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EGL Loop Front VOCR

Extreme Gear Labs’ VOCR (Variable Objective Chest Rig) is now available in a new Loop Front configuration. This loop front version has tremendous potential with the advent of Velcro backed shotgun shell cards like those from Esstac, Raven Concealment, and HSGI. These cards can be placed on the chest rig and then swapped onto the receiver of the shotgun as needed.

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EGL Loop Front VOCR

EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit

There is a lot of merit to the concept of layering your gear and especially to having the ability to dock a chest rig to your armor carrier but not all armor carriers are set up to do this. That is where the EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit comes in.

EGL Porker Components

The EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit consists of everything you need to dock chest rigs like the HSP D3CR, Mayflower R&C Chest Rigs, and the EGL VOCR to just about any armor carrier that has PALS webbing on the upper part of the front plate pocket. Ther heart of the kit is a compact admin pouch that mounts to a 2 column by 6 row PALS field via MALICE Clips. It has a female side release buckle on each side that serve as the top docking point for the chest rig.

EGL Porker 1

The kit also includes hook Velcro panels that can be staged on your PC to accept the hook Velcro on the back of the chest rig and 4 adjustable side attachment straps to secure the sides of the chest rig. The Velcro panels are secured with MALICE Clips and the side attachment straps are secured with ITW G-Hooks which makes them very easy to attach and remove from the armor carrier.

Check out the Extreme Gear Labs Facebook Page for more details.

EGL Porker 2

EGL Multitasker Series 3 Pouch

EGL Multitasker Pouch

Extreme Gear Labs recently showed their Multitasker Series 3 Pouch. It is designed to hold a Multitasker Series 3 (and I suspect other generations of the Multitasker will fit too), all your bits, and there is even room for a Patriot Products Combat Optic Tool. The pouch features a hook and loop closure with loop material coverage on the front flap.

This pouch keeps your tools at hand so you can feel like Tactical MacGyver except without all the pansy anti-gun stuff. Check out the EGL Facebook Page for more details.

EGL Multitasker Pouch Closed

Still Think You Want to Start a Tactical Gear Business?

Darrin, head honcho at Extreme Gear Labs, started a thread recently where he dispenses some wisdom about getting into the gear making business. The short version is that, much like pimpin’, gear making aint easy. It takes certain specific skills to do it well and the margins are probably not as padded as you might think. Check out the thread at M4C before you buy a sewing machine!

Darrin, AKA Egg Roll, also shows a very, very slick lumbar pack that he has been working on for some time at the link.


EGL VOCR and D3CR Add Ons

Extreme Gear Labs is working on an entire suite of add-ons that will expand the functionality of the EGL VOCR and Haley Strategic Partners D3CR chest rigs. We have already shown you the wedges that can be affixed to the rear of the panel to accept additional primary magazines, a medical kit, or a handgun.


The newly announced optional add-ons include:

  • The Porker which is an admin panel that will allow the VOCR or D3CR to interface with the SKD PIG PC or Shellback Tactical Banshee
  • The Modular UTILITY / chemlight panel which hangs below the chest rig to allow storage of chemlights in elastic loops and additional items in a large front access pouch
  • The Dropsacks which also hang down below the chest rig and come in various configurations for 40MM ammo or a fast access handgun pouch

EGL tells me that there are still more products in the pipeline! When they are done, the VOCR and D3CR will likely be the most modular chest rigs available. The best way to keep track of EGL is to check out their Facebook Page.

EGL VOCR D3CR Add Ons 2 EGL DROPSACK Handgun Fast Access

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