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Extreme Gear Labs CRDP

Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) has turned an iconic piece of whiskey marketing ephemera into a dump pouch and it’s probably the best thing you will see today. The CRDP or Crown Royal Dump Pouch is exactly what it sounds like – a Crown Royal felt bag turned into a belt mountable dump pouch. It harkens back to the OG Loppy Dump Pouches from EGL but with a twist.

If you head over to the Extreme Gear Labs Instagram page, you might be able to get your hands on a very limited edition Desert Tiger Stripe/Tan version.


Extreme Gear Labs VOCR4 with ALICE Harness

Extreme Gear Labs shared photos of their VOCR4 outfitted with a modified ALICE harness… and that is just cool.

The venerable ALICE harness has a reputation that precedes it. The VOCR has been the basis for other well-known chest rigs and influenced the design of many others. The combination of the two adds up to a lot of nylon gear history and influence.


Extreme Gear Labs AK-47 Belt Pouch

Extreme Gear Labs has been working on a new belt mounted pouch for AK-47 shooters. The pouch manages to look like a vintage piece of of AK kit but it is thoroughly modern in materials and design.

The EGL AK-47 Belt Pouch is designed to mount on a typical loop backed shooters or rigger belt (1.75-2.00″ wide). The open top pouches accept .308 KYWIs inserts which serve to retain the magazine. The use a large bucket type pouch with a hard liner is a great way to retain an AK magazine as their lugs tend to tear up pouches that fit directly against the magazine.


PHLster Skeleton: Official Holster of the EGL VOCR

Extreme Gear Labs has announced that the PHLster Skeleton Holster is now the first holster to be officially approved for use with their VOCR chest rigs. The VOCR is designed to accept holsters in both its GP pouches or in its back panel and the Skeleton will work in either location. While the VOCR can accept a variety of holsters, the Skeleton holsters have been vetted to work particularly well in this format.

egl phlster skeleton EGL VOCR

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