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Akula Muzzle Brake from ALG Defense

ALG Defense’s new Akula Muzzle Brake for the AK47 is now available.

The ALG Akula Muzzle Brake was built from the ground up to counter the recoil of the AK47 and redirect gases sideways, reducing the amount muzzle rise and ensure faster follow-up shots on target. Made from 1144 Steel and coated in Magnesium Phosphate, the Akula is made to live up to the durability of the AK platform. The Akula will interface with M14x1 Left Handed thread and features an adjustable timing (2 slant and 1 neutral position).

The product description aside, what I find appealing about the Akula is that it looks very much like an original slant brake. This could be appealing for those going for a certain look on their AK build while not wanting to sacrifice performance.

Morakniv Eldris LightDuty

Morakniv’s newest addition is the Eldris LightDuty. This new version of the popular Eldris is dimensionally the same but removes a couple of features. It also has a lower price tag to match.

From Morakniv:

Here is a reliable knife for your everyday situations, a small but sharp helper to a wide range of tasks. Even though the blade is only 59 mm long and has a 2 mm thick blade, you can use Eldris LightDuty (S) in the garden, in your workshop, or even in the kitchen. Over and over again. Even though the blade is only 59 mm long and has a 2 mm thick blade, you can use Eldris LightDuty (S) in the garden, in your workshop, or even in the kitchen.

The blade is polished and made of high-quality Swedish stainless steel, and the barrel-shaped handle in polymer provides a secure and stable grip in each cut. Thanks to the material and geometry of the handle, optimal friction is created, which means that the knife always feels right in your hands. The stainless steel blade keeps sharp for a long time and is not affected by moisture or oxides making it perfect for both outdoor or indoor work. The knife can advantageously be supplemented with a belt loop. Eldris LightDuty (S) is a knife to count on, a tool for everyone. Eldris LightDuty (S) is a knife to count on, a tool for everyone.

New Eldris LightDuty (S) is available in the colours Mint Green, Dusty Blue & Dark Grey.

The marketing copy doesn’t really get into how the Eldris LightDuty differs from the original Eldris. There is one cosmetic difference in the available colors but there are two functional differences. The first functional difference is that the LightDuty has a standard Scandi grind, lacking the compound grind of the original Eldris. The second functional difference is that the LightDuty’s spine is not ground sharp for striking a fire steel.

The compound grind is hardly necessary and user’s have been grinding/filing their own sharp spines on Mora knives for years so I imagine this model will be quite popular with users who like the Eldris form but would like to save some cash.

Ultradyne C2 Sights

Ultradyne has launched their C2 line of sights for AR-15s and rifles/pistols requiring a similar sight setup. These sights retain much of the function of their original C4 sights but come in a lighter in weight and easier on the wallet. If you are wondering what makes Ultradyne sights unique, I suggest you take a look at Kit Badger’s recent review of the C4 sights as their sight picture is probably best shown on video.

The C2 folding sight line is available in both traditional rail mounted versions and right hand offset versions. They are made from 416 stainless steel with a nitride finish and 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. The new C2 sights are lighter in weight, lower profile, and $100 less expensive for the set than Ultradyne’s C4 sights.

Clever Mag Pouch Design from Sumo Gear

Laser-cut laminate materials should open up a lot of possibilities for gear makers but, for the most part, the humble PALS grid has been mostly unchanged. Sure, makers have tried various shapes and arrays of voids to reduce weight but the grid remains… a grid. Enter Sumo Gear.

Sumo Gear released photos of their redesigned Kydex Mag Pouch that features a very smart arrangement of laser-cut slots that overlaps columns. The slots allow for additional rifle mag pouches to be stacked or for a single pistol mag pouch to be mounted directly in the center. That is extremely clever.

You can find Sumo Gear on Facebook where they conduct most of their custom gear business: Sumo Gear on Facebook

MIL-SPEC MONKEY Adapt Pack Laser Cut

The Adapt Pack, from MIL-SPEC MONKEY, has picked up some new features. The updated pack is available in Multicam Black initially and sports a more slick look thanks to the use of laser cut laminate material to create the PALS grids. You can learn more in the video below.

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