Parashooter Gear Type 56M and 81M Chest Rigs

I’m such a sucker for modernized classic gear. Parashooter Gear’s Type 56M and Type 81M are instantly recognizable as classic Type 56 and Type 81 chest rigs but with modern materials, modern color options, and modern functionality.

Type 81M

Both chest rigs are made from 500D Cordura Nylon and are available in a variety of colors. They feature flap covered pouches with Parashooter Gear’s cleverly simple bungee and button closure. The Type 56M and Type 81M chest rigs remove the small general-purpose pouches of the originals in favor of PALS webbing so the end-user can use their own pouches.

Type 56M with H-Harness

Both chest rigs come with a simple 1″ webbing X-harness. An optional, upgraded H-harness is also available.

Type 56M at

Type 81M at


Latest Design from Stickthison: Trump Isn’t Pro Gun

Legislative and Executive Actions speak louder than words.

The newest design from Stickthison is sure to start some conversions when you are out and about… not that anyone goes out anymore. The Trump Isn’t Pro Gun design provides 100% of your daily dose of 1980’s nostalgia and is available in patch, sticker, and t-shirt form.


Sneak Peek: Valhalla Tactical “Hanger” Optic Mount

Valhalla Tactical’s “Hanger” offset optic mount represents a very clever approach to offset optics. These replace a half a ring on popular scope mounts with a mounting ring that can support various mounting plates. This allows the user to attach an offset MRDS directly to their existing scope mount.

While other similar ring mounts have been available, the Hanger is unique in how it orients the optic for a lower profile and the sheer variety of mounting plates (and therefore optic combinations) that will be available. The orientation of the optic looks strange at first but it keeps the offset optic tucked in closer to the host optic, provides the same height over bore as the host optic, and requires very little cant to get on the offset optic. The user simply switches the windage and elevation adjustments to zero the offset optic in this orientation.

Valhalla Tactical is working on these for a number of popular mounts. The first Hangers will be available for the Aero Precision line of mounts with ADM, Larue Tactical, and possibly others to follow.


Griffin Adventure Tool

The Griffin Pocket Tool (GPT) is one of the most recognizable brands of pry bar based EDC pocket tools. Now they are introducing a new tool that departs from the GPT form factor in a subtle but meaningful way. The new Griffin Adventure Tool (GAT) takes the popular GPT form and integrates a low-profile carabiner-style gate.

The carabiner gate adds a lot of flexibility in how the GAT may be carried. It will still work as a pocket tool but now it can also be clipped to your pack or key ring. It also retains many of the features that makes the original GPT so handy like a ruler, bit driver, pry tool, #2 Phillips driver, and 8-10mm hex wrenches. It is available in stainless or titanium.

The GAT was recently launched on Kickstarter and was fully funded within 30 minutes. It reached more than 3.5 times its goal in 24 hours. As of the time of this writing, the campaign has 28 days remaining and the funding goal has been quadrupled.

Learn more on the Kickstarter Campaign Page: Griffin Adventure Tool on Kickstarter


Review: Resolute Tools X-1

Resolute Tools is a new company that seeks to bring the aerospace design and manufacturing experience of Resolute Aerospace to EDC tools. That begs the question… what happens when aerospace meets EDC? Intricate machining, function-first design, and material science happen. The X-1 happens.


The X-1 is a retractable EDC utility knife with a Grade 5 Titanium (6Al-4V) housing with an aluminum-bronze blade slider. It makes use of standard disposable utility blades and offers tool-less blade replacement. It weighs in at just .445 ounce with a blade and is only .125″ thick.

Observations from Use

Have you ever held something in your hand and you could just feel that it was something that was very, very fine? That is the impression that the X-1 gives when you hold it. It feels like something you should be proud to own – like something special.

Minimalism is fine but it seems like Resolute Tools really only looked at minimalism as a starting point. Then, they set about stripping away every extra sliver of material or pretense until they had something beyond minimalist. There are only two monolithic parts (three if you count the blade) which themselves have been reduced to their most simple, lightweight forms.

The attention to detail goes deeper than just the design and extends into the materials. The 6Al-4V titanium material for the housing was chosen for its elastic properties making it well suited for use as an integral spring to tension the detent on the slider. The slider itself makes use of an aluminum bronze bearing alloy that has a low coefficient of friction. It feels almost oily (in a good way) as it slides within the titanium housing.

That minimalism does come at a price. Many similar EDC utility knives have a larger blade carrier that slides inside a much larger housing. This serves to prevent the blade from rubbing on the housing. The X-1 has a much more minimal blade carrier and, unfortunately, it allows the blade to rub against the housing to some extent which will prematurely dull the blade. When I pointed out the dulling issue, Resolute Tools told me this was an intentional design decision to keep the X-1 as small as possible while still retaining the functionality necessary to cut tape on Amazon boxes or other EDC tasks. They also tell me that carbide utility blades will resist dulling better than the typical carbon steel blades. I can confirm that while some dulling does happen pretty much immediately, a working edge capable of opening packages and the like is retained for quite a while.

I would like to describe the experience of carrying the X-1 but there is really nothing to describe. It’s like carrying nothing at all. It’s so thin and so light that you’ll never know its in your pocket. I like carrying it in my jeans coin pocket. The clip is integral to the housing and well designed. It retains the X-1 well and slides onto the pocket easily. It is a joy to carry.

Using the X-1 is just as nice as carrying it. It rests in the hand easily. It opens and closes easily with a satisfying detent action when the blade carrier reaches its limits. You can feel solid stops at both ends of the blade’s travel with a gentle thud as the blade carrier detent drops into place. Every corner is broken to make it feel soft in the hand. Like I said earlier, it feels like something special.

Wrap Up

If the X-1 is what Resolute Tools comes up with for their first entry into the EDC tools market, I can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

The Resolute X-1 is in its final days on Kickstarter. It on pace to exceed 5 times it’s original funding goal and Resolute Tools is already making them. You can find out more at their campaign page: Resolute X-1 on Kickstarter


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