Mini Kit MK-7 Range Kit

I am really, really good at getting all the way to the range and then realizing I forgot something. That is why I have been using a Triple Seven Gear Mini Kit MK-7 as a range organizer since they were first released.

You can read my previous review on the Mini Kit MK-7 if you are unfamiliar with it but basically, it is an organizer for small items like medical supplies, EDC items, or range tools in this case. It is built to be compact enough to go in a cargo pocket or backpack and durable enough to stand up to daily use.


I have an excellent I-Shot range bag (rest in peace I-Shot) that can carry a ton of stuff but lacks organization for small items. I actually prefer bags that way because a large empty space is more versatile than bunch of smaller spaces. The large space lets me fit larger items or simply drop in an organizer to contain small items. That is where my Mini Kit MK-7 range kit comes in.

The kit remains loaded, full-time, with the tools that I am likely to need on the range and I can add other specific tools as needed. My kit consists of a Multitasker tool, a Combat Optic Tool, Sharpies, a pen, a notepad, bits for the Multitasker, a Torx wrench in a size found commonly on optic mounts, a laser bore sighing tool, and a Leatherman Micra.

If it is a quick range trip, I can just grab the Mini Kit itself. If I need the ability to carry more gear, I just drop the Mini Kit into a larger bag with my other gear. Any bag that I drop the Mini Kit into becomes a range bag.

I use these Mini Kit MK-7s a lot of different ways but this range kit is my favorite.

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One Response to Mini Kit MK-7 Range Kit

  1. Rugrash June 29, 2016 at 10:50 #

    I miss i-SHOT too. I’ve got an old SERT rifle bag…RIP!

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