Sentinel Gear MKIII

You may know Sentinel Gear for their holsters but recently they have also ventured into the realm of purpose built, fixed-blade, self-defense knives – the type of knives that I believe should be carried as a companion to a firearm. They have introduced a knife called the MKIII and it appears to have a lot going for it.

sentinel mkiii blade

Their MKIII blade ticks off all of what I look for in a knife for this purpose…

Ease of Carry: It is slim and compact to be carried close to the body, preferably near the center-line of the body.

Point Driven: It’s blade is designed for point-driven techniques which I find to be the most intuitive.

Strong Retention: The handle promotes strong retention via a slightly hooked pommel, a deep first finger choil, and aggressive texture. The handle shape also allows the user to orient the knife by feel.

Trainer/Drone Availability: The MKIII has an affordable training drone available. This is often overlooked my makers and manufacturers.

Affordable: The MKIII is a full custom knife at the production knife price of just $150.

On top of all that, Sentinel Gear has just introduced a $40, non-metallic version called the MKIII Specter. Point driven designs are very well suited to point driven methodologies since the edge of non-metallic knives doesn’t hold up well to repeated slashing. However, with a sufficiently thick spine, a non-metallic knife can continue to pierce almost indefinitely.

The MKIII is available in a single or double edge configuration. It comes with a kydex sheath with clothe clip so that it can be carried in a variety of ways, even when you don’t have a belt.


Steel: 1095 with dark washed finish

Thickness: 1/8″

Cutting Edge: 3.5″

OAL: 7.12″

Scale Material: G10

Sheath: Kydex

Check out the MKIII at Sentinel Gear.

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