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Angstadt Arms MDP-9

Angstadt Arms has released the details for the new MDP-9 and it probably isn’t what you thought it would be… unless you called a roller-delayed blowback PCC that takes Glock mags.


Here are the bullet points from Angstadt Arms:

It’s a true roller-delayed blowback design! It has very low recoil, is great for suppression and all around more pleasant shooting experience that other 9mm actions.

Yes…it runs on Glock magazines, has last round bolt hold open and an extended mag release.

It’s ultra-compact and lightweight, just 14” long and 3.6lbs (empty)

Charging the MDP-9 is done via a non-reciprocating forward charging handle that can be swapped from left to right side.

The barrel is from an MP5 K (5.85″) and has a 3-lug. All other parts in the upper assembly are proprietary to the MDP-9 (including trunnion, bolt, rails, etc.).  

It’s backwards compatible. The monolithic upper assembly can be dropped on an AR-9 or AR-15 lower receiver. For customers that want to upgrade their existing guns, they can purchase the upper receiver assembly. It will include the rear picatinny rail adapter to close the gap and allow for brace mounting options.Goodbye buffer tube! The MDP-9 has a super slim 1913 end rail that can accept a wide variety of pistol brace and rifle stock options. The supplied images show the MDP-9 pistol with no brace as well as with a SB Tactical side-folding 1913 brace. You can also use the telescoping MPX PSB. The MDP-9 upper assembly has receiver cuts to accommodate the rails.

User serviceable. The bolt, rollers, locking piece and rails are made from hardened steel and can be swapped out by the end user. The upper receiver assembly is 7075-T6.


  • MDP-9 9mm Pistol: $2,599 MSRP.
  • MDP-9 9mm Pistol with SB-Tactical side folding brace: $2,799 MSRP.
  • MDP-9 monolithic upper assembly and end rail adapter: $1,799 MSRP.


Simple Theory Gear Pack Stove FAQ Videos

I recently covered the release of the Simple Theory Gear Pack Stove (see the previous post) which is different than most any twig stove on the market. Simple Theory Gear recognizes this and has taken steps to educate its customers (and potential customers) on their stove with a new FAQ series of videos.

I am a long-time twig stove user. While the basics of building a fire in a little metal box are familiar to me, there are some major differences in the setup, tear down, and functionality that the Pack Stove offers. For instance, the Pack Stove can be quenched with water or snow in order to quickly cool the stove for cleaning and to allow handling sooner than just cooling with air. Most flat pack style twig stoves would warp badly with this kind of treatment (ask me how I know). The videos show this and just about everything else I wanted to know about the stove.

I am planning to spend some quality time with one of these stoves and I found this FAQ video series to be informational and easy to digest. You can view the series on YouTube: Simple Theory Gear YouTube Channel


Convex Machine Introduces Picatinny LOP Spacer for Bergara

Convex Machine has introduced a new version of their Picatinny LOP Spacer for Bergara rifles with integrated mini chassis. Like the previous version of the Picatinny LOP Spacer for the Magpul Hunter series stocks, this new version takes the place of a length of pull spacer and adds a rail section at the bottom of the stock for use with a rear monopod.

The new Picatinny LOP Spacer works with the following Bergera models:

  • Bergara® Premier HMR Pro
  • Bergara® B-14 HMR
  • Bergara® B-14 R
  • Bergara® BXR Carbon
  • Bergara® BXR

Graf Knives Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman

Polish knifemaker, Graf Knives, has unveiled their newest creations – Precision Flat Wrenches for Leatherman tools. The flat wrenches are designed to work with any of Leatherman’s tools that use the pocket clip like the Charge, Surge, and Wave tools.

The wrenches are available in multiple metric and Imperial sets for $8 and $11 respectively. The metric set includes 6, 8, and 10mm wrenches. The Imperial set includes 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2″.

These could be a useful addition to a range bag for those who keep a Leatherman handy on the range.

Graf Knives on Instagram

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