CORE Nano Adventure Wallet as Compact Entry Kit

This is pretty slick. Vigilant Gear posted a picture of how they use the CORE Nano Adventure Wallet from Triple 7 Gear/20$ Bandit as a compact entry kit organizer. Many people who live or work in urban spaces are adding lock bypass tools to their emergency preparedness kits and this looks like handy way to keep those tools organized.

vigilant gear core nano kit

To put this in perspective, the kit shown is smaller than a deck of playing cards yet it can bypass most common types of locks the urban survivor is likely to encounter. This kit is not being offered for sale as shown but you can build your own that is tailored to your needs/skill level. Most of the individual tools are available at Vigilant Gear.

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One Response to CORE Nano Adventure Wallet as Compact Entry Kit

  1. Dann in Ohio August 10, 2016 at 19:55 #

    This is really cool…

    Dann in Ohio

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