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EGL Lightweight Cummerbund

One of the more noticeable weight reduction methods that Crye used in the design of their JPC was the use of a skeletonized cummerbund. This design maintains full MOLLE compatibility but removed every last bit of unnecessary fabric. Thanks to Egg Roll, the wizard of Extreme Gear Labs, you can have a similar cummerbund for your plate carrier.

EGL Lightweight Cummerbund

Extreme Gear Labs recently showed pics of a cummerbund that is compatible with the excellent Shellback Tactical Banshee PC. The cummerbund is constructed with Murdock jacquard webbing and features 2 vertical stiffeners to help it maintain its shape.

Check out the Extreme Gear Labs Facebook Page to keep track of all the EGL Skunkwerks projects.

EGL Lightweight Cummerbund Banshee

New Wedges from EGL

Just last Friday, I showed you the M4 Magazine Wedge from Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) that allows you to expand the magazine storage capacity of your EGL VOCR, HSP D3CR, or other compatible chest rig. Apparently Eggroll never sleeps because he has already rolled out two additional wedges – a Glock Wedge and a Medical Wedge. These Wedges are designed to attach the loop panel on the back of compatible chest rigs and fit into the natural void that usually exists between you and your chest rig.

The Glock Wedge is pretty self explanatory. It allows you to carry a Glock (or other handgun with the correct holster) in your your chest rig. It is based on G-Code holsters but other Kydex holsters should be compatible with the addition of just a bit of adhesive hook material.

EGL Glock Wedge

The Medical Wedge is a simple, slim pouch. It lacks internal organization in order to keep it as slim as possible. It is a relatively small pouch (7.5″ x 6″ x 1″) but it can still hold 2 chest seals, hemcon, Combat Gauze, NPA, PriMed gauze, and a 4″ dressing.

EGL Medical Wedge

These wedges can significantly expand the usefulness and functionality of any compatible chest rig. Check out the EGL Facebook Page.

EGGROLL to the Rescue – Part 2

On July 10 (two days ago), I told you about how Extreme Gear Labs jumped in to help out a police officer in need. The officer in question needed an admin pouch that could be mounted to the loop material on the front of his Mayflower R&C armor carrier and he needed it within a week due to anticipated riots in his area. Well, EGGROLL came through. He posted pics of the completed admin pouch this morning.

EGl Hook Backed Admin Pouch

The pouch is 6″ x 4″ x 1″ and features elastic pen loops on each side. It is also completely covered in loop material which the officer needed so that he could still display ID. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this became a regular seller for Extreme Gear Labs and I suspect it will fit a ton of different plate carriers without modification.

Kudos to EGL for getting things done. Check out the Extreme Gear Labs Facebook Page.

Get a Wedgy from Extreme Gear Labs

Here is a Wedgy you will actually want. The Wedgy, from Extreme Gear Labs (EGL), is a pair of supplementary magazine pouches that attach to the back of any chest rig with a loop field on the back that is at least 6″ wide including the EGL VOCR and the Haley Strategic D3CR. The Wedgy has hook material on the back of the pouches so it retains the ability to stabilize the chest rig when worn with a plate carrier. Clever!

Check out the Extreme Gear Labs Facebook Page.

EGl Wedgy

EGL Modular STUFF-IT Pouches


One of the coolest features of the Extreme Gear Labs (EGL) chest rigs is the STUFF-IT pouch and now they are available as a stand-alone item. The STUFF-IT is designed to hold a huge variety of items. Thanks to its weaved shock cord sides, it can expand to fit items of an incredible range of sizes and shapes. I have seen pressure bandages, water bottles, smoke grenades, magazines, and more carried in these pouches.

Check out the EGL Facebook Page for details and ordering information.

EGL STUFF-IT with Mags

This picture shows the versatility of the STUFF-IT. It handles everything from a PMAG-LR to a 60 round Surefire magazine.


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