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Guns and Instagram – Learn the Law

The laws for posting gun and gun related pictures on Instagram are mostly unwritten but they are rigorously enforced. I figure it is about time someone codified them for reference. I’m no good at chiseling things into stone tablets so typing them here will have to do. When in doubt, turn up the Structure and […]

Q&A: The One Rifle Doesn’t Exist… Or Does It?

I received two similar questions last week from readers and some variation of these questions come in pretty frequently. While I know that very often gear is chosen to be specific to certain tasks and it tends to work out better that way, I completely understand the search or desire for The One Rifle that […]

Put Your Carbine on a Weight Loss Plan

I am generally of the opinion that a lighter carbine is a better carbine as long as reliability is not sacrificed. I often write about how a little bit of planning and careful selection of the various components that make up your carbine can shed quite a bit of weight. Enough of you have written […]

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