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HoodRat Arts and Crafts – Upcoming Delta2Alpha Design Course

Delta2Alpha Design, one of the minds behind the Omni Sheath, has a HoodRat Arts and Crafts course coming up in Ensenada, CA on Nov 30 through Dec 1, 2019. This course is basically the method behind something like the Omni Sheath with students learning to weaponize commonly available items and carry them safely.

Course Outline:

*Omni Sheath*- in the realm of improvised weapons the least discussed, and most important topic is how to carry the item in a way that is safe and secure, while allowing for fast and consistent deployment.

*How to make and modify found Items*

*Building sheaths for different Items, and their considerations.-trainers-examples of live options – improvisations

*How to carry and deploy:

  • Where? 
  • How?
  • Why?

*Working in the entangled fight-controlling managing the threat through position-managing the threat while armed or unarmed-preventing your tool from being controlled

*Further Application-the player’s previous knowledge will be honed as well as giving some new approaches

***This course is an absolute must for those that travel***

You can register for the course by contacting the host, @mercmotorcycle, on Instagram. You can also learn more at @delta2alphadesign on Instagram.

Yankee Thunder Hang N’ Hook Target Kit

The Yankee Thunder Hang N’ Hook Target Kit is a kit that allows shooters to turn affordable and easy to work with electrical conduit into a hanging target stand. The kit consists of two junction pieces and 4 hooks for hanging gongs (or other fun stuff). The stand looks like it sets up quickly and would be completely customizable based on the lengths of conduit that you use. This could be a handy item for those of us who shoot in the backcountry.


Brute Force Training – Hunter Camo Collection

I’ve been using a Brute Force Training sandbag with great success this summer and I highly recommend them. They have a line of standard colors including Multicam but they also periodically offer special color combinations like their new Hunter Camo line that features Multicam bags with Hunter Orange webbing.

This limited colorway is available on all three sandbag sizes that Brute Force Training offers and in combinations of multiple sizes. These limited release colors often sell out relatively quickly so act fast if you want one.


TACTIC Montana – Surviving the Griz

The area where I live has been part of an active effort to expand Grizzly Bear habitat and it has been working. They’re here and their numbers are only increasing. That simultaneously warms my heart and sends a chill down my spine. If you are in the same boat, it may interest you to know that TACTIC Montana offers a course specifically for surviving encounters with bears called “Surviving the Griz”.

According to TACTIC Montana:

This 2 day bear defense training course is a course all men and women who enjoy the outdoors should experience. Whether you are hiking in the backcountry with friends or elk hunting alone this fall, there is a chance of running into a Grizzly. Most people carry bear spray and a “Bear Gun” in the woods, but have very little confidence with these weapons, because they haven’t trained enough. Training develops confidence.

Day 1 of of this course will be 6 hours of strictly handgun training. Day 2 will consist of bear and bear spray knowledge. We will have a live Grizzly Bear at the training! This will give everyone an opportunity to get up close and personal with a real bear.  You will train with inert Bear Spray training cans and firearms. You will practice drawing from a holster against unexpected moving targets with added stress from TACTIC Instructors. At the end of this training you will have learned about bears and their tendencies, trained with inert training cans of bear spray, and put 600 rounds through your designated bear gun.

If you spend time in areas where big brown bears roam, this could be a worthwhile skill check for you. There happens to be a course scheduled this coming weekend.


OST Target Stencils

Pre-cut, pre-made cardboard silhouette targets are nice but it can be hard to spend money on them when it seems like a never-ending supply of cardboard is delivered to us almost daily in the form of delivery boxes. Operator Survival Tool is now offering stencils that can help you turn that cardboard trash into training treasure.

Their stencils are made from 10mil thick Mylar material which should basically last forever. They are available in a variety of styles including multiple sizes and styles of silhouettes and some shoot/no-shoot indicators.

You simply trim the carboard however you see fit, lay the stencil over, and spray with your choice of spray paint. You don’t even really need to cut the cardboard to a specific shape and you can even spray multiple targets on the same sheet to create various scenarios.

