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Triple 7 Gear released details of 2 new items today and restocked one of their best sellers.

The new Nano Survival Kit (NSK) is a pre-assembled survival kit that is contained in the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet. The kit contains multiple items to deal with the survival essentials of warmth (fire), water, food gathering, signaling, and first aid. Couple this kit with the knife you are carrying (you do carry a knife, right?) and you have a very capable, very compact kit. See the NSK product page for content details.


The Mini Kit LVP is a new version of the excellent Mini Kit MK-7 that features a larger, 3″ x 4″ loop Velcro field on the front. This lets the user affix larger patches or additional info/ID tapes.


Finally, the Gen2 Wilderness Survival Kit is back in stock. This kit is contained in a Mini Kit MK-7 and is the most complete survival kit Triple 7 Gear offers.


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