New Wedges from EGL

Just last Friday, I showed you the M4 Magazine Wedge from Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) that allows you to expand the magazine storage capacity of your EGL VOCR, HSP D3CR, or other compatible chest rig. Apparently Eggroll never sleeps because he has already rolled out two additional wedges – a Glock Wedge and a Medical Wedge. These Wedges are designed to attach the loop panel on the back of compatible chest rigs and fit into the natural void that usually exists between you and your chest rig.

The Glock Wedge is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to carry a Glock (or other handgun with the correct holster) in your your chest rig. It is based on G-Code holsters but other Kydex holsters should be compatible with the addition of just a bit of adhesive hook material.

EGL Glock Wedge

The Medical Wedge is a simple, slim pouch. It lacks internal organization in order to keep it as slim as possible. It is a relatively small pouch (7.5″ x 6″ x 1″) but it can still hold 2 chest seals, hemcon, Combat Gauze, NPA, PriMed gauze, and a 4″ dressing.

EGL Medical Wedge

These wedges can significantly expand the usefulness and functionality of any compatible chest rig. Check out the EGL Facebook Page.


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