Check out all the stencils at OperatorSurvivalTool.com.

Kit Badger KBAT Targets Back in Stock

The original batch of KBATs, Kit Badger Anatomy Targets, sold out thanks to their convenient pad form factor, realistic anatomy indication without unrealistic target references, and over-all versatility on the range. If you have been waiting for them to come back in stock, act fast because this next batch won’t last forever either.

The new batch is now available on Amazon: KBATs on Amazon

Learn more here: KBAT Info on KitBadger.com

Defense Target II from RE Factor Tactical

**IMPORTANT** Defense Target Stickers are sold separately. 

The Defense Target II is designed to give you an enhanced training experience by offering one target that can be customized with multiple stickers. The Defense Target II features an individual that can transform from an FBI agent to an office active shooter to a business no-shoot with the simple change of our customized stickers. This allows the target to be used in multiple different scenarios.  Available sticker areas include:

The Defense Target II Explained

Each sticker is designed to perfectly match up with the target’s hands, chest area or hip to create a new target scenario that appears natural to the shooter.  This allows instructors to take one target and change scenarios rapidly. By changing the target constantly, students are forced to look at different places on the body to make the right decision of whether or not the target is a threat.The Defense Target II matches up with the varied stickers (sold separately). These stickers overlay on the right hand, left hand, chest and hip seamlessly.  These durable 3 Mil stickers allow for hundreds of target variations.  Stickers are designed to be used while wearing gloves. 

Target Scoring

The Defense Target’s scoring areas are designed to be as close to the average human’s anatomy as possible.  The “5” head box measures the average width and height of a human head while the “5” heart box is purposefully offset slightly right (target’s left) and sized to the average human heart.  Both “5” areas are designed to mimic a kill zone. The “4” zones match the average lung size and pelvic girdle area and are designed to mimic a shot in which death is probable but not guaranteed.  The “3” represents the outline of the average human body and represents an area where death is possible but not likely.

  • 23 x 35″
  • Made and Printed in the USA

Train with Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting Instruction LCC

Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting Instruction LCC recently contributed a guest post to Jerking the Trigger – The Modern Minute Man and Other Standards. That article was very well received and is still generating views.

If you are interested in training with Bill, you can check out the Upcoming Courses page on his website to see which courses are on his schedule for August through November 2019. Click the course listing to learn more about it and register.

Upcoming Courses on AMTACShooting.com

Guest Post: The Modern Minute Man and Other Standards – Bill Rapier of AMTAC Shooting Instruction LLC

Today’s guest post is penned by Bill Rapier of American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC (AMTAC Shooting). Bill is “retired after twenty years in the Navy, where his duty assignments included several years at SEAL Team 3 and over 14 years at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Positions held include assaulter, breacher, sniper, team leader, troop chief and military working dog department senior enlisted adviser. He has always been an avid shooter and is heavily involved in combatives.” Now he is lead instructor at AMTAC Shooting and designer of the AMTAC Blades Northman.

For the last two years I have done the Sniper Adventure Challenge Race.  It has been a great way for me to have a goal to train for and to keep pushing the boundaries with training, fitness, shooting and gear.  New for this year, one of my local friends (Jake Hoback) and another local buddy were going to team up and do the race.  This was great for me as it gave me other dedicated training partners.

Eventually one of the guys had to drop out so I started trying to find my buddy Jake a partner for the race.  As I started going down the rolodex of guys to call as potential race partners for him the conversation would usually go something like this: “So, are you up for doing a race next month?  You need to be prepared to walk 40-50 miles, carry a 40-50lbs ruck, shoot out to 1500 yards, be proficient with pistol, navigate with map and compass (no GPS) and be prepared to perform a wide variety of other tasks.”

Usually what followed was a long pause, a “maybe”, a “next year” or a “no” with laughing.  As I was talking with my friend and race teammate “Chainsaw” about my frustration with the lack of guys that have the willingness, ability, time, and resources to do the race he said, “Yeah, that is modern minute man stuff”.  That got me thinking.

