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Mini Kit (MK-7)

If you build a better EDC solution, the world will beat a path to your front door… or something like that. Mini Kit MK-7 is a mulch-purpose EDC (every day carry) organizer pouch that is currently being crowd funded on Kickstarter. It is the brainchild of YouTube user 20$Bandit.

Mini Kit MK-7 exterior

The Mini Kit (MK-7) is a clam shell opening pouch with a number of internal organization features that are well suited to the items that many of us carry daily. The exterior of the pouch features a small section of loop material for adding personal ID or tapes to ID the contents of the pouch. The interior of the pouch features a clear vinyl pouch for carrying documents and ID on one side and a series of pockets and elastic loops on the other for retaining lights, knives, cables, pens, and similar items on the other. The kit can be secured in the closed position via an elastic strap.

Mini Kit MK-7 interior

One look at this kit will give you several ideas on how it could be used. Of course, the obvious use is as an EDC gear organizer but additional uses like survival/E&E kit, first aid kit, cord/cable organization, or even a small navigation kit come to mind.

Check out the Mini Kit (MK-7) Kickstarter page to see if it something you want to help fund. There is less than 1 week left to get involved.

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