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ATS Tactical Gear – Sample Bottle Pouch

Bourbon is (mostly) made in Kentucky. Do you know what else is made in Kentucky? ATS Tactical Gear’s Sample Bottle Pouch, that’s what.

ATS Tactical has been making the Sample Bottle Pouch for bourbon clubs going back several years. It’s a pouch with internal elastic loops designed to hold those little 2 ounce whiskey samples. The pouch features loops for eight bottles and mesh padded dividers to prevent breakage.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe these pouches are listed on the ATS Tactical Gear website but I think gear like this that crosses interests is fascinating. I always take notice… being whiskey-related doesn’t hurt it either.

Black Arch Holsters Makes Your Day

The CA Compliant Muzzleloader Holsters from Black Arch Holsters started life as an April Fool’s Day joke… and a good one at that. But Nerf Jolts are too cheap, too plentiful, and too awesome for this cool little holster to remain a joke.

The Muzzleloading Nerf Jolt Holster combo is now available in limited numbers. It features far too much quality and attention to detail for a Nerf Jolt holster but that is part of what makes it awesome. The holster features an open-muzzle so you can carry with “one in the chamber”. It also has built-in storage for a spare dart and a variety of belt hardware options.

You know you want one. It even comes with the Nerf Jolt!


Mission Spec, LLC (KS) has announced the release date of their latest product – this time tackling the firearm lubrication market instead of their usual offerings which compete in the nylon gear sector.  EGO™ or Essential Gun Oil is an all-natural proprietary oil blend solution for literally every weapon system in modern military and sporting use today.  EGO ships in a small pocket-sized Low Quantity Applicator device for ease of use.

EGO has even been lab tested and proven to reduce suppressor sound signature by up to 5 db. “The possibilities are virtually endless with this blend.” Says Mission Spec founder Brent Keltner. An unnamed source close to the company has stated that EGO can even increase the effectiveness of night vision devices.  Full release is scheduled for Q3 2021 and is set to become the dominant lubrication solution for the industry.

Customers may be familiar with a complementary product released by Mission Spec exactly one year ago today (04 APR 2020), the Essential Oils Carrier. See press release of that date for more info.

Sneak Peek: RMJ Tactical Meat Tenderizer Paperweights

RMJ Tactical’s new Meat Tenderizer Paperweights are, you know, for tenderizing meat. Knuck collectors will be thrilled to have an option like this available from RMJ Tactical. They will be available in 2-4 weeks in either brass (around 13 ounces), steel (around 13 ounces), or aluminum (around 5 ounces) options.

Brass and steel

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