The term “minute man” comes from the time just prior to the American revolution.  Basically, the minute man was someone skilled at arms with a base of physical/ martial prowess, able to be “ready to go” in a minute.  This is what the National Parks Service has to say about the minute man:

Old school minute man

Minute men were different from the militia in the following ways:

  1. While service in the militia was required by law, minute men were volunteers.
  2. The minute men trained far more frequently than the militia. Two or three times per week was common. Because of this serious commitment of time, they were paid. One shilling per drill was average. Militia only trained once every few months (on average) and were paid only if they were called out beyond their town, or formed part of an expedition.
  3. Minute men were expected to keep their arms and equipment with them at all times, and in the event of an alarm, be ready to march at a minute’s warning – hence they were called “minute men.”

What does a “modern minute man” look like?  What would the standard be?  Should all American men be able to to meet the “modern minute man” standard or are there different levels, standards or roles that we are called to fill?

As I started digging deeper with this concept and discussing it with friends and mentors, it started to make sense that it should be broken up in to different levels with the “modern minute man” just being one of them.  Here is a breakdown of the different levels and the standards that should be associated with them:

Responsible Armed Citizen (RAC)

This is the baseline that every American man should be at.  The RAC standard is:

  • A high level of situational awareness
  • A foundational ability to fight/ use a blade,
  • A baseline level of competency with a pistol (perform the Amtac Shooting Pistol RMD or similar task)
  • A commitment to carry your tools.
Controlling hands and feeding with a blade
Spear elbow, weapons retention shooting position

Follow Me (FM) :

Still working on a better name for this as the infantry has been using this term for a long time.

  • Be proficient with a carbine (Amtac Shooting Carbine RMD or KD4 Carbine hat qual)
  • Have the ability to follow someone, walking for 6 miles while carrying your carbine, 6 mags and water (10-15 lbs)
  • Be physically in shape enough to run your carbine after the walk
Working carbine drills with plate carrier
High kneeling shooting position
Roll over prone shooting position

Modern Minute Man (MMM): 

  • Be able to navigate 20 miles while carrying a 25-30lbs load
  • Have a base level of bushcrafting skills
  • Have a base (line of sight) comms ability
  • Be able to shoot out to 600-700 yards.
Hill People Gear Umlindi Pack with heavy Recce strapped to back
Improvised shooting position, sling wrapped around the tree, engaging target at ~800 yards.
Working yard lines with a hybrid carbine

Jedi Modern Minute Man (JMMM): 

  • Be able to navigate/ walk 40-60 miles
  • Carry 40-60lbs
  • Shoot out past a mile
  • Make your own ammunition
  • HF comms ability
  • Ability to work/ travel/ live in the winter in the mountains
Snowmobile supported kneeling, shooting BC steel around 500 yards with a Recce rifle.
Medium ruck day (50 lbs) running a BPT Outback chest holster to ensure a fast draw stroke while wearing a ruck waistband.
Amtac Shooting Fall Course 2018. Guys working land nav and field shooting positions. Terrain was challenging.

Where do you fall out in these standards?  Where do you want to fall out? None of these standards are easy and none of the standards once achieved do not require continued training to maintain.  Regardless of if you are just starting this journey and want to achieve the RAC standard or if you have been doing this for years and have your sights set on the JMMM standard the only way you will get there is by deliberate intensive training.  More to follow on training and gear as it relates to the MMM concept.

Amtac Shooting Fall Course 2018. Improvised shooting positions, men honing modern minute man skills.


DryFireMag is a magazine shaped training device that inserts in the magazine well of several popular defensive pistols and serves to automatically reset the trigger. It eliminates the need to manually reset the trigger and enhances safety by making it more difficult to insert live ammunition.

DryFireMag is available for Glock 10mm/.45 ACP frames, Glock 9mm/.40 SW frames, S&W M&P with Apex Trigger, S&W M&P without Apex Trigger, Springfield Armory XD, and Springfield Armory XDM.


DryFireMag is also available at F3 Tactical, who is one of the brand’s first authorized dealers.

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