Sneak Peek: Wingard Wearables Quill

Wingard Wearables is a company that I enjoy watching because everything that comes out of their shop seems to be an interesting and unique melding of old fashioned materials with modern sensibilities of what a concealed edges weapon can be. The upcoming Quill is certainly no exception to this.

Wingard Wearables has been teasing the arrival of the Quill for some time now. It is a deceptively simple, forged steel spike with an elegant, curved shape that allows for a number of grips. It is compact and should be quite easy to carry.

There are currently a number of videos on the Wingard Wearables Instagram page that may be of interest: @Wingard_Wearables

Keep an eye on the Instagram page and website for information on pricing and availability.

One Response to Sneak Peek: Wingard Wearables Quill

  1. Nero November 22, 2020 at 10:26 #

    “Honey, you got your scratcher?”

    Don’t go to Target without your scratcher.!

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