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Extreme Gear Labs AK-47 Belt Pouch

Extreme Gear Labs has been working on a new belt mounted pouch for AK-47 shooters. The pouch manages to look like a vintage piece of of AK kit but it is thoroughly modern in materials and design.

The EGL AK-47 Belt Pouch is designed to mount on a typical loop backed shooters or rigger belt (1.75-2.00″ wide). The open top pouches accept .308 KYWIs inserts which serve to retain the magazine. The use a large bucket type pouch with a hard liner is a great way to retain an AK magazine as their lugs tend to tear up pouches that fit directly against the magazine.


PHLster Skeleton: Official Holster of the EGL VOCR

Extreme Gear Labs has announced that the PHLster Skeleton Holster is now the first holster to be officially approved for use with their VOCR chest rigs. The VOCR is designed to accept holsters in both its GP pouches or in its back panel and the Skeleton will work in either location. While the VOCR can accept a variety of holsters, the Skeleton holsters have been vetted to work particularly well in this format.

egl phlster skeleton EGL VOCR


Extreme Gear Labs has a fresh take on the classic claymore bag. Their new 2 Lid CLAYMOARRR Bag offers a ton of functionality and modern features in a bag that still stays true to its roots.


The original claymore bags had two pouches that shared a single lid. The EGL CLAYMOARRR has two lids, one for each of the front pouches, that can be used independently. The lids are secured with side release buckles along with hook and loop. The hook and loop can be blocked so that only the buckles secure the lids. There is also a large document pouch behind the iconic front pouches.

The bag boasts plenty of organization potential. It has PALS webbing on the top and sides of each of the front pouches. The two front pouches are loop lined so that you can add any hook backed pouch you want for small item organization.

The bag is secured to the wearer via a 2″ shoulder strap and there are loops for adding a waist strap.

Check out EGL on their website and their Facbeook page.

VOCR/D3CR Tool Carry Back Panel

Extreme Gear Labs cooked up another useful extension for their Variable Objective Chest Rig (VOCR) and the HSP D3CR. The Tool Carry Back Panel serves two purposes. First, it covers the hook Velcro field on the back of the chest rig when it is not docked on a plate carrier. Second, it can be used to carry EMT shears, a Benchmade Rescue Hook, a marker, or whatever other tools you can fit.

vocr tool carry backpanel

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