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Empress Tomahawk from Wingard Wearables

Wingard Wearables makes defensive weapons like no one else. Their designs are influenced by history but reimagined for modern applications like concealed carry. They blend the Bronze Age with modern thermo-plastics. The results are completely unique and sometimes even a little unhinged (in the very best way).

This is certainly the case with their new Empress Tomahawk – a tomahawk designed from the ground up for concealed carry. If the idea of concealed carry with a tomahawk surprises you, you are obviously new to Wingard Wearables because their Backripper tomahawk can also be concealed carried. However, while the Backripper feels more like a no-compromise, light, and fast fighting tomahawk that CAN be concealed carried, the Empress goes all-in on the concept. Everything about the Empress is fitting it’s intended purpose.

The head is cast from silicon bronze so that it can be carried directly against the body with no fear of rust. It is cast in a unique curved shape that it actually conforms to the hip of the wearer. It is compact with a 13″ handle and lightweight at just 9 ounces. The handle receives Wingard Wearable’s “scared and chared” treatment for extra grip and durability. The entire package is topped off with a kydex sheath system that allows for fast access (another hallmark of Wingard Wearables designs).


Wingard Wearables Backripper – The Tomahawk You Can EDC

Wingard Wearables is making tomahawks that are probably unlike any you have seen before. Their Backripper Tomahawk is extremely compact but still offers excellent reach. It’s forged W1 tool steel head has a main cutting bit designed to pierce and a hooked spike designed to, like its name suggests, rip backs. See the video below for details.

The Backripper Tomahawk has a hickory handle with a rectangular cross section to index the tomahawk in hand and prevent it from rotating. The flat shape also allows the tomahawk to lay flat against the wearer’s leg. Wingard Wearable applies texture to the handle with a hot file.


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