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Crocs – The Most Tactical Shoe

Social media in this industry can get weird sometimes. It often seems that the second most effective way to generate engagement (after half-naked women) is tactical curmudgeon posts. You’ve seen these posts before. They say things “No man should ever wear shower shoes” or, “Crocs will get you killed in the streets!” Nuance is eschewed in favor of appealing to machismo. Everyone gets to have their tribe moment where they high-five and act like they are so glad they aren’t like all the other clueless goobers.

Are Crocs really all that bad? Are they possibly even… tactical? I’ve answered that question for myself and I won’t be without a pair of Crocs. In spite of what the tactical-stick-in-the-muds say, I think they are actually pretty darn practical. They might even be the MOST tactical shoe (in some situations… for some people… doing some activities… maybe).

For instance, you can put your feet into a pair of Crocs about as fast as you can put your feet on the ground when getting out of bed. Unlike something like a thong sandal, your toes are protected and there is heel retention so you can actually run in them. That’s right. Crocs are the ultimate bump in the night footwear.

They also happen to be a great addition to your backcountry mobility kit. They are lightweight, don’t absorb water, can be wiped dry, stay on your feet well during movement, and are comfortable. This makes them perfect for creek crossings or taking care of your feet in camp.

This article is only partially about Crocs. It’s really more about thinking for yourself and understanding that it is okay to like what you like. Don’t buy into the absolute statements that get tossed around by the grumpy tacticians who know no other way of engaging their groupies. If you like Crocs, wear them. You might find they are actually useful.

After all, if Crocs aren’t tactical how do you explain the fact that they are MLOK compatible?

Be Heard: Comment on Proposed Brace Ruling

It can be tempting to think that your voice doesn’t matter… that the BATFE is going to do whatever it wants in spite of your comments. However, in recent history that commenting process has turned back a potential ATF ban on M855 ammunition.

The unified voice of gun owners has worked before. This is why it is disappointing to see just 73,000 comments on the BATFE’s request for comments on the proposed Pistol Brace rules.

Be sure to make your voice heard. Comment today:

Memorial Day 2021

Every year, on Memorial Day, I try to take my kids to a local war memorial. At these sites, they see names of real people who died while in service to their country and community. If you have a site like this nearby, I strongly recommend you visit. Take your kids. Drive home the point that there is a tangible cost to much of what we take for granted.

Kit Badger Coast to Coast 2021

Even an ammo shortage can’t keep Kit Badger from taking on the Coast to Coast 2021. If you want a chance to meet Kit Badger, shoot some hard-to-get firearms, land some sweet swag, and have a great experience with a small group of good people, make sure you hit the link below to learn more.

ATS Tactical Gear – Sample Bottle Pouch

Bourbon is (mostly) made in Kentucky. Do you know what else is made in Kentucky? ATS Tactical Gear’s Sample Bottle Pouch, that’s what.

ATS Tactical has been making the Sample Bottle Pouch for bourbon clubs going back several years. It’s a pouch with internal elastic loops designed to hold those little 2 ounce whiskey samples. The pouch features loops for eight bottles and mesh padded dividers to prevent breakage.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe these pouches are listed on the ATS Tactical Gear website but I think gear like this that crosses interests is fascinating. I always take notice… being whiskey-related doesn’t hurt it either.

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