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Memorial Day 2022

I was able to visit the National Cemetary where one of my grandfathers is laid to rest last month. As we quietly walked the grounds, I was thinking of not just my grandfather but all those others laid to rest there as I read the markers that surrounded us. While many of the stones represented older men and women who had lived long lives after their service, many were younger people who fell in the primes of their lives while in service to this nation. Being there, reading those markers, stirred a great sense of gratitude in me and my family.

It is for this reason that I almost always recommend on this day, that you take your family to a local war memorial. There is almost always one within driving distance in some town square or park. Read the names of the fallen and remember.

Vulpes Training Launches

Vulpes Training hand crafts training drones for a variety of weapons from super durable HDPE. Many of these items also make excellent clubs which could run afoul of policies at the site they previously used to sell their wares. Now they have launched, affording them more freedom to make and sell whatever they want. The new site is worth checking out.

Vulpes Training Mini Native Club


Today Mission Spec (KS) is announcing their newest endeavor into the tactical training space. Normally participating in the tactical gear side of the industry, this move into training products represents a break from the norm for Mission Spec.  “Fighting the Global War on Terror for 20 years has resulted in a paradigm that could have disastrous consequences. With the actions between Russia and Ukraine currently taking place it got us thinking about fighting in a near-peer conflict… again,” says a lead R&D director at Mission Spec.

All of this prompted Mission Spec to design, test, and [very soon] manufacture the DAY NOD™DAY NOD is just like your standard Night Optic Device except it does not enhance the user’s abilities in the dark.  That is because it is designed to operate only in the daylight.  With so much training conducted under NOD and at night you don’t want to let those skills and techniques go unused while out of the cycle of darkness.  A user’s peripheral vision and depth perception will be just as limited during the day as at night with the DAY NOD.

Forward thinking like this is the reason Mission Spec products and custom gear services are known for solving problems of the end user. Availability in Q4 2022 with an estimated price point of just slightly higher than traditional night optic devices.

GunMag Warehouse Asks, “WTF Washington?”

GunMag Warehouse is asking residents of The Evergreen State, do you Want TFree Washington? We want to help you fight State Bill 5078. 

BLUF: Visit our site for more fight SB 5078 details.

SB 5078 (and companion bill, SB 1164) is a proposed “high capacity” magazine ban in the State of Washington. 

Contact one or all of your state legislators to oppose it. GunMag Warehouse will give you $$$ to do so. 

Are you a Washington resident? Here’s how you do it. 

1. Contact one or more Washington legislators. Express your opposition to 5078; ask them to oppose it. 

2. Screenshot your message to the rep(s) so we know you did it. We don’t need to see exactly what you sent, just that you sent it!

3. Create (or log back into) your account. 

 4. Make sure your Washington billing and shipping addresses are correct. 

5. E-mail with “I did my part” in the subject line and the proof you contacted your reps. 

6. Get $10 in-store cred

⚠️ Remember! When you write them, please be:

• Direct and concise

• Polite and respectful

• Accurate and specific

 REMINDER: Visit our site for more fight SB 5078 details.

About GunMag Warehouse 

Founded in 2012, GunMag Warehouse has become the predominant gun magazine and accessory destination for new and veteran gun enthusiasts alike. We provide nearly every magazine that is currently in production, in-stock, and ready to ship. Accessories too!  We can take care of you. GunMag Warehouse has the largest selection of commercial gun magazines anywhere. Follow us: @gunmagwarehouse on Twitter; /gunmagwarehouse/ on Facebook. Connect on IG, @gunmagwarehouse. Be sure to follow our blog, The Mag Life

Vulpes Training Hogan’s Hammers Series – Fiji War Club

I’ve mentioned Vulpes Training here before. I own a Mini Native from them and I appreciate the value, quality, and fun factor of these handmade tools. I also happen to have a soft spot for dogs. So, when I saw that Vulpes Training was releasing a new series called Hogan’s Hammers to help pay for Hogan’s (the Vulpes Training shop dog) ACL surgeries, I knew I would have to mention the series here.

The vast majority of their catalog is comprised of training versions of real world martial arts weapons but a few of the items they make are functional clubs. Hogan’s Hammers will be an entire series of functional clubs based on weapons from cultures around the world. Like all of Vulpes Training’s tools, they will be hand-ground from 3/4″ thick HDPE plastic.

The first of the Hogan’s Hammers series will be the Fiji War Club releasing on January 21st, 2022. This club is 33″ long and weighs in at 1 pound, 11 ounces. The handle features Vulpes Training’s hand-ground 3D texture. IN short, it’s really stinking cool.

Each drop in this series will be limited and will be made ahead of time so they will ship right away. When they are gone, they are gone. These will not be available via the Vulpes Training Etsy Store. You will need to contact Vulpes Training directly via their social media in order to purchase.

Vulpes Training on Facebook

Vulpes Training on Instagram

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