Combat Optic Tool from Patriot Products AZ

The name Freddie Blish, LtCol USMC (Ret.) may be familiar to some of you from his time at Aimpoint. Freddie is the man behind the Combat Optic Tool from Patriot Products AZ.

Combat Optic Tool 3

The Combat Optic Tool is a handy piece of gear that has a multitude of functions that pertain to zeroing, installing, and maintaining a wide variety of optics like Aimpoints, ACOGs, and more. It features a rounded flat head driver that can be used to turn turrets or remove battery caps, a tool to adjust windage and elevation on Micro Aimpoints, a self adjusting box wrench that can turn the nuts found on LaRue Tactical, GDI, and ADM mounts, and a bottle opener for when you don’t feel like using your teeth.

Check out the Combat Optic Tool on the Patriot Products AZ Facebook Page. It is available from a number of dealers like TNVC.

Combat Optic Tool Combat Optic Tool 2

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