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Innocent Balloon Drill from Mission Spec

Mission Spec shared the Innocent Balloon Drill with us recently. If you are looking for a drill that is easy to set up, requires little space, and is very challenging, give it a try.

The set up is simple. Place 3 of your normal paper targets with 2 balloons taped to each one. The balloons should be colored with a specific color on each target. Your training partner calls out a color and that target is engaged without popping the “innocent balloons”.

RE Factor Tactical Combat Fitness Deck PUSHUP Edition

RE Factor Tactical has produced a number of training decks over the years. They are functional playing cards but each card also features a drill or exercise to be completed. The deck of cards form makes them easy to carry, useful enough to keep with you, and easy to randomize.

The newest deck is their second fitness deck – the Combat Fitness Deck PUSHUP Edition:

The Combat Fitness Deck Pushup Edition is the second fitness deck available in our line-up. This deck features 52 pushup workouts with each set of numbers focusing on a different aspect of pushups. The various workouts include incline, decline, core, strength and endurance. In addition, the cards feature specific pushup workouts to max out various military and tactical fitness events.

Sneak Peek: The Concord Large Pistol Range Bag from Lynx Defense

Lynx Defense has opened pre-orders for their newest bag, the Concord. This will be their largest range bag, boasting enough space to carry and support multiple pistols.

The Concord is 20″ x 12″ x 10.5″. It is made from 500D Cordura and Magnatuff material throughout. The bag uses metal hardware to attach the shoulder sling.

This bag has a host of pockets and inserts that will allow the shooter to customize the bag to suit their needs. As with all Lynx Defense bags, this one is made in North Carolina, USA. Look for more detail soon.

New to Guns? Kit Badger Launches Firearms Basics Video Series

It’s a strange time to be a new gun owner. Experienced gun owners are usually more than willing to take a new gun owner to the range or at least help them find training. However, with Corona Virus, mandatory shelter in place orders, social distancing, and the like, those types of activities aren’t really possible.

If you are new gun owner, I highly suggest that you take in as much info as you can so that you, and those around you, stay safe. I recommend starting with Kit Badger’s new Firearms Basics series. The series will have several installments that cover topics from the 4 basic safety rules, to safe storage, and more. The first two installments are already available with additional installments coming daily.

Kit Badger on YouTube

Pew Pew Training – The Training Aggregation Tool

It can be hard to figure out where to spend your training dollars. What courses are available? Which courses fit your schedule? Who is coming to your area? Typically, it takes a lot of research to answer questions like these… unless you know about Pew Pew Training.

Pew Pew Training is a website that aggregates training schedules from several quality trainers into a single list that you can sort by distance from your location. It also rolls all this information into a mailing list that can help you keep tabs on training opportunities as they arise.

Visit to learn more.

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