EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit

There is a lot of merit to the concept of layering your gear and especially to having the ability to dock a chest rig to your armor carrier but not all armor carriers are set up to do this. That is where the EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit comes in.

EGL Porker Components

The EGL Porker Chest Rig Interface Kit consists of everything you need to dock chest rigs like the HSP D3CR, Mayflower R&C Chest Rigs, and the EGL VOCR to just about any armor carrier that has PALS webbing on the upper part of the front plate pocket. Ther heart of the kit is a compact admin pouch that mounts to a 2 column by 6 row PALS field via MALICE Clips. It has a female side release buckle on each side that serve as the top docking point for the chest rig.

EGL Porker 1

The kit also includes hook Velcro panels that can be staged on your PC to accept the hook Velcro on the back of the chest rig and 4 adjustable side attachment straps to secure the sides of the chest rig. The Velcro panels are secured with MALICE Clips and the side attachment straps are secured with ITW G-Hooks which makes them very easy to attach and remove from the armor carrier.

Check out the Extreme Gear Labs Facebook Page for more details.

EGL Porker 2


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