Greg Moffatt Knives NPE G10 Shiv

Greg Moffatt Knives has introduced a new affordable, non-metalic defensive option – the NPE G10 Shiv. As the name suggests, this tool is hand-ground from G10. It has a very slender form-factor that is easily carried in a number of ways thanks to the included, non-metallic static line sheath.

The NPE G10 Shiv’s handle is very slim fitting with its overall slim form-factor. It features a series of shallow finger grooves to allow the user to establish a secure grip.


Safariland Introduces Cantable Universal Belt Loop

Safariland’s UBL (Universal Belt Loop) is a staple part of their holster hardware lineup. Now, with the introduction of a CUBL (Cantable Universal Belt Loop), they are delivering functionality that UBL users have wanted for quite some time.

The new CUBL works with all Safariland 3-hole pattern holsters and holsters from other manufacturers that use the same hole pattern. It is also compatible with other 3-hole accessories including QLS components. Like the original UBL, the CUBL is made from Dupont Zytel and passes Safariland’s retention pull test up to 350 pounds. It available in black and FDE.


Coupled Rifle Magazines – Still a Good Idea

I didn’t own my first AR-15 or begin training with them until after I was out of college, in the workforce, and had a little bit of money. Back then, around 2004-2005, it wasn’t unusual to see people on the internet trading DIY ideas for how they coupled rifle magazines. There were also a handful of prominent products specifically for coupling magazines (or carrying a spare magazine on the rifle). This was a time when there really weren’t any reliable drum or quad-stack magazines.

Now it seems that magazine coupling isn’t really talked about anymore. The posts about how to use duct tape and a dowl to space the magazine don’t seem to pop up on internet forums these days and many of the products are long gone.

Now that we have reliable 40 round magazines, quad-stack magazines, and even drums that work, is there still room for coupled magazines? I think so. In fact, I maintain that there is a good a case to be made for keeping a coupled mag staged in any home defense rifle for a key reason:

Redundancy, not capacity, is the foremost reason to own at least one coupled magazine set. The additional capacity is just a secondary benefit to coupled magazines. The real benefit is having a spare magazine on the rifle. There is no need to take the time to grab a bag or a chest rig… that spare mag is just there, attached to the first mag, ready to help deal with stoppages.

The likelihood that your average home defender will need to conduct a reload is quite small. I can’t give you statistics but I would say that experiencing a malfunction is more likely than needing to reload. Using a coupled magazine versus something like a drum or quad stack magazine addresses this reality while also providing additional capacity.

The above holds doubly true if you live in rural areas with acreage. Checking out that sound in the barn pulls you away from your home and cuts you off from your supplies. Having a spare magazine that comes with you no matter how hurriedly you run out the door could be clutch.

Now, I can already hear some of you saying that remedial action for something like a double feed that requires removing the magazine from the rifle is going to be awkward with a coupled magazine and you’re right. It will be awkward… but not as awkward as having a double feed without having a second, functional magazine to fix the problem.

Finally, I’ll also point out that drum and quad magazines that work aren’t cheap. They are more affordable than ever at the moment but they still cost more than some DIY coupled mags or even a set of PMAGs locked together with Magpul Maglink Coupler (total cost of mags and coupler is around $35). You probably only really need one of these coupled sets to keep staged in your home defense rifle.

I am not saying you shouldn’t buy a case of Magpul D60 drums. You absolutely should if that is how you want to spend your money. I am just trying to point out that the old-timey wisdom of coupled magazines is that just that… wisdom. The concept still has application today.


Gadsden Dynamics Teases New Chest Rig and Drop Pouch

Gadsden Dynamics recently shared a couple of upcoming products with us including a new chest rig configuration and a new drop pouch for use with their chest rigs.

The chest rig features elastic rifle magazine pouches like their flagship Underground Partisan Chest Rig but with the addition of pistol magazine pouches on the front of each rifle mag pouch. These pouches lay mostly flat when not in use and can accept a variety of items like pistol mags, flashlights, multitools, and similar. This is expected to be released as a stand-alone item first and then the pouch design may be integrated into the Gadsden Dynamics Custom Chest Rig Builder at a later date.

The upcoming drop pouch has a different shape than most drop pouches. It opts for more of a wide format with a full clamshell opening to make accessing items contained within it easier.

The items shown are prototypes and may change before release. Visit the Gadsden Dynamics website to stay u to date:


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