machined details in the large barrel spacer, pivot, and two different patterns of blade jumping. The blade finish is Vosteed just flexing on everyone – it features a belt satin primary grind, a sort of hand-rubbed satin on the flats, and light bead blast in the fuller. Vosteed is clearly setting this knife apart at the more premium end of their line.

It is difficult for me to come up with criticism of the Hedgehog as it was seemingly designed specifically to appeal to me. It is exactly what I like in a knife but there is one thing I would change. The blade jumping on the spine of the knife could stand to be finer and I think it could be extended a bit to help with control of the tip. However, the chunkier jumping that Vosteed chose is effective and fits well visually with the design of the Hedgehog.


The Hedgehog is a stylish, refined, fidget-friendly EDC knife that also happens to be a hard-use, rugged work knife. It pulls of both with equal aplomb. Vosteed seems to have this type of lock, the Top Liner Lock, thoroughly figured out and they are already using it on other knives in their line like the much-loved Raccoon. It will be interesting to where else they can take it.

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