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Haley Strategic Partners D3 Chest Rig as a Backpack Compression Panel

Extreme Gear Labs shared these photos on their Facebook Page. They show a Haley Strategic Partners D3 Chest Rig attached to the compression straps of a 3 day style backpack to serve as a compression panel. This is a handy trick that should work with a number of different chest rigs and a number of different packs as long as the buckles match. In this configuration, the user can use the chest rig to stow compressible items like outerwear.

Eggroll is a pretty clever dude.

D3CR on Pack Front D3CR on Pack Quarter View


Haley Strategic Partners D3 Chest Rig

Haley Strategic Partners (HSP) released their new D3 Chest Rig yesterday. Keen eyed readers will notice right away that it is a collaboration with Extreme Gear Labs (EGL).

HSP D3 Front

The new D3 Chest Rig has 4 primary magazine pouches that can carry AR-15, AK-74, or AK-47 magazines. It has 2 secondary magazine pouches that can accept single or double stack magazines, flashlights, multi-tools, or other similarly sized items. There are two general purpose pouches that are sized to accept the HSP INCOG holster so that the D3 can be used to carry a handgun. It also has an extremely versatile STUFFITâ„¢ pouch which is a very popular option on EGL chest rigs.

HSP D3 Back

The shoulder harness is removable and the D3 can be clipped into a plate carrier like those from Velocity System and Mayflower R&C. The back of the D3 has a large panel that can be removed to reveal a large area of hook material so that it can be adhered to plate carriers that have provisions for such things. It will also work with the Velocity Systems Slick Clip system to secure the sides of the D3 to the carrier.

This looks like a very full featured rig that is very versatile. You can check out the D3 Chest Rig at HaleyStrategic.com.

Kryptek Camo Coming to a Gear Maker Near You

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed that the Kryptek camo patterns are starting to show up in the work of various gear makers. Kryptek is garnering a lot of attention thanks to their very striking camo design and the fact that it works well enough to make them one of the finalists in the U.S. Army’s Camo Improvement Study.


Extreme Gear Labs is already working with the 500D nylon Mandrake colorway. EGL have shown several gear items utilizing the new patterns. Kryptek has shown a Highlander colorway prototype plate carrier that appears to be very closely related to the excellent Mayflower R&C APC. Grey Ghost Gear has announced that they have some of their packs inbound in the Kryptek camo patterns.

I suspect that you will start seeing a lot more of Kryptek. Check out Kryptek.com.

Prototype plate carrier and magazine shingle being shown by Kryptek

New Maxpedition Mini Tactical Chest Rig

The new Maxpedition Mini Tactical Chest Rig was shown at this year’s SHOT Show and now it is available for purchase. It is another Maxpedition/Extreme Gear Labs (Eggroll, EGL) collaboration. I suspect that this will be a big seller. It has a lot of features that I find desirable in a chest rig – light weight (12.8 ounces!), simple 3 mag design, plenty of PALS webbing (not that you have to fill it), and wide straps without padding (which I prefer). The price makes this especially attractive at less than $60.

Check out the Mini Tactical Chest Rig at Maxpedition’s website.

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