Sentinel Gear Update

A lot has happened since I last mentioned Sentinel Gear. Their slim, easy to carry, no nonsense Mk3 is what put them on my radar. They have grown their line of self-defense oriented fixed blade knives considerably since then.

They have introduced a Pikal (reverse edge) knife called the Mk3 P’Kal. It features the same handle that can be found on the Mk3 with a chisel ground 1095 steel blade.

Sentinel Gear Mk3 PKal

Sentinel Gear has also introduced their take on a Persian blade. It features a sweeping, curved blade with a great tip for point driven techniques. It is also available with a sharpened false edge which makes this knife work for both edge in and edge out techniques. The Persian is available in a number of handle options and even a package that comes complete with a training drone.

Sentinel Gear Persian

I like Sentinel Gear’s style. All of their knives are well suited to carry with a handgun and their slim designs make them easy to carry toward the wearer’s centerline. These are purpose driven custom knives that are very affordable compared to many knives in this same space.

Check out Sentinel Gear’s full line of knives.

2 Responses to Sentinel Gear Update

  1. egsmachine February 19, 2016 at 10:11 #

    Reminds me of Suarez’s projects, the grab-n-stab:

  2. Alan February 26, 2016 at 20:45 #

    I’ve only examined one of their knives. Honestly, I find them a little crude and the price is high for the materials, fit, and finish. I understand these are meant to be tools, I’m sure they perform that task well.

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