Review: 20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7

The Mini Kit MK-7 is, at its simplest, an EDC organizer but to limit its use to simply carting around your flashlight, pocket knife and pens would be to greatly short change it. I have been using it for several weeks now and I am not sure I have found the limits of its usefulness yet.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS Front with Tapes 20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS Back with Elastic Closure


The Mini Kit MK-7 is a clamshell opening gear organizer with several internal pouches and loops. It measures roughly 5.5” x 5.5” and weighs about 3 ounces empty. It is sized to be easy to drop into a cargo pocket or a backpack pocket.

The exterior is constructed from 1000D nylon (in most cases) and features a small loop Velcro field for attaching name tapes and other identifiers. The interior is fully lined with pack cloth for additional durability.

One side of the Mini Kit MK-7’s interior features a clear vinyl pouch for storing items that you want to be able to visibly inspect while stored. The other side features a large slip pocket, several elastic loops of varying sizes, an ITW Nexus polymer d-ring, and a short slip pocket that is one of the keys to why the kit works so well (more on this later).

The entire kit can be folded closed and secured with the attached elastic band. 20$Bandit, the kit’s designer, went with this closure system over more difficult to manipulate zippers.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS Interior 20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS D-Ring

Observations from Use

The Mini Kit has the MK-7 designation because this is the 7th iteration of the design. That level of research and development shows in some very key features. The short slip pocket that is located at the base of the elastic organizer side of the Mini Kit is a good example of this. It is very easy to imagine that, without the slip pocket, items held in the loops would work their way out the bottom of the kit. That little slip pocket is the key to making the elastic organizer work.

The elastic loops are well sized for common items. The three largest loops are perfect for things like flashlights, folding knives, and multitools. Even larger tools like those from Multitasker will fit the largest of the loops. The smaller loops are great for pens, smaller flashlights, chemlights, spare batteries, and similarly sized items. You can always find something to store in an elastic loop.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS Elastic Organization and Short Pouch

The d-ring is located slightly inboard instead on the very edge of the kit. This gives the exterior of the Mini Kit a lower profile. If you wanted to carry your keys in the kit, this would be a logical place to clip them. I also found it useful as a dummy cord attachment point for attaching items to the kit or attaching the kit to another item like a pack to prevent loss.

I found it best to limit my use of the tall slip pocket behind the elastic loops to mostly flat items since bulkier items tended to interfere with items stored in the elastic loops, making the Mini Kit swell in size and become lumpy. This pouch worked well for spare paper money, a note pad, or other very slim items.

The clear vinyl pouch is one of my favorite features. I use it to store a small notebook that I keep open so I can read my notes without having to remove the notebook from the pouch. It could also be used for any other items that you want to be able to see easily like medical supplies or a map (it would have to be small or folded but it works).

The vinyl pouch also allows you to operate a touch screen through it. However, you would want to be very careful about what you stored opposite the device to avoid breaking the screen when the pouch was folded and stowed.

The elastic closure band stretching across the front of the vinyl pouch does obscure it a bit but it is easy to stretch it out of the way. It can also be flipped around to the exterior of the pouch to get it out of the way but it is attached in such a way that this isn’t as easy as it could be. I would like to see that changed if there is ever an MK-8 version. I should also note that this band does a great job of keeping the pouch closed without the need for Velcro or zippers.

20$Bandit sells Velcro backed tapes that can be secured to the exterior of the pouch and used to identify the contents. This is an effective, simple and, very scalable system. There are far more uses for this pouch than the available tapes would indicate. If you come up with something unique, you can simply have a tape made to match your intended use.

The quality of the Mini Kit MK-7 is good in that it is made from durable materials and sewn well enough that it will not fall apart. My particular example does show some wandering stitches and is a bit crooked in places. None of this affects the function.

Possible Uses

I think I am probably just scratching the surface here but here are the uses for the Mini-Kit MK-7 that I have tested already and that seem to work well.

EDC Organizer – This is obvious and what the kit was intended to do.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS as Range Kit

Range Tool Organizer – It will easily carry a Multitasker, Combat Optic Tool, an oil bottle, pen, marker, a note pad, dope card, and more typical range tools.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS as Cable Kit

Peripheral Organizer – The loops work great for holding USB cables, charging cables, and head phones. The other pouches can be used to carry charger components and adapters.

First Aid Kit – It works so well for that 20$Bandit sells a well-appointed Mini Medic insert that is designed to work with the Mini Kit MK-7. It is a great way to keep bandages, meds, and similar items on hand and organized.

20$Bandit Mini Kit MK-7 ATACS as IFAK

Blow Out Kit – I am mentioning this separately from the first aid kit because I prefer not to mix the two. The large elastic loop will fit most tourniquets and the other smaller ones are good for airways, chemlights, and more. You can even fit larger items like chest dressings if you are willing to fold them. It really works well in this role.

Navigation Pouch – The Mini Kit MK-7 works very well when coupled with a larger map case for organizing your navigation tools like a compass, pens, markers, notepad, grids, and other map tools. I like to dummy cord my compass to the d-ring.

Survival/E&E Kit – Just about any pouch designed to be used with EDC items will work well when used with survival items. There is plenty of storage for items to cover your basic needs like ferro rods and lighters (fire), space blankets and cordage (shelter), water treatment tablets and plastic bags (water), and then some.

Wrap Up

Basically, if you take part in an activity that requires you to keep multiple small items organized and available, the Mini Kit MK-7 will probably work for you. It has versatile, well-designed organization features that really show the benefits of having been through 7 revisions before hitting the market. The fit and finish could be better but the quality is good.

I suspect that I will still be finding uses for the Mini Kit MK-7 long after this review is published.

Check out the Mini Kit MK-7 at 20$Bandit. The A-TACS version shown here is available exclusively at PredatorBDU.


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