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2022 OC Tactical Christmas Stocking

The OC Tactical Christmas Stocking isn’t a typical “tactical” stocking that is just something stocking-like but festooned with webbing, Velcro, and a drag handle. OC Tactical’s Christmas stockings are handmade from a rare, hard-to-find, or historic camo material, making a true collector’s item. The 2022 stocking is made with original, experimental DG3 Camo Fabric which one of several DG3 versions in the NSW program that eventually led to the AOR and current NWU patterns.

We’re Back but Different

You may have noticed that there was no new content published to JTT for the last few months. The simple truth is that a few situations conspired together to force me to take a break.

Many of you know that JTT is not a job for me. I have never run it with the intention of making it a full-time gig. My “real” job has been taking more of my time and forcing me to take more careful account of where I spend the time outside of that work. I guess you could say I needed to change my priorities. That external pressure from work and other factors hasn’t gone away so things will have to change around here.

JTT is back but things will be different. Posting may be more sporadic. I have always tended to post about things that I’m into at that moment instead of what is most newsworthy but I’ll lean even harder into that. The way we accept advertising partners will change as I would like JTT to be even less beholden to anyone than it already is.

For those who sent notes inquiring as to whether I was still among the living, thank you. I appreciate that.

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