Lightning Review: OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmer

I have gone through a lot of disposable, chemical hand warmers over the years. I like using them to keep my hands warm without the need for bulky gloves, keeping my hands more free for kung fu and such. I also think having a way to charge up a cell phone on hand is a good idea. So, the more I read about OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers, the more I wanted to try one.

I purchased the 5200mAh model which features 3 levels of warmth, USB-C charging, and a very pocketable and sleek shape. The single-button interface is easy to use – tap once to view charge level or hold for heat, then tap to change heat levels. These warmers have two aluminum plates (one of each face of the warmer) that give you plenty of surface area to make contact with or even share heat between both hands so I haven’t felt the need to buy a second one.

This hand warmer has surprised me with just how much I use it. It is great for cold hands, obviously, but I have found it to be a decent battery bank as well. It also works well tucked into an inside pocket of a jacket to add a little warmth. My office gets a little cold sometimes so I even use it there for warming hands or tucked under my flannel.

I will say that I think the duration time that OCOOPA states (8 hours of warmth on low) is optimistic. I have noticed that it lasts longer when kept in a pocket so it seems there is some kind of thermal regulation and the insulation provided by the pocket means the warmer heats less often, extending the battery life. I might consider buying a larger capacity model if I was doing this again.

All things considered, I love this thing more than I care to admit. I see it as a battery bank with a very useful bonus feature. If you already carry a battery bank, it would be easy to swap this into your EDC when the weather turns cold.

Given the time of year (as I write this), this would also make a great gift.

I bought mine from Amazon where they are frequently on sale so watch prices: OCOOPA Hand Warmers on

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