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The EDC Tool Roll: Triple Seven Gear Micro Kit

The EDC Tool Roll is a feature on Jerking the Trigger in which we profile various every day carry worthy tools. The tools shown aren’t multi-tools but rather real tools, that by virtue of their compact size, light weight, usefulness, or unique functionality, can find a place in any range kit, emergency kit, or every day carry bag.

Feel free to comment on the tools that you carry so we can all learn! The discussion on these posts has been very valuable so far.

We’ve spent time talking about some tools. It’s about time we started talking about the tool roll.

Contents listed at end of post…

I use a Micro Kit from Triple Seven Gear as my EDC Tool Roll. I’ve used Triple Seven Gear products going all the way back to their original Mini Kit Mk-7 and own at least one of everything they make (and several of a few products).

The Micro Kit is ideal for me because the size is just right – small enough to carry but big enough to fit what I need. It is compact enough to fit in a coat pocket, back pocket of jeans, or even some front pockets. It does not require a large cargo pocket to be carried. In spite of that compact size, the Micro Kit can pack and organize a lot of tools.

It folds to about 4″ x 6″ when closed and can be secured with a simple elastic loop. I like that there are no zippers or hook and loop to limit how I stuff the pouch. When open, it lays completely flat and gives good visibility to the tools contained inside. I can even turn it “inside-out” so that it fits in my pocket but still offers access to the tools.

The elastic loops can fit a variety of tools and anything that does fit well in the loops can be stashed in one of the pockets. The clear vinyl window is particularly useful for stashing small items that you want to be able to see.

You can check out the Micro Kit (or Mini Kit Mk-7 if you need a larger version) at Triple Seven Gear.

Do you have an EDC-capable tool organizer that you prefer or have you made your own? Tell us about it below.

Contents in the image above:

CORE Nano Adventure Wallet as Compact Entry Kit

This is pretty slick. Vigilant Gear posted a picture of how they use the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet from Triple 7 Gear/20$ Bandit as a compact entry kit organizer. Many people who live or work in urban spaces are adding lock bypass tools to their emergency preparedness kits and this looks like handy way to keep those tools organized.

vigilant gear core nano kit

To put this in perspective, the kit shown is smaller than a deck of playing cards yet it can bypass most common types of locks the urban survivor is likely to encounter. This kit is not being offered for sale as shown but you can build your own that is tailored to your needs/skill level. Most of the individual tools are available at Vigilant Gear.

Mini Kit MK-7 Range Kit

I am really, really good at getting all the way to the range and then realizing I forgot something. That is why I have been using a Triple Seven Gear Mini Kit MK-7 as a range organizer since they were first released.

You can read my previous review on the Mini Kit MK-7 if you are unfamiliar with it but basically, it is an organizer for small items like medical supplies, EDC items, or range tools in this case. It is built to be compact enough to go in a cargo pocket or backpack and durable enough to stand up to daily use.


I have an excellent I-Shot range bag (rest in peace I-Shot) that can carry a ton of stuff but lacks organization for small items. I actually prefer bags that way because a large empty space is more versatile than bunch of smaller spaces. The large space lets me fit larger items or simply drop in an organizer to contain small items. That is where my Mini Kit MK-7 range kit comes in.

The kit remains loaded, full-time, with the tools that I am likely to need on the range and I can add other specific tools as needed. My kit consists of a Multitasker tool, a Combat Optic Tool, Sharpies, a pen, a notepad, bits for the Multitasker, a Torx wrench in a size found commonly on optic mounts, a laser bore sighing tool, and a Leatherman Micra.

If it is a quick range trip, I can just grab the Mini Kit itself. If I need the ability to carry more gear, I just drop the Mini Kit into a larger bag with my other gear. Any bag that I drop the Mini Kit into becomes a range bag.

I use these Mini Kit MK-7s a lot of different ways but this range kit is my favorite.

Triple 7 Gear News

Triple 7 Gear released details of 2 new items today and restocked one of their best sellers.

The new Nano Survival Kit (NSK) is a pre-assembled survival kit that is contained in the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet. The kit contains multiple items to deal with the survival essentials of warmth (fire), water, food gathering, signaling, and first aid. Couple this kit with the knife you are carrying (you do carry a knife, right?) and you have a very capable, very compact kit. See the NSK product page for content details.


The Mini Kit LVP is a new version of the excellent Mini Kit MK-7 that features a larger, 3″ x 4″ loop Velcro field on the front. This lets the user affix larger patches or additional info/ID tapes.


Finally, the Gen2 Wilderness Survival Kit is back in stock. This kit is contained in a Mini Kit MK-7 and is the most complete survival kit Triple 7 Gear offers.


Triple 7 Gear Trifecta

The Triple 7 Gear Trifecta is a package of all three EDC organizers made by Triple 7 Gear. A package like was bound to happen. It is destiny… meant to be.


Triple 7 Gear makes three EDC organizers – the original Mini Kit, the Micro Kit, and the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet. The Mini Kit is the largest, the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet is extremely compact, and the Micro Kit splits the difference. Each one is useful for different purposes thanks to their varied sizes.

I carry all three regularly. I have multiple Mini Kit MK-7s that I use as organizers for cables and backup batteries or range tool kits to carry essential range gear like a Multitasker Tool, Sharpies, note pad, and more. My Micro Kit is a dedicated first aid kit that I move from my EDC bag to my range bag as needed. The CORE Nano Adventure Wallet keeps several small EDC items organized and allows me to move them from bag to bag or stuff them in my pocket.

Using all three of these organizers together lets me layer and move my gear as necessary. They work perfectly together which is why the Triple 7 Gear Trifecta is just meant to be.

Check out the Triple 7 Gear Trifecta.

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