Triple 7 Gear Trifecta

The Triple 7 Gear Trifecta is a package of all three EDC organizers made by Triple 7 Gear. A package like was bound to happen. It is destiny… meant to be.


Triple 7 Gear makes three EDC organizers – the original Mini Kit, the Micro Kit, and the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet. The Mini Kit is the largest, the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet is extremely compact, and the Micro Kit splits the difference. Each one is useful for different purposes thanks to their varied sizes.

I carry all three regularly. I have multiple Mini Kit MK-7s that I use as organizers for cables and backup batteries or range tool kits to carry essential range gear like a Multitasker Tool, Sharpies, note pad, and more. My Micro Kit is a dedicated first aid kit that I move from my EDC bag to my range bag as needed. The CORE Nano Adventure Wallet keeps several small EDC items organized and allows me to move them from bag to bag or stuff them in my pocket.

Using all three of these organizers together lets me layer and move my gear as necessary. They work perfectly together which is why the Triple 7 Gear Trifecta is just meant to be.

Check out the Triple 7 Gear Trifecta.

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