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OC Tactical 2023 Christmas Stocking

Every year, I wax on and on about why the OC Tactical Christmas Stocking isn’t like other bloated “tactical” stockings. This year is no different.

Their stocking eschews the PALS webbing, drag handles, zippers, and D-rings found on many so-called “tactical stockings”. Instead, it offers a simple design made from a rare or historically significant (or both) camo material – often selecting materials we mere mortals couldn’t even dream of getting our hands on. These have become a Christmas tradition for my family.

This year’s stocking is a certified banger. Here’s what OC Tactical had to say:

Feliz Navidad! The 2023 run of custom Christmas Stocking is ready. This year we headed south and sourced some extremely rare Mexican Marine woodland camo fabric. Adopted in 2008 and replaced in 2015 this pattern was tightly controlled and never released for civilian use or reproduction. The inside is fully lined with Litelok fabric and there is loop on both sides for attaching a name tapes or patches.

PS – Some past stockings are still available if you want to start your collection.

2022 OC Tactical Christmas Stocking

The OC Tactical Christmas Stocking isn’t a typical “tactical” stocking that is just something stocking-like but festooned with webbing, Velcro, and a drag handle. OC Tactical’s Christmas stockings are handmade from a rare, hard-to-find, or historic camo material, making a true collector’s item. The 2022 stocking is made with original, experimental DG3 Camo Fabric which one of several DG3 versions in the NSW program that eventually led to the AOR and current NWU patterns.

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