EGL VOCR and D3CR Add Ons

Extreme Gear Labs is working on an entire suite of add-ons that will expand the functionality of the EGL VOCR and Haley Strategic Partners D3CR chest rigs. We have already shown you the wedges that can be affixed to the rear of the panel to accept additional primary magazines, a medical kit, or a handgun.


The newly announced optional add-ons include:

  • The Porker which is an admin panel that will allow the VOCR or D3CR to interface with the SKD PIG PC or Shellback Tactical Banshee
  • The Modular UTILITY / chemlight panel which hangs below the chest rig to allow storage of chemlights in elastic loops and additional items in a large front access pouch
  • The Dropsacks which also hang down below the chest rig and come in various configurations for 40MM ammo or a fast access handgun pouch

EGL tells me that there are still more products in the pipeline! When they are done, the VOCR and D3CR will likely be the most modular chest rigs available. The best way to keep track of EGL is to check out their Facebook Page.

EGL VOCR D3CR Add Ons 2 EGL DROPSACK Handgun Fast Access


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