Medical Tailgate for the Fight and Flight Tactical LLAMA

We recently showed you Fight and Flight Tactical’s Cargo Tailgate for the LLAMA Pack. The list of available tailgates continues to grow. Feast your eyes on the Medical Tailgate.

Medical Tailgate Fight Flight

The Medical Tailgate has a host of features designed to support its mission. It can be removed from the pack to serve as a stand-alone medical pack. It features 2 IV pouches and a large medical organizer pocket on its front. It also has a large main compartment (720 cubic inches) for storing additional gear.

Admittedly, not everyone needs a dedicated medical pack, but that is the beauty of the LLAMA pack. It is a solid, stand-alone pack that can be adapted to do just about anything with the addition of the proper Tailgate.

Check out the LLAMA Pack and the new Medical Tailgate at Fight and Flight Tactical.